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    Yo, non-fair wheather fans!

    I would like to take this oppertunity to say hello to all the fellow rams fans on this site. I have been a Rams fan for about ten years, due to the fact that when I began studing and watching the game of football as fanatically as I do now, The Rams were the team to beat. I fell in love with them and have followed their progress ever since. I hope to make some friends on this site but I hope to also learn more about this game we all enjoy.


    Ben M.

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    Re: Yo, non-fair wheather fans!

    welcome Ben, hope you have fun here.

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    Re: Yo, non-fair wheather fans!

    welcome Ben u have came to the right place to learn.

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    McGriff1985 Guest

    Re: Yo, non-fair wheather fans!

    HBey I have been a fan for 11 years since I was 10 years old. Tomorrow would be my 21st. I thought the fans sunday were HORRIBLE. I am in section 120. Look for me I am the bigguy in hte back screeming for 60 minutes while everyone else stands only when it seems convienent. I am a DIEHARD FAN of Saint Louis sports and I dont sit at games 95% of the time. I am up and cheering baseball and football and hockey. Its not a game if I cant yell at people . Half hte stadium was CHIEFS FANS ON THE LOWER DECK WTF IS THIS>

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    Re: Yo, non-fair wheather fans!

    Welcome to the clan McGriff and Ben. Feel free to get loud and be heard.

    Happy Birthday McGriff. Have fun... 21 is a good time


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