Hey Im a long time Rams fan. Since the LA times and before. Since it was the NFL-AFL Ive loved football. I do not care at all for any AFC team. I lived out in LA and loved them but they moved to St. Louis, then I moved to Minnesota but there still my team. I hate the ***** especially, Panthers, especially the Saints, Falcons (with their runningback for a qb Vick), Seattle, Arizona but also I greatly hate the Dallas Cowboys and the Patriots and even greater I hate the Green Bay Packers, Lions and the Chicago Bears(loved watching that 99 yard drive on them during week 14 Best defense my butt).
As you can tell by my long list theres enough hate for everyone. i hate a wide variety of teams. In fact it would easier to list teams I dont hate. (That would be St. Louis Rams!!! Minnesota Vikings, The Tampa Bay Buccs, and Philly). I cant stand a different team then them in the Super Bowl of the NFC. Almost committed suicide when Bears ran the opening kick off for a TD. Theres a hole in my wall for it. Anyways Hope I become a regular poster on here and thanks.

People are like slinkys. They aren't really good for anything but they amuse you when you push them down the stairs