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  1. Kurt Warner Silences Mike Martz and His Media Lapdog Bernie Miklasz
  2. A few STATS on the Superbowl teams (XLIII)
  3. Superbowl XLIII (predictions only)
  4. Hedgecock Part Deux - Revenge of the Cut FB
  5. Balzer: Some Parts on Warner Story Not Generally Known
  6. If Warner wins another Ring
  7. Quarterback or Wide receivers
  8. Wow....just heard something that shocked me
  9. Vick Reinstatement 2009?
  10. Coincidence or not? Schefter thinks the Whiners may be interested in Michael Vick...
  11. Anyone Who Thinks Boldin is "another TO" Should Read This
  12. Linehan to Coach Lions Offense
  13. Just play along for a second.....
  14. Warner on NFL Game of the week
  15. Cold Hard Football Facts: Why Warner is better QB than Manning
  16. Cold Hard Football Facts: Why Warner is better QB than Manning
  17. Tarvaris Jackson vs....
  18. Saunders to interview for OC job in Oakland
  19. Riddle me this....
  20. Correl Buckhalter to Rams?
  21. Anquan boldin
  22. Packers pass on Haslett, hire Dom Capers
  23. Hedgecock!!!
  25. The NFC West
  26. Looks like warner was the better qb after all....
  27. Warner leads Cards to cinderella season
  28. Scott Linehan TURNS DOWN ***** OC job
  29. Help please? Just Win Baby
  30. Kurt Warner:
  31. NFL Play 60 Program
  32. Faith driving Warner in another Super Bowl pursuit
  33. Gruden Fired
  34. Gregg Williams is going to the
  35. Lions hire Titans DC Jim Schwartz as their new head coach
  36. Niners bring Linehan in for second interview
  37. brady quinn
  38. Rex Ryan reportedly the preferred choice for Jets
  39. " IF " The Cardinals make it to the Superbowl
  40. Scott Pioli hired by KC Chiefs
  41. Superbowl history question
  42. Sources: Broncos to hire McDaniels
  43. NFC Worst well represented
  44. watching Kurt brings back memories
  45. Yea tickets for London
  46. tonights play-off games...
