Wow, talk about a roller coaster ride Sunday! In the early games we had 2 easy
victories if you're betting all my picks as Minny and Atlanta easily made their
number. And we were looking great with the lowly Chiefs who battled Baltimore to a
tie with about 3 minutes to go. Then they lose by 14 and our strict system Bet A
loses by a half point!

But to show the gambling gods have a sense of humor, our B bet was looking lost with
little over a minute as Green Bay only needed a field goal to win the game. That
wouldn't have done us any good though as we needed at least a 4 point victory. Then
what do you know a 60 yard bomb for the TD.

Add on a victory in our lone MLB play and damn that makes for a good Sunday. If
you're scoring at home the NFL system goes 1-0, overall 3-1 and we go 1-0 in the

No Bet on the New England - Buffalo game or the Oakland-Chargers Game


Rich Allen aka Sports Betting Professor