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  1. Gene Upshaw DEAD
  2. Tatum Bell: i Am Glad Martz Is Gone
  3. Kevin Curtis to have sports hernia surgery
  4. who do you think will be the four championship teams?
  5. Chillar not good enough to be a starter in GB
  6. Boldin asks for trade
  7. Joe Horn
  8. MIKE & MIKE...an interesting conversation they had.
  9. S Jackson? sign
  10. NFL Talk Radio on (SIRIUS)
  11. Chad Ocho Cinco?
  12. Raiders agree to terms with Archuleta
  13. (Ravens @ Patriots) & (Saints @ Cardinals)
  14. Brett Favre Traded to the Jets
  15. NFL implements new fan code of conduct for 2008 season
  16. NFL Network Airing Packers Scrimmage Tonight
  17. Packers Fans, Take It From Us Rams Fans...
  18. If you were Aaron Rodgers
  19. Art Monk
  20. Panthers suspend WR Steve Smith for first two games due to camp fight
  21. Training Camp Can Be Fun
  22. Lions signed C Andy McCollum
  23. John Lynch anyone
  24. A-11 Offense could be the future of football
  25. Dorsey Watch '09
  26. Possible destinations for Brett Favre
  27. Emotional Jeremy Shockey gives Eli Manning one last wedgie
  28. Rod Smith retires
  29. Mike Martz HC of the *********???????
  30. Saints acquire Shockey for draft picks
  31. Jason Taylor traded to Redskins
  32. Greg Wesley
  33. .... and now, Don Majkowski
  34. Chris Henry Has Charges Dropped
  35. Are the Packers being fair to Favre?
  36. Favre: Release Me
  37. FOX NEWS Take on why vick filed for bankrupcy
  38. Ex-Chargers safety Terrence Kiel, 27, killed following auto accident
  39. Favre has 'itch' to ditch retirement, report to camp
  40. Goodell: Rookie pay is 'ridiculous'
  41. Surgeons Tell Chad Johnson That He May Never Dance Again
  42. "Pac Man" to change his name?
  43. Chris Henry's SUV Repo'd While He's In Court -- Almost
  44. Does anyone believe Imus?
  45. ***** sign Barry Sims ..
  46. anyone know where i can find certain NFL records??
  47. Seahawks runningbacks
  48. Javon Walker was found unconscious
  49. Fitzpatrick struggling as Bengals back-up
  50. QB's Smith, Bulger have much in common
  51. Chiefs want Dorsey's emphasis to be on defending the run rather than getting sacks
  52. Greg Wesley?
  53. Greg Wesley?
  54. What if the Rams didn't exist?
  55. McFadden Gets Contract Done, Only One Top Four Pick Unsigned
  56. nfl channel
  57. Steroids dealer found dead at North Texas home
  58. Tidbit that might explain why the Rams passed on DeSean Jackson
  59. Patriots' Season Perfect For Rest Of Nation
  60. Let's Play......JEOPARDY
  61. Vince Young almost retired after Rookie Season
  62. Time to crack down on NFL hooligans
  63. Randle El vs a bear ...
  64. im not worried about martz and the whiners
  65. James Cut
  66. falcons aquire jamal lewis and tony gonzalez!!!!
  67. Who Do I have to Kill?
  68. Rookies finding their path to payday is blocked ..
  69. 17 Game Reg Season?
  70. Falcons Sign Ryan
  71. NFL owners vote unanimously to opt out of labor deal
  72. Bears extend kicker Gould, comparison to Brown's contract
  73. If Owners opt out of CBA...
  74. Duck season for ***** quarterback hopefuls??
  75. NFL's Blackeye turning into cancerous tumor
  76. Question to neutral fans
  77. ***** TE Vernon Davis prides on his reputation...
  78. Eli Distraught...
  79. Seattle's Tatupu reportedly arrested for DUI
  80. Bruce as a whiner
  81. The Real Power Behind the Patriots
  82. Kurt response to QB dilemma
  83. Marc Bulger vs Eli Manning
  84. Peyton vs. Eli
  85. A look at the "Bust" 1st round of '95
  86. Teams to start being accountable?
  87. Archuleta released
  88. T.O. not sure about PacMan
  89. Teams Name Question
  90. detectives are investigating a shooting potentially involving Marvin Harrison
  91. Throat-slasher Might Be A Raider
  92. Raiders release Dominic Rhodes
  93. Seriously, Who wins the NFC West in 2008?
  94. Seriously Bernie? (tx, don't look.)
  95. Shockey (Giants) trade a possibility
  96. Jones will be playing in a Cowboys uniform
  97. Jared Allen sent to Vikings for 3 draft picks
  98. Seattle Releases Alexander
  99. Who's been the best since the New Millenium?
  100. McNair to retire
  101. NFL in Los Angeles?
  102. Ocho Cinco wants out of Cincy
  103. Bye bye Gumbell
  104. Cartman's views on Belicheat
  105. If you had to pick a 2nd favorite
  106. Michael Vick playing prison football
  107. New Uniforms
  108. Bruce Jersey
  109. Kraft apologizes
  110. Rule changes
  111. New NFL rule: 1 defender gets QB helmet
  112. Exclusive: Dolphins to deal Taylor to *****
  113. ***** Forfeit
  114. Owners to focus on integrity issues
  115. Seahawks sign Marcus Trufant to 6 year extension
  116. NFL Pre-Draft Rankings
  117. Bruce...for the last time
  118. Favre has not filed retirement paperwork
  119. Pacman on the radio ...
  120. the ******** forfeit fifth round pick
  121. Nnamdi Asomugha
  122. Most Hated Football Team?
  123. Seahawks sign Tatupu to six year extension
  124. C. Johnson to skip team workouts
  125. steelers sign hartwig
  126. Old guys need not apply?
  127. Looking for a photo ??
  128. Top 8 NFL QBs not named Bulger
  129. Isaac Bruce won't be wearing No. 80
  130. 2011 Lockout looming on the horizon
  131. Spygate update
  132. Bruce the go-ahead to wear No. 80
  133. Sterioids ...
  134. FAIR WARNING: This is a Kurt Warner thread
  135. bruce's interview on the niner's website...
