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    Defensewinsthegames Guest

    Just signed up today!

    Been a fan since 1995. Looking forward to talking about the Rams as the season goes on!

    One thing I want to bring up. How about that defense?! Could you imagine something so productive coming from that side of the ball in such a short period of time!?


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    Re: Just signed up today!

    Welcome aboard Defensewinsthegames!!

    I'm a newbie as well, only been on for a couple of months now. But this is a great place to talk Rams football, as you'll find. Plenty of friendly, knowledgable Ram fans in here to discuss just about anything regarding the Rams.

    It's almost amazing what a little "attitude" will do for a defense, huh? Sprinkle in a few key players, bring in a coach that knows what he's doing, and bam, things begin to turn around. It's a little too early to declare our D the next steel curtain, but we're movin' in the right direction.

    Again, welcome aboard. :r

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    Re: Just signed up today!

    Great to have you mr defensewinsgames. You are correct to point out that our rate of improvement has been terrific. Keep in mind that we were so pathetic last year that improvement per se will only get us so far. I think we have the makings of a competitive defense if and its a big if at this point, we can convert in the red zone at a much higher rate than we have done so far. I dont have to add that we need to stay healthy since that applies to all teams.

    The more points we score, especially with some running involved, the less time the defense will be on the field and the more limited the opponents play selection will be. We have some young players that i think will improve as the year goes on.

    Post early and often mr defense, its terrific to have new people join our little group.

    ramming speed to you and yours

    general counsel

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    MSRamman Guest

    Re: Just signed up today!

    Welcome, defensewinsgames! RFRH is correct, this is a great place to discuss Rams football, many very knowledgable folks here. And the new look D is great... I couldn't believe I was watching the same team at the Denver game! I'm still a bit in shock!

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    smizzhfx Guest

    Re: Just signed up today!

    What's up DWG? I've only been here a week or so, so it's nice to see someone newer than myself. I sometimes feel a bit nervous posting because I'm so new so I just tend to browse around and check things out, and see what's going on around here. But I have to agree with you, as well as your name. Putting Haslett in as DC and bringing in Fakhir, Spoon, CC and La'roi.. I still can't believe it sometimes. And how about Tye Hill.. it may be a little early to say but I'm really starting to take a liking to this kid, I almost think he should be starting over Fisher. Anyways... welcome. /end rant

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    Re: Just signed up today!

    And Welcome to the Clan, DWTG!

    No doubt, our D has been quite the surprise so far this season, with all the turnovers, plays, etc. The team balance weight has shifted to the defense side and as your name affirms, it may very well end up being the factor that wins us the games this year! Who would have expected that much!

    Hopefully the offense will catch up quick to properly support the Warriors defending the Ram empire.

    Again, great to have you hear. Really and truly, the best in Rams. // Have you visited the Gallery yet? Outstanding.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: Just signed up today!

    Welcome all of you...and don't feel intimidated. Our bark is worse than our bite here. In fact, feel good when you get everyone all riled up in here. That's what we are looking for (within reasonable limits, which I violate on a repeated basis. Just ask Nick and RamDez).

    I'm not surprised at the advancement of our defense. With the firing of Marmie and the hiring of Haslett, plus the emphasis of obtaining quality defensive players through free agency and the draft, I was actually concerned that we didn't properly balance our concerns with the offense, especially the interior offensive line. Hey...this year kicks last year's butt as far as being a Rams Fan, doesn't it?

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    Defensewinsthegames Guest

    Re: Just signed up today!

    O yeah it does Big Red. Last year was not a fun year. When watching Ryan Fitzpatrick is the highlight of the game it's gotten pretty bad, no disrespect to Ryan of course.

    Yeah I also would like to elaborate that I support Linehan, I just am excited to see the defense play so well. Some people on the radio stations have bashed Linehan a bit or taken back handed comments at him. I agree his offense might not be as good as Martz's but it won't be as bad as some are saying it will be. Probably somewhere in the middle to be honest, which with this defense and special teams should be just fine.

    Bigred you made a comment about the interior line. I have a question for you. Why lose Tony Palmer for Larry Turner? They only gave Larry 2 quarters of play. I personally think they should of kept Turner. O well


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