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    Hello everyone...plz read this...

    Hello name is ben and im 15 i live in illinois so i dont get to see many rams games on tv but i do my a huge rams fan and have been since i started watching football about seven or eight years ago....i have a desease called cystic fibrosis adn thanks to make a wish foundation i got to meet the entire rams team after the spectacular 99 season.....i was just wondering if any of you could message me and let me know any new news as far as linehan or bruce..goes...i also heard a rumor about a steven jackson trade or a bruce trade is any of this true...plz write me back...thx adn go rams:l:l:l:l:r:r:r

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    Re: Hello everyone...plz read this...

    Welcome supafreak. Glad to have you here at the clan. That is cool that you got to meet the entire rams team. I hope you took pictures.

    As far as Bruce, or Linehan, or Jackson go....all you can do is sit tight and read the rumors and wait for something official to be said. I don't think any of us here have any inside scoop that we can share. I think anything is possible after this season. They may rock the players and trade some of our favorites off. It could be a difficult offseason.

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