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    Help with tailgating

    hey guys glad to be a new member,Rams fan from Connecticut here,ill be in ST louis for the Rams Browns game in oct,heres the prob,me and my buddy love to tailgate,but cant bring the grill and all the other necessities on the plane,just wondering if any season ticket holder,will be tailgating that game who wants some company,be glad to pitch in money and beer.We are both 26 and will be out at the bars all that weekend dont know the area well so if theres anyone that wants to go out that weekend pm me.thanks guys appreciate it.oct 26th -29th:r

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    Re: Help with tailgating

    Welcome to the Clan.

    Check out the Bash and Game forum on this site. The Browns game is the Official 2007 Bash game. There will be quite a few Rams fans from all over present for this one.

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    Re: Help with tailgating

    yah i wish I saw earlierabout the clan tickets for sale cause I bought my own and they were alot morethan 88 bucks,would have been nice but I still plan on hanging out with some of you guys.

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    Re: Help with tailgating

    Which hotel is better the Millenium,or the Courtyard Marriot both right down the street from the Dome?last few years was at the millenium this year courtyard.

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