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    Pithyradish Guest

    Its been to long

    Well I just found out I haven't been over to say hello for a year, bad on me.

    As usual hanging out at that "other" place with that "other" team. But have friends here and have been a Rams supporter for all but 2 games a year. For those of you that don't know I am a moderator at and have been with them since the very beginning. But that didn't stop me from coming over here now and then to say hello.

    Have we had a crummy football year or what? I like the sound so far of your new hire and hope that both our teams can get back to their former glory sooner rather than later.

    My best to you all and I promise it won't be a year the next time.


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    AlphaRam Guest

    Re: Its been to long

    OK, I'm putting it on my calendar.

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    Pithyradish Guest

    Re: Its been to long

    Ok,,see its only been a couple of weeks.

    Thank God the Stupor Bowl is over. Now if we can just stand it until all the Stillir fans get through crowing it might be ok.

    I'm sure you get your share. I can tell you that we have gotten about 50 this week coming in to tell us how terrible we are and how wonderful they are. Short termers are they. lol

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