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    Well here we are again

    Sorry to be so long getting back here to say hello. Your gang seems to have gotten it going. And I suppose you're hoping to continue it against us this coming weekend?

    Well maybe.

    But you know me I'm not here to talk smack I just wanted to say hello and hope you don't have any more injurys, we've been there last year.

    Here's to a good game. Yes I realize that we have different views of what a good game is. lol

    Feel free to come on over and say hello, I'm back moderating at and would be glad to see you.

    We'll talk later


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    Re: Well here we are again

    Welcome back pithy....I hope the Rams are on a winning streak. I can't take losing this many games in a season.

    So you went back to dot net .....thought you gave up on them....what gives?


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