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    I never did introduce myself

    Hi fellas. I know a lot of you know me from the smack forum, but I never really introduced myself. I'm brh0kla. I live in Oklahoma. I LOVE farm animals. Really, I love animals of all kinds. I guess that's why I hang out here at the Rams best website. (I know I call you guys lambs, but that my insecurity surfacing which I'm working on with my psychiatrist). Since I don't possess any male characteristics, I'm a whiners fan. Besides, the burgandy and gold matched my basement decor already (I live with my mom). I like crying to a good romantic movie, making quilts with my mom's sewing club, and dancing alone to 80's disco music wearing my peter pan outfit. Let's be friends.

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    Re: I never did introduce myself

    hmm??? that sounds like my Gay Cousin. in all serousness welcome and don't call us lambs. atleast we didint get our name from people in a gold mine.

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    Re: I never did introduce myself

    Lving with your Mom is a good thing. It means that you are a nice mamma's boy that can be easily manipulated with some milk and cookies.
    Funny post ..... good idea


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