I’m back and it feels F#%#’n GREAT! Long story short…when the Colts left Baltimore in 83, I needed a team. I went with the LA Rams (Dickerson). I stuck with them, despite their losing ways for a long time. When Trent Green went down in the preseason, I thought ok, business as usual. Who knew the “greatest show on turf” would be born. Imagine being called a band wagoner because you were a Rams fan??? It happened…from those that didn’t know me. Anyway, Baltimore got a team. I stuck with the Rams when the Ravens won the super bowl. I waited until the Ravens had a down turn. Then I figured, maybe I should hang with the home team. So I did, over the past few years, but something happened to me last weekend. The Rams almost beat the Saints! I felt it all come back in a giant wave. I love the F*#*ing RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels SO good to be back! GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!