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Thread: Hey folks!

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    Scuba864 Guest

    Hey folks!

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I'm kind of lost on where to to post some things I want to sell. I have alot of spare rams stuff that I don't have room for and I need to pay a few bills, and this looked like the place to come to make sure the stuff went to a good home. Is there a for sale section here?

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    Scuba864 Guest

    Re: Hey folks!

    Anyone? I need to bring in a little extra cash

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    Re: Hey folks!

    hopefully one of the mods can direct you how to do it if its possible.

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    Scuba864 Guest

    Re: Hey folks!

    I really would appreciate it if at all possible, there are no rams fans where I live and i'd really like to make sure this stuff gets to a good home, I think i'm very fair on what i'm trying to get for it.

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