  136. Bruce not finished yet
  137. Bruce's comments on his move
  138. *MAJOR (Exclusive!) BREAKING NEWS STORY!*
  139. Spygate II
  140. Brett Favre Question
  141. Brett Favre to retire
  142. DE/OLB Calvin Pace signs with the Jets
  143. moss agrees to 3 year, 27 mil contract w/ pats
  144. Patriots re-sign R. Moss - 5 years, $52M, $25M guaranteed
  145. Lynch takes pay cut to remain in Denver
  146. Kevin Curtis...
  147. Fitzgerald to Philly?
  148. The thing that made me the most angry about Bruce being cut...
  149. Bruce and Martz re-united in SF ...
  150. Guys, please put free agent news in the Draft/Free Agency forum
  151. Anyone want a BOOGER?
  152. Moss to the Cowboys? .. Justin Smith overrated?
  153. ***** | Team to sign Briggs?
  154. No Cap after 09?
  155. Zack Thomas signs with the Cowboys!
  156. Vermeil: I taped Dallas before the NFC Championship in 1981
  157. browns QB situation...
  158. Jonathan Vilma
  159. Corey Williams gone
  160. For those of you who doubt Linehan's Strategy
  161. The NFL Helmet Of The Future.
  162. New All American Football League (AAFL)
  163. Walsh's lawyer confirms: Walsh has videotapes
  164. Falcons release seven players, including Crumpler
  165. The Patriots Are Showing Their Guilt, And The NFL Doesn't Want To See The Proof
  166. Do You Have Any Doubt....
  167. Great video - "You Cheated!" Patriots
  168. Goodell: Belichick and Patriots have been taping since 2000
  169. Cowboys/Lions Deal?
  170. The Patriot fans are complaining
  171. Dan Morgan
  172. Back Up QB
  173. big names released
  174. The combine is fast approaching, work on your bench press!
  175. Patriots/Giants like every teen movie ever made
  176. Panthers Extend Lewis
  177. Zorn hired as new Redskins head coach
  178. the cost of superbowl ads
  179. Shocking Still-Pic From Spygate Video Reveals True Reason For The League's Cover-up!
  180. Francis St.Paul?
  181. 'Inside the NFL' cancelled
  182. Free Agents we must add
  183. Scrambling Quarterbacks
  184. Glazer: Jim Mora to replace Holmgren as Seahawks head coach in 2009
  185. RUMOR: Gregg Williams hired as Jacksonville defensive coordinator
  186. Art Monk is in the HOF
  187. true but bizarre giants story
  188. Instant Re-Penalty?
  189. Tom Brady: "We're only going to score 17 points"?
  190. "Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat" (great song, video)
  191. Brady holds up Super Bowl Trophy
  192. "Shock" Value
  193. Patriots Last Drive?
  194. Belichick's Bonehead Move
  195. Let's not go to the NEPs websites unless...
  196. Superbowl Question
  197. THANK YOU NEW YORK GIANTS! (Sincerely, Rams fans everywhere)
  198. 18-1! Patriots lose!
  199. Warner wants answers
  200. Patriots or Giants
  201. NFL Mascots
  202. Gregg Williams leaves Jacksonville without a contract
  203. Falcons hire Paul Boudreau
  204. Saunders as Offensive Coordinator
  205. Not everyone happy about a Martz offense
  206. NFL trouble on the horizon??
  207. Both 'Skins C's gone
  208. Redskins fire defensive coordinator Williams
  209. Raiders coach refuses to heed Davis' call to resign
  210. Hedgecock rips into Linehan
  211. Raiders might try Jon Alston at strong safety
  212. Memo to Giants Players and coaches
  213. Timmerman has 'no more thought of playing'
  214. Cameron To Ravens
  215. Die Hard Cowboys Fan
  216. Kurt warner book's
  217. 9ers think S Jax Is Overrated.
  218. Holmgren only coaching one more year in Seattle
  219. Brady reportedly in walking cast
  220. Disappointed with LT on Sunday
  221. A dysfunctional organization can work
  222. #91
  223. Instant Karma and the Patriots
  224. Hargrove suspened one year
  225. Holmgren: Big free agents not an option in Seattle; Alexander may be gone
  226. Which teams suprised you the most in 2007?
  227. Mora to interview for 'Skins head coaching position
  228. Dolphins hire Sparano as head coach
  229. Pacman at it again
  230. Ravens make offer to Garrett to be head coach
  231. Giants vs Chargers in the SUPERBOWL?
  232. Afc & Nfc Championship Games
  233. No LT? No Rivers?
  234. If The Patriots Win It All?
  235. Schottenheimer says NFL coaching return unlikely
  236. Money for playoff games
  237. 2nd round of the Playoffs
  238. Dickerson on ESPN radio
  239. Jaguars Blame Officials For Upcoming Loss Against Patriots
  240. ***** Hire Mike Martz
  241. John Fox returning to Carolina in '08
  242. Vick could play in 09'
  243. Gruden & Galloway involved in disagreement on sideline of Bucs playoff game
  244. Madison Hedgecock
  245. Cameron did not get along with players
  246. Bucs/Giants!
  247. ***** linebacker Patrick Willis is AP's top defensive rookie
  248. Adam Schefter is reporting
  249. Cameron fired...
  250. Lions fire Martz