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    big_country78 Guest

    that's whats up, derty.

    new member. just wanted to come here and check everything out. was on this email list that was supposedly die hard rams' fans, but it ended up being a couple of old dudes who couldn't stand to be wrong, accept apologies, or have anyone who held an opinion that differed from them. i mainly used the list to get rams new in the offseason, hopefully i can find good info here.

    my name is joe.
    I am 28. 6' 5" tall and about 310lbs. (i think orlando pace is the only one taller than me, it weierd when i go to trainig camp and see all these little guys). i tried to play football but i was bad. i played OL, but had the most fun at DT on the JV-Team. Im from that east side, but now live in Misery (they pronounce it Miz ur ah), I Love football, and that is it. baseket ball is decent, baseball was forced on me cause im from tha STL area, but i find it booring. I would say im a pretty big rams fan. my avatar is what i look like at game time (the paint schemes change game to game). i own my own PSL at the edward jones dome, and i have had season tickets since the 1st rams game in tha STL. in the past 11 seasons i have missed only 3 home games, but i have gone to 5 away games (and plan to go to cincy in dec) so i hope i can make up for those misses. my retired favorite STL Ram is D'Marco Farr. My current Favorite (active) Player is Issac Bruce: The Original St. Louis Ram.

    what a kewl smilie :r

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    Re: that's whats up, derty.

    Hey Big,

    Seems I've seen this name or one quite similar to it before...

    Speak out and voice your opinion, just be warned you might have to back it up with something tangible!

    Remember it is a family site and welcome to our madness!:l

    GO RAMS!!

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    RAM29JACKSON Guest

    Re: that's whats up, derty.

    I am not sure how I feel about a guy who has to paint his whole face for a game, but at least youre a RAMS fan.


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    big_country78 Guest

    Re: that's whats up, derty.

    Quote Originally Posted by RAM29JACKSON View Post
    I am not sure how I feel about a guy who has to paint his whole face for a game, but at least youre a RAMS fan.

    not sure what that means. but ok.

    im the 12th man! @ the quietest dome on Earth.

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    Re: that's whats up, derty.

    He's just kidding. People must go to more Rams games and paint their faces, show their true colors out there. This could be the year they really need it too, with die-hard fans like us, it could be their inspiration to go far with the awesome talent they have this year. They need a lot better fans than they've had in the past, so let us give them the fans they deserve! Their potential could be totally off the charts, especially on offense which could be another fun, fun year for us Rams fans. So keep that paint on, man!

    And of course, welcome!
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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