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Thread: Skins fan on Fisher and RGIII

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    Skins fan on Fisher and RGIII

    Lifelong Washington Redskins fan here, but had a great conversation with a Rams fan early this year on and thought I'd follow up here. Back then, we talked about Fisher, and the RG3 trade. And ended the convo with a Skins-Rams NFC Championship Game 2014!

    I've always liked Jeff Fisher as a head coach. He's my kind of coach. We used to have to face him when he was the DC of the Eagles, and that sucked. I followed the Titans from afar during his time there, because again, they were my kind of team. I was shocked when the Titans fired him, because it's not like the guy was a schmuck, he had basically nothing to work with.

    I knew he was going to land on his feet somewhere fast, and sure enough, the Rams snapped him up. So now I got my eye on the Rams, because a Jeff Fisher team is never an easy out, just forget his team's record that year. You don't want to face Fisher, ever. (You reading this, Niner's fans haha!)

    Then we make the big trade for RG3. Now I watched every RG3 Baylor highlight film I could find, and the more I watched, the better I felt about the trade. In fact, right now, I almost feel like you guys got gipped a draft pick or two. But one thing bothered me. Do I really want a Jeff Fisher team to be doubling up on draft picks for the next two or three years, QB already in hand, and a team in our conference? NO.

    So now I watch the Rams from afar, following Fisher and his Ditka-style stache, worrying. I was loving it when you guys uglied out a tie against the Niners and that Pr!ck Harbaugh. So I was REALLY giddy to see that Fisher-like OT win over those same Niners last Sunday. See, that's Fisher right there. (Well, and you're kicker is a stud...) He's doing it again. You don't want to play the Rams now.

    What sucks for me, as a Skins fan, is that I know we will have to deal with Bradford and whomever you guys draft with all our picks the next couple of years. I can bank on that. Fisher's going to buff out O- and D-lines. Bradford is going to be able to eat his lunch in the pocket. Everyone in DC already hates Amendola after the Welker-like beatdown he gave us this year. And now Givens? Glad we aren't playing you anymore this year.

    Quick thing on Bradford, because I'm sure he's a topic. Mike Shanahan drools over Sam Bradford. Now, Shanny has been around a few decent QBs in his time, like some guy named Steve Young, and some other guy named John Elway. So I respect his opinion when it comes to evaluating young QBs. And before RG3, the one and only QB he coveted was Bradford. It used to make me sick the way he'd go on and on about how great Bradford was before we played him - I guess it's better than talking about Rex Grossman though :-)

    RG3 has given all of us long-suffering Skins fans a lot of hope. One guy, big change for us. But I feel for you you long-suffering Rams fans too. You tasted joy with Warner and Faulk, like we did with the Hogs and Riggins. And then you suffered, like we did. I feel like we will rise back up together too. Shanahan vs Fisher. RG3 vs Bradford. Book it, Rams fans. We're coming for you! And I know you're coming for us! It means more to me to beat a REAL coach, like Landry, like Walsh, like Fisher.

    Skins-Rams, NFC Championship Game, 2014. Let's do this!
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    Re: Skins fan on Fisher and RGIII

    I've really liked Bradford from his rookie year, and I wanted Suh that year. Thanks for the good words man, good luck to rgiii and your future redskins.

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    Re: Skins fan on Fisher and RGIII

    Thanks for stopping by August. It's been bitter sweet watching your team this year. One part of me wants them to lose (sorry) so our pick will be higher and the other part just likes watching RG3 do his thing. He truly is a gifted.

    I really think it was a win/win trade for both teams. Look forward to seeing you at the NFC Championship game in 2014.

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