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    Ntchwaidumela Guest

    At last...!!!


    Hello all...

    I'm new to here obviously, but not to the highs n lows of being a ram fan.

    I live in the UK though have been an ardent fan since 83', I literally bleed Ram blood.. Cut me in half and you will see blue and gold and the words 'Rams forever' all the way to my very core.. Even more so during the 90's. Loud and proud man. Loud and proud!!!

    I have seen them play twice. Both times in St Louis, against San Fran in 2000 (a win!) and a Monday night football game with awesome seats against the Buccs in 2001 (a loss). On my first trip, I was able to watch the players as they arrived, and got to shake hands with 'Big game' Tory Holt!!! U N - B E L I E V A B L E!!!!

    To top it all off, I even had an email from the late great Jack Snow during an online Q & A a few weeks after returning to the UK.... I was very fortunate.

    Both trips I saved up for, as it was a lifelong dream to do so, ever since I watched Eric Dickerson tear it up during the 80's.. I also met some fantastic Ram fans who were very friendly, and could not believe that I had travelled alone all the way from England to see the Rams.. Being taken from tail gate party to tail gate party by bemused US fans was an experience I shall never forget!!! (The TWA dome parking lot as it was then)

    Jeez, I got so much to say I think I may pee my pants!!!! So please forgive any repetition, I'm new and may talk about stuff that has already long been covered.

    Time to take in the sights....
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    Re: At last...!!!

    Welcome to the clan, Mr. N!

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    Ntchwaidumela Guest

    Re: At last...!!!

    Thanks man...

    I see people are gettin worried about Pre-season scores already.. Am not too bothered right now. A healthy team for open day is my main concern. (Though special teams looks pretty bad right now. Pre-season should be perfect for sorting that out....Oh well, suck and see I guess.. Thanks again for the welcome. As an aside, though not a crit, It's pretty tough on the eye here, takes a lot of concentration (for me anyway) to see where I'm at!!! Guess I'll get used to it...!!

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    Re: At last...!!!

    Welcome to the clan....if we are headed down the critical path already, perhaps you can explain your name which I can not pronounce and your avatar which is shooting at me. I don't like being shot at.


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