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    ramuncle Guest

    New guy says hi!

    Hi gang..another newbie here. I'll be following the Rams pretty close this year as our family has a vested interest in the new rookie crop; namely the 5th round pick at center from Clemson. From the sounds of what I've read so far it seems he's been pretty well received..and that when the time comes he'll have some pretty big shoes to fill. I read the articles on McCollum (sp?) and was impressed by his work ethic and devotion to "duty". (I'm an old school fan...and appreciate team loyalty) I'm hoping the knee works well for him so he can play the game his way. I admit to a soft spot for centers since I was one many, many yrs ago in HS. (in the days when playing both ways was not a novelty!)
    Anyway...just wanted to say hi and once I figure out how all this stuff works (and get up to speed on the entire team) I may get more involved in the ongoing discussions.
    In the meantime...Ram-on!

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    Re: New guy says hi!

    Welcome to the clan ramuncle! We're all hoping Fry will polish his techniques and become a valued member of the team for a long time. He certainly has the size. Nice to hear from you!

    Go Rams!!!

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    RamsNation Guest

    Re: New guy says hi!

    I would like like to echo the sentiments made by viper and say welcome to ClanRam.

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    caligirl Guest

    Re: New guy says hi!

    welcome!! GO RAMS!!!

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    Re: New guy says hi!

    Ditto. welcome!

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    Flaw Guest

    Re: New guy says hi!

    I think the Rams will make you a bona fide fan this year. It's going to be an exciting team! We also have a lot of good character with guys like Holt, Bruce, Jackson, Bulger, Carriker, Chavous, among others. Definitely a team that is easy to root for.

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    ramuncle Guest

    Re: New guy says hi!

    Thanks for the howdy...ya'll... FLAW mentioned one factor that I really am drawn to about the Rams and that is the Character factor. Seems the team works pretty hard to ensure we have players who are quality performers and quality people. I for one applaud that loudly. Can't tell you how many "discussions" I have with grandsons and other youngsters about the importance of role models in pro sports (my particular gripe is their "allegiance" to certain NBA players that I wouldn't cross the streeet to set fire to!!!! (that's my soapbox for theday!)
    Back to fun stuff ... we'll be travelling to the Chargers game on the 18th and we are psyched!!

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    AlphaRam Guest

    Re: New guy says hi!

    Hi ramuncle and welcome!

    Although Dustin went to Clemson, hopefully you are a Sooners fan?

    I am with you on the character issue. I make custom football players and there are some players that I will not make a figure of to include a current player on the Rams.

    Again, welcome aboard!



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