Chapter 1: Blue Dawn

Who still remembers how it began?

It was an Autumn day like today. Hope was in the air throughout the lands. Few looked to the Homeland and feared the SpiralHorns, but within the ranks of the Legion, there was confidence. A strange feeling of a power soon to be unleashed upon unsuspecting foes. And when that river rushed forward, none could stand before it.

There have been many Autumn days, but not all felt like that one. There were times when doubt pervaded the Legion. In other times, a great destiny seemed near, but too many rose to oppose the Legion in its path to glory.

But on this blue dawn, memories stir. Memories of that Autumn day that none would ever forget. The Captain at the helm today carries a calm presence we have seen before. At his side a great Champion ready to spread fear. And many faces once departed, have now returned, harkening back to those great days. Something about this day seems familiar.

Another Autumn day has arrived. A new destiny will soon unfold.