Rams Almost Full Strength At Cornerback
created: 6/9/2006 4:55:04 PM
updated: 6/9/2006 4:56:36 PM

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The whole team was together for the first time to begin mini-camp. A welcomed sight were cornerbacks Travis Fisher and Jerametrius Butler.

"It feels real good its been a long time since I've been like this. Dropped a lot of weight, moving a lot quicker, no problems with my body just feel real good," says Travis Fisher.

Fisher missed 7 weeks with a nagging groin injury and 6 weeks the year before with a broken arm.

"It feels real good to see everybody out here Everybody's pretty much healthy," says Fisher.

Its going to be a while before his teammate joins him on the field. Just when Butler got healthy he was bit by the injury bug. Again.

"It was devastating, another injury. I really want to get out there and show the guys I'm capable of playing the way I use to in the past and even better. Its a setback but I'll be back," says Butler.

Butler spent 8 months recovering from knee surgery now its a strained hamstring. If anything he wants to keep the receivers from running their mouths.

"Its hard sitting out there watching Torry and Isaac making catches talking noise. They do anything they want to do I want to be out there competing against them getting better. But I just have to wait," says Butler.

There are also new faces at cornerback the rams drafted tye hill and picked up fahkir brown. Its like proving himself all over again.

"I've got to pick it up real fast because of this injury. I'm like man can anything else go wrong. Things happen for a reason so I'll be back.

Better Health and a Better season for both Butler and Fisher.