History of this site


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When did the ClanRam start?

It’s not an easy answer and its even harder to pinpoint the beginning of the ClanRam/RamsNation. Sure, on the internet and in its present place @ www.clanram.com its easy to date as the 16th of July 1999, the name was registered and it now sits in its resent place.

But the first stirrings of the site, now called ClanRam was on hard copy.

In 1995, after sending in yet another “letter to the editor” to “First Down” (a UK based NFL football weekly) complaining about the lack of Rams info, I decided to start my very own Fanzine,  Rampage. Rampage was a 4 weekly fanzine, sent out to likeminded Ram fans based in the UK and Europe. I also, at this time, dabbled with the internet and had an online fanzine on www.angelfire.com then  http://www16.brinkster.com/clanram/   this was the true start of the ClanRam. I did keep the fanzine going for two seasons but as it got more and more popular, I migrated to web based.

I was on a email list as well (the Rampages) and after much traveling to St Louis, I joined up with these fine fans and for a year the  ClanRam was found here http://www.rollanet.org/~ramfan/newsite/rampager/rampager.htm 
And you can still view this site (yes it’s still there) as it was an information site.

After that collaboration, I moved back to a standalone site, then was courted by all sorts of NFL fan sites promising all sorts if interesting and mostly never true stats and ideas where my site should be in the internet. The last and most extremely painful move was to scout.com.  After two years of pain, I again (after consultation with the members) moved back and bought a dedicated server based in the UK.

In 2016, I renamed the site to www.RamsNation.com a name that I have owned for many years.