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Return of the MOCK GAMBLING Competition for 2010/11


  • Return of the MOCK GAMBLING Competition for 2010/11

    MOCK GAMBLING 2011/12

    Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and girls after spending much of the summer ‘hiding’ i here by announce the opening up and start of this years Clanram's Mock Gambling competition for 2011/12

    In this post, you will find all the guidelines, information and help you may need to set yourself up to take part, IF you are unclear ON ANY ASPECT of the competition, by all means PM me or post in this thread and i'll answer them to the best of my abilty.

    This will be the 6th season of the Mock Gambling I’ve run so before i start just a quick recap from last years competiton – and for this year, due to time and personnal issues the results thread each Tuesday will be cut back and only show the basic information.

    Last years winner and defending champion – TheBritishRam- Runner up was LA Ram, and 3rd – Ramsanddodgers - Hope to see TheBritishRam return to defend his title.

    45 Clanram members were involved in the competition last year, it'll be nice to see that number increase.

    Mock Gambling Competiton - What is it and how is it run?

    • We’ll all start with a fictious $1000
    • The competition will run through the playoffs and end on the Superbowl weekend.
    • There will be more questions/more forecasting options each week to open the competition more and generally make it more interesting for all, and to further test our own skill and forcasting abilities.

    The Mock Gambling Competiton is a part gambling part predicting part forecasting competition, Each and every member will start with fictious $1000 within that starting $1000, you bid/gamble as much as you feel you wish too call on
    1) Outcome of the Rams game each week(Spread included)
    2) Following the Rams spread there will be a number of questions and/or some forecast/predictions which if you call correct will gain you more $$$$. Of course by the end of the season(THIS YEAR TO INCLUDE THE PLAYOFFS AND SB) whoever has the most $$$$$ will be declared the winner.
    3) You make your bet(s)/predictions/answers by simply posting on the thread each week,the mods always make each separate weekly thread 'Sticky' so you can easily find where we are all upto.
    4) Week 4, 8, 12 and 16 i will set 'Bonus questions/predictions' thus giving players who are lagging behind the chance to catch up.
    5) To be anywhere near successful you will need to take part almost every week throughout the season.
    6) The winner, apart from having bragging rights, does get a small jesture from the Mods, T-shirt or pen something small. etc etc
    7) It is free to enter, open to each and everyone of the Clan and taken serious albeit having fun and enjoyment along the way.
    8) The overall winner of the competion for this season will be given their own unique Avatar/Sig Icon in which they can display for all to see in every post they make on the forum.

    Rules and guidelines to help you along

    1) Generally there are NO rules set in stone in which i adhere too, it's all done on a fair, honest and most of all common sense system. The only 1 rule i stick to is that any Bets/posts/predictions posted after the deadline each week are declared void – you have the best part of 4-5 days to make your picks/selections each week, if you rush to get them posted at the last minute and miss the deadline.. who’s fault is that?
    2) Each member starts Week 1 with a fictious $1000, it's upto each and everyone on how you spend the $$$$. If you miss Week 1 starting on Week 2 you'll receive $750, Week 3 - $500, Week 4 - $250, Week 5 $100, Week 6 onwards $50. etc etc
    3) If your $$$$$ reaches $0, You are only ledgeable to part take in answering the questions/predictions each week, until you gain enough $$$ to make a bet on the Rams game.
    4) Usually sometime on the Tuesday after the weekends games i will update the scores, post the standings, and set that following weeks Rams game spread, questions and predictions.
    5) Any issues/disagrements are simply talked through with me, Remember guys this is a fun competition not life and death, i'll be as fair and honest as much as common sense will allow.
    6) For the official recording of stats/yardage will be used.

    Any further questions/issues/answers you may need please PM as soon as and i'll happily answer them.

    The Week 1 spread and questions are to be found in the following post

    Good luck to all who take part this year i hope to have some good banter, enjoyment and fun.

    Go Rams

    Mark Preston
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