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    A new old guy

    Thought I'd check in and say hi. I've been rekindling my interest in the Rams lately. I am one of the biggest fans around, and used to be a lot more active online here and with 'Pagers, and have been out of touch for some time now for several reasons...was very unhappy with some of the team's moves, and held some opinions that weren't very popular with the crowd; had some health problems and just not a lot of free time.
    But I'm following sports as part of my job now, was named Sports Director at the radio station last year, and I'm having a ball even though it's a tremendous amount of work. Got to cover most of the Missouri U season, saw some great football. Worked my first game in an NFL press box in December, covering the "Border War" between Missouri and Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium, got funny stories from that to share some time.
    Also worked the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, incredible experience and for you college fans, if you ever get a chance to go to this game, DO IT! The Cotton Bowl is a first-class operation all the way, should be the next BCS Bowl once they get the new stadium built. The new house Jerry is building for the Cowboys will be incredible, but I'm glad I got to work in the old Cotton Bowl before it's gone.
    Also covered college hoops, got to go to Big 12 Championships in KC, covered 17 games in 4 days, now THAT'S a full week! Doing baseball now, mostly college although I'll get into the Cards and Royals once the College World Series has passed. For you baseball fans, there's a kid pitching at Mizzou named Aaron Crow...remember the name, he'll be in the majors some day.
    Enjoying the draft quite a bit, I'm very happy with the Rams picks, I was familiar with Avery and while I was surprised that Rams grabbed him that early in the 2nd I thought he'd be a first day player, his speed is unbelievable and he'll make some great plays for the Rams, plus they needed special teams guy like this. I'll be looking for two things primarily on Sunday, OL and corner.
    I'm doing a daily sports cast, a weekly one hour show, and then make occassional appearances on the Sunday night sports show on our local NBC affiliate, KOMU channel 8. It's funny as people who know my other work in public radio and friends at church who didn't know what a sports nut I was have seen me on TV and thought I did pretty well. I'm having a ball, pardon the pun! I'm also still doing my regular radio work, and work at my church as a custodian (in my copious free time!) For those who know me from before, believe it or not the kids are 17 and 15 now, both are driving and my little one Janie's played basketball for her school team, is National Honor Society and talking colleges (interested right now in Texas Christian, too far away for my tastes but a really excellent school, it's affiliated with our church and I like that part)
    So, my best to great old friends here like Dez and Dodram and the rest! I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone!

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    Re: A new old guy

    nice to see your doing well Darren

    And nice to see you back mate

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    Re: A new old guy

    Daddo ram a name I remember,

    cool to have you back.

    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?

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    Re: A new old guy

    Quote Originally Posted by DaddoRam View Post
    was very unhappy with some of the team's moves, and held some opinions that weren't very popular with the crowd
    Any and all opinions are welcome here. I do not remember you specifically, but do recall a DaddoRam on ClanRam not too long ago. Glad to have you back - keep on posting!


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    Re: A new old guy

    Hey dude, I remember you.....

    In my best Spicoli voice....good to see you Daddo


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