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    Re: new girl here!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by FEARsum4sum View Post
    Hi CaliGirl, I am in SoCal, mostly Charger/RaiderFader fans surround me.
    Always despised the FortyWhiners. I still have nightmares of Montana in the 4th Q. Just cheer louder than the SF fans.

    We already have a CaliGirl, right Cheri?

    Nonetheless, welcome to our madness, 10m39s80i81t!

    GO RAMS!!

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    CaliGirlRamsFan Guest

    Re: new girl here!!!

    LOL! Yep we have one, but I welcome anyone who is a Rams Fan. As long as she doesn't take over my name, we are cool. Welcome New Girl! And has been mentioned, welcome to our madness .
    Quote Originally Posted by ramsanddodgers View Post
    We already have a CaliGirl, right Cheri?

    Nonetheless, welcome to our madness, 10m39s80i81t!
    Last edited by CaliGirlRamsFan; -09-21-2009 at 02:07 AM.

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    Re: new girl here!!!

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Re: new girl here!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by cookie_KFAN View Post
    Do I get a nice welcome, too?

    I am not as hot as her and I am a Vikings fan.

    I did like Eric Dickerson, though. Is he still on your team?
    He must be injured or something cuz I noticed your team isnt doing too

    GOod luck, though.
    dude Dickerson last played probably about 10 years before you were born....either that or you have a learning disability that makes your post sound so childish.

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    vegas Guest

    Re: new girl here!!!

    hey fellow ram fan, not to far from me, vegas, anyways cant wait for season to start

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    Re: new girl here!!!

    well i'm from the Los Angeles area ... Been Rams fan since the 60's when I was five years old ... MY favorite Rams player is Deacon Jones ....

    I lived by magic mountain in the Santa Clarita area or Valencia ...... but moved 9 months ago to the ocean right next to San Francisco .....!!!

    I am Rams * Dodgers *Lakers * USC Trojans * Team Suzuki * Chevy racing fan .... I'm an Ex Motocross Racer SUZUKI and a 3 time BMX champion ... played semi pro baseball my family built 2 major roller coasters in California ... 1 at Magic mountain in valencia California and another at Knotts
    Berry farm in Anaheim ca. the names of the coasters are psyclone and Ghostrider... I'm friends with Mike Day who is the Racer who won the Silver metal in the Olypics in the BMX race event in beijing recently... I'm friends with some pretty famous people too....

    well good to here you love the Rams....

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