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    Chapter 8: A Prophecy Fulfilled

    A Prophecy Fulfilled

    Even the deaf could hear the voices of despair among the Clan. Victory was not even an option among most. It was heard, “Most of us have never seen a successful defense against the Cleric Army. Why now in our hour of trial would we expect any different?” True enough, the losses were mounting. The most decorated and honored of Spiralhorns lay aside with no chance of seeing battle this day. Defense of the land would have to fall to young ones who had seen few battles, and elders who had seen few victories. And of course, there was the loss of the General. The spirits gave prophetic words before the battle, but refused to answer the question of the General, at least so the Clan thought. But for now, General Vittion would lead the way. Vittion himself wondered if victory was possible under such adversity, so it came as no surprise that so many Spiralhorns doubted. The surprise was the voices that rose to proclaim the inevitable victory over the Cleric Army.

    As most sought refuge for another defeat, three female voices rang out the sound of victory. From the nearest hilltop, the battle cry of Maternia, Utterlas, and RammeasFemalas could be heard in the ears of all the Spiralhorns. As these three women shouted the truth of Clan victory over the Cleric Army, men could be heard with disdain, “What does a woman know of battle?!” Without hesitation, the women declared, “It is the arm of man that swings the sword, but it’s the backbone of a woman that steadies the arm!” True enough, on this day, their voices would be heard.

    Rallied by the battle cry of these three, the Spiralhorns staved off wave after wave from the Cleric Army. Though the Clerics pushed forward early, they were quickly turned back as the Spiralhorns could do no wrong on this day. Could this be the “better day” the spirits spoke of? And what about the “period of darkness not yet complete”? Questions remained, but this day was for celebration, thanks in no small part to the steadfast voice of three women warriors.

    But the celebration was short-lived. For the prophecy of the spirits had answered more than the Clan first thought. The Clan elders revisited the spirits latest prophecy:

    “Your period of darkness is not yet complete. Others among you will fall. Your numbers will become more restless and down-trodden. However, for those that remain true, a better day will come. Your Captain will return after the time of rest. His guard will see transition as new blood rejuvenates their ranks. Many young ones will mature to become seasoned warriors prepared for any battle that war may bring. While one of great stature will fall, another unknown soldier will rise in power. For those that remain true, the bright and shining glory of past days will be reborn.”

    Why would the spirits not answer the fate of the General? But they had. For the “one of great stature” had indeed fallen. The Clan received word that the General would not return any time soon. The Clan now lay completely in the hands of the General Vittion. The Clan was now entirely his to lead. However, most within the ranks could not help but think the Great General’s fate had less to do with the spirits than it did the whims of the civilian chieftains that made many decisions for the daily operations of the Clan. This thought sent many warring minds to anger. Why would civilians who know nothing of war be allowed to decide such fates for the army of the Horns?

    Why indeed?

    But for now, Vittion must return the thoughts of his men and women to the battle of the day. For the Panthera Onca care not of the Clan’s own civil strife. A day will come when the Clan must face their own internal problems, but on this day, the Panthera Onca await.

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    Re: Chapter 8: A Prophecy Fulfilled

    Wow, cool HUb, thanks for including us ladies in the lastest chapter. I feel honored!!!! Great job too by the way!!!

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    Re: Chapter 8: A Prophecy Fulfilled

    Utterlas...I like that. There is a place in battle for some women. Joan of Arc for instance.

    Thanks for including us Hub.

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    Re: Chapter 8: A Prophecy Fulfilled

    How sweet! I love it!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]This is for Randy! GO BRM!

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    Re: Chapter 8: A Prophecy Fulfilled

    just come there arent any more posted after chapter 8?
    i was really enjoying them...


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