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    hawks nation Guest

    Re: Hi seahawks fan here *ducking*

    Hey Ram fans,

    Just wanted to say lets hope that this one turns out to be a great game.
    Please feel free to join us and talk a little trash.
    Good Luck... GO Hawks !

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    Spicyterroraki Guest

    Re: Hi seahawks fan here *ducking*

    Quote Originally Posted by diehard99 View Post
    What could a Seashawk fan possibly have to brag about? 4-12 last season- I know you didn't have your starting QB - boo-hoo. I hope Long rips Hasselbacks head off on the first series!
    Who's bragging? I believe we are being very civil and cool here. Nothing more than optimism on good things we are feeling about the upcoming season. Same kind of things I have heard fans from EVERY team do. It's ok.
    Oh, and look up our list of season ending/multi game missing injuries last year because its obvious you dont do your homework...Was much much more than just Hasselbeck.

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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: Hi seahawks fan here *ducking*

    Excuse me here, but didn't the Rams have more injuries last season than any other team in the NFL? I could be wrong, so if I need to be corrected, please do.

    Here is to a good game though.
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    Nickblood4rams!!! Guest

    Re: Hi seahawks fan here *ducking*

    Um, I think you need to be corrected? How do you like your punishment? Oh Yeah! Go RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited by Nickblood4rams!!!; -09-13-2009 at 03:21 AM. Reason: Too quick 1st time

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    Flipper89 Guest

    Re: Hi seahawks fan here *ducking*

    Seahawks suck!!!!

    Ram's rule...

    You guy's will go down tomorrow morning...

    you just better hope for an injury free game, we're bringing the heat you better believe that.

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    Re: Hi seahawks fan here *ducking*

    thread closed, this is a welcome forum

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