Hey Guys!!!! New to CLANRAM!

Just wanted to stop by from your Fellow Brethren Affiliate Football Fan Site...DaBearz!

I know it's a little over a week away, but I'm much more excited about the RAMS game, then I am about the ViQueens.
When, on earth, was the last time that these two teams met?????
I can't even remember....

Should be a GREAT game! I can't wait!

If ya have some time, I'd like to extend the invitation to come over and visit us at DaBearz!
We love to talk great Football, and chat it up with great opponents!
Smack is always welcome, but we like to keep it lite and respectful.

I'm sure I'll be back, more often, as the Game get closer. Just wanted to say "yo", and maybe get to know some new people.

Great Board, btw!!!!!

Here's to December 11th!!!....and NO Injuries!!!!


BEARS / RAMS!.....it just doesn't get any better than that!