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    Hello All, I'm glad to be here!! :)

    Hello everybody,

    I'm new to the site that I was recommended to by a family member that was already on it so I can read up on Ram's knowledge and info.
    I live in NC and have watched Robert Quinn play the last couple of years and he really caught my eye as a athlete. (I have Jersey's, a pair of gloves and a helmet signed by him.) I decided since I have no NFL team whoever he gets drafted by I will follow him, and which in effect will become my team as well. The funny thing is that St. Louis drafted him since I have alot of family that are already Rams fans and orginate from L.A. Guess it was fate! Anyways I'm a bit young (19) but I am looking foward to hopefully developing relationships with people on this site as we come into the season. I REALLY want to go the Bash I read about. Sounds like it would be so fun! Anyways, just wanted to say hi and tell you all a little about myself... oh and my name is John to if you ever want to say hi or whatever. Take care and God Bless!


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    Re: Hello All, I'm glad to be here!! :)

    Welcome to ClanRam QuinnMan, where there is NO substitute.You have definitely come to the right place. It looks like you've already started posting, so keep it up. I'm sure you can give us some first hand insight into the guy that most of us are thrilled to have. Once again, welcome.

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