You know that guy from that "other teams site" up in Washington that gets over here about twice a year?

Again I apologize for not being here for a while, I retired last winter and we were gone from home until April of this one.

I still am a moderator at (I know, everyone has their cross to bear lol) and we were just talking today. Used to be in our Scout years we had posters from many other teams come by to say hello. We, like you people here never mind someone coming over to talk football. Now that we are independent again we seem to have lost many of those posters.

Do you guys know Guido from New Orleans? A good football mind that usually shows up 3-4 times a year to talk both teams football. Well we would like to get some of those types of talkies going again.

Now I'm not talking smack talkers here, tho they are welcome in our smack shack. I'm talking about those of us that just love our teams and try to keep up with some of our rivals. And by the way if you wanted to shuffle Steven Jackson over to us I would be willing to take him off your hands. lol

Anyway if any of you are interested give us a blast at, registration is just as easy as here. I am one of the people that approve and we try to get approvals done the same day. Game day tho we don't approve anyone and I'll bet you know why.

I won't promise that a couple of our members might be a bit jerky at first but for the most part we like to talk shop with all our competitors. And you guys are working at rebuilding too. It sucks doesn't it?

Thanks for listening, hope to see some of you over at our place.

Thanks for your time