  47. LaDanian to play with or without groin
  48. Mike Shanahan?
  49. Arizona Cardinals Design New Helmets For East Coast Travels
  50. NFL Rule: Overtime
  51. Seahawks hire Greg Knapp as offensive coordinator under new head coach Jim Mora
  52. Interesting write-up about Redskins rookie receiver Devin Thomas
  53. We're down to the elite eight
  54. Allright you football fanatics answer me this
  55. Linehan "definitely on the list" for ***** OC job
  56. Things just seem to be unshaken in the NFL
  57. Jets have a lot of interest in Rex Ryan
  58. Ravens' D-coordinator wants head coaching job
  59. AP: Cowher won't coach in 2009
  60. How classless are Seahag fans?
  61. The "Los Angeles Vikings?"
  62. Av's Complete Playoff Predictions
  63. Trouble brewing for the New York Bretts?
  64. With Cowher out of the running, Spagnuolo may be Jets' top pick
  65. How bout them cheatroits
  66. Broncos Fire HC Shanahan
  67. Schefter: Martz officially out in San Fran
  68. Report: Tom Brady behind in schedule for return
  69. Bo's Top 5 Wide Recievers
  70. Cowher Not Interested In Returning To Coaching In 2009
  71. Pro Bowl will be in Miami, week before Super Bowl in 2010
  72. Bears Fail to Make the Playoffs
  73. Spare a moment for Detroit
  74. Could the 2009 Rams Duplicate the 2008 Dolphin's Season?
  75. The Whiners
  76. Singletary In / Martz Out On Monday ?
  77. Rams Upcoming Opponent: Playoff Bound Atlanta Falcons Baby!!
  78. Congratulations to Bruce record setting day. What did he say after the game?
  79. How many of you are from LA?
  80. Niners (And Issac Bruce) vs. Rams
  81. Isaac Bruce wins Len Eshmont award
  82. Bruce 1000 catches
  83. successive K.O. returns
  84. T.O. VS Witten
  85. 0and16.com
  86. Pro Bowl Picks
  87. Eli Manning has a gun accident
  88. Matt Ryan
  89. Teams I hate the Most!!
  90. Da Raiders
  91. Deacon to be on NFL Countdown
  92. division leaders...? haha
  93. Pro bowl on the move?
  94. NFL Looks at 3-D
  95. Jimmy Kennedy is available!
  96. Big day vs dallas for Reverend Ike
  97. So much for that new car smell
  98. Go Seahawks!!!
  99. Is Kurt Warner a Hall of Fame player?
  100. QB Cassel may seek free agent deal similar to Aaron Rodgers' $65 million extension
  101. Who will be the 2008 MVP?
  102. Eagles Got screwed
  103. Who will win the NFC?
  104. Warner Another...
  105. Jay Cutler
  106. Anyone just catch that in the broncos-browns game?
  107. Hall was offered a chance to stay?
  108. NFL Offensive Lines???
  109. Hate to say I told you so
  110. The official " Lets draft Graham Harrell" thread
  111. Billicheat responsible for Browns' ilnesses
  112. Peyton Manning needs to be replaced
  113. Here is a truly amazing stat
  114. Boy, I'm glad we missed out on Vernon Davis
  115. International Series 2008
  116. a rough sport
  117. NFL Schedule
  118. If you...
  119. My Power Rankings (Subject to change at any second)
  120. Bet Mad Mike is peeved...
  121. Whiners fire Mike Nolan
  122. Scott Linehan
  123. Womo has Owie
  124. JETS grounded in the Black Hole
  125. Jon Alston!
  126. fox network is lame
  127. Since you guys beat my Redskins, at least do us a favor and beat the Cowgirls
  128. NFL Equation (can you solve it?)
  129. Roy Williams traded to Cowboys..
  130. Pacman Jones Suspended
  131. Giants fall to the Browns
  132. The Typical Dallas Fan
  133. As a redskins fan
  134. Tony Romo (OUT)
  135. WOW..Look at this...I hate the Redskins now
  136. Larry Fitzgerald
  137. Guess it wasn't Kiffen's fault?
  138. Incognito should be cut
  139. Poll: Kurt Warner sub sub forum
  140. Kurt Warner Donates Left Arm To Help Young QB
  141. It was Warner's kids, not his gloves...
  142. Warner almost retires?
  143. Arizona plays Cards right, Leave Buffalo the Bills
  144. HOUSTON!, You Have a Problem!
  145. The Men of Steel drive Jaguars
  146. No Besos por OCHO-CINCO, Cowboys tame the Bengals
  147. Seattle gets GIANT ButtKicking @ the Meadowlands
  148. Washington Skins Eagles in Philly
  149. Warner cruises on
  150. KC KO'd by Carolina
  151. Farveless Packers lose 3rd in a row
  152. Chargers squished by the Fish
  153. Lawrence Phillips gets 10 years in prison
  154. Maybe a Fairer poll?
  155. When the Rams play the Cardinals, I root for:
  156. Marshall, ahhh the memories....
  157. Lane Kiffen fired!!!
  158. K Warner - no matter what great guy
  159. Another former Ram doing well
  160. Al Davis and Lane Kiffin making up?
  161. Message Board Post Good Enough to Earn Poster Head Coaching Job
  162. Rams fans= class; Seahawk fans= scum
  163. Mike Martz......2.0?
  164. Why Are The Dolphins Allready Better Than Us?
  165. Isaac Bruce Interview.... good interview.
  166. Vikings name Gus Frerotte the starter
  167. This is why you don't draft DeSean Jackson
  168. Why The Monday Night Crew Sucks
  169. Matt Millen and the Lions
  170. Marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtz
  171. Maybe I'm just too old
  172. Bruuuuuuuucccceee!!!
  173. Kurt warner
  174. big day for isaace bruce
  175. Nearly Half-Time, Kurt Warner...
  176. Houston`s Reliant stadium damaged by Hurricane Ike
  177. Vince Young reportedly questioning desire to play football
  178. Interesting Stat I Stumbled Upon...
  179. Ocho cinco” a one-season stunt?
  180. ***** sign jamie martin
  181. It'll cost mucho dinero for Chad Ocho Cinco to switch jerseys
  182. Who wins more games in 2008?
  183. Bradyless Patriots
  184. Say what you want about Mike Martz...
  185. Bruce shutdown
  186. Brady out the season??
  187. giants redskins
  188. Chad Mucho Stupido
  189. culpepper retires
  190. Happy NFL EVE
  191. The unbreakable record
  192. John Lynch
  193. Safety latest big-name veteran signed, dropped by Patriots
  194. Chad Jackson?
  195. some possible waivee's
  196. I know it's only the preseason...BUT...
  197. NFL reinstates Pacman, Jones finds out while eating @ Hooters
  198. If i was an eagles fan.....
  199. Kurt Warner to get the start for the Cards...
  200. Martz & Whiners. Let the Games begin LOL
  201. Gus Driving Bus for Vikes
  202. Merriman might be done??
  203. Usain Bolt: Bolting his way to the NFL?
  204. Av's Preseason Picks
  205. Gene Upshaw DEAD
  206. Tatum Bell: “i Am Glad Martz Is Gone”
  207. Kevin Curtis to have sports hernia surgery
  208. who do you think will be the four championship teams?
  209. Chillar not good enough to be a starter in GB
  210. Boldin asks for trade
  211. Joe Horn
  212. MIKE & MIKE...an interesting conversation they had.
  213. S Jackson? sign
  214. NFL Talk Radio on (SIRIUS)
  215. Chad Ocho Cinco?
  216. Raiders agree to terms with Archuleta
  217. (Ravens @ Patriots) & (Saints @ Cardinals)
  218. Brett Favre Traded to the Jets
  219. NFL implements new fan code of conduct for 2008 season
  220. NFL Network Airing Packers Scrimmage Tonight
  221. Packers Fans, Take It From Us Rams Fans...
  222. If you were Aaron Rodgers
  223. Art Monk
  224. Panthers suspend WR Steve Smith for first two games due to camp fight
  225. Training Camp Can Be Fun
  226. Lions signed C Andy McCollum
  227. John Lynch anyone
  228. A-11 Offense could be the future of football
  229. Dorsey Watch '09
  230. Possible destinations for Brett Favre
  231. Emotional Jeremy Shockey gives Eli Manning one last wedgie
  232. Rod Smith retires
  233. Mike Martz HC of the *********???????
  234. Saints acquire Shockey for draft picks
  235. Jason Taylor traded to Redskins
  236. Greg Wesley
  237. .... and now, Don Majkowski
  238. Chris Henry Has Charges Dropped
  239. Are the Packers being fair to Favre?
  240. Favre: Release Me
  241. FOX NEWS Take on why vick filed for bankrupcy
  242. Ex-Chargers safety Terrence Kiel, 27, killed following auto accident
  243. Favre has 'itch' to ditch retirement, report to camp
  244. Goodell: Rookie pay is 'ridiculous'
  245. Surgeons Tell Chad Johnson That He May Never Dance Again
  246. "Pac Man" to change his name?
  247. Chris Henry's SUV Repo'd While He's In Court -- Almost
  248. Does anyone believe Imus?
  249. ***** sign Barry Sims ..
  250. anyone know where i can find certain NFL records??