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  • Av's "Looking West" - Week 3

    Av's "Looking West" - Week 3

    After a rough start to the season, I was even at 2-2 last week with my picks.

    Its amazing what a difference a week makes. The Rams are 1-1, and the football world is buzzing about Jeff Fisher's makeover of the squad. Still, the media is fickle. If the Rams don't continue to play well, they'll fade to the background once again.

    On to week 3!

    Rams 23
    Bears 20
    Playing the Bears in Chicago will be tough, but I think the Rams' pass rush will be able to get to Jay Cutler early and often. Add Matt Forte's injury to the equation, and I'm going with the upset.

    Niners 27
    Vikings 6 ...
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  • RamView, 9/16/2012: Rams 31, Redskins 28 (Long)

    RamView, 9/16/2012: Rams 31, Redskins 28 (Long)

    RamView, September 16, 2012 From Row HH (Report and opinions from the game.) Game #2: Rams 31, Redskins 28 The very definition of resilience, the Rams gain the first win of the Jeff Fisher era by overcoming forces of nature (RG3), their own mistakes (any one of which would have crushed last year's team), injuries, a 21-6 deficit, and the worst officiating crew in the history of the NFL. Rams football is fun to watch again. Position by position: * QB: All you people out there pining for RG3 after one week as a professional better get used to SB1 instead. Cool and confident, Sam Bradford (26-35-310, 3 TD, passer rating 117.6) hasn’t just regained his rookie year form; he’s surpassing it. The Rams came out firing, with Bradford, wh...
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  • The "MUSTACHE" Report (week 2)

    The "MUSTACHE" Report (week 2)

    RAMS Win! RAMS Win! Jeff Fisher's 1st win as our RAMS Headcoach!!!! Although Jeff Fisher is a highly respected and successful Headcoach I think he's in the wrong business. My opinion is that he should be a professional TEXAS HOLDEM card player. During his press conference after a GREAT win over the Washington Redskins a person watching couldn't tell if the RAMS won or lost. Fisher is so low key and direct with his answers from the media. He was asked about the Steven Jackson benched/injured situation. He flatly denies that Jackson was benched. (I'm not buying it) What does Steven Jackson do when he scores a TD? He do...
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  • Game 1 MVP (poll)

    Game 1 MVP (poll)

    Tough loss to the Lions, but there were some performances to give us all hope. Who is this week's MVP?
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  • Av's "Looking West" - Week 2

    Av's "Looking West" - Week 2

    Aaaaand,we’re back!

    I had a nice break from the banter, and I’m ready for Week 2!

    I had a rough week of picks (0-3), but I’m feeling good about this weekend's games.

    My picks:

    Rams 24
    Redskins 21
    I think that RGIII will find the going a bit more difficult as the season progresses and teams start to game plan for him. The Rams have a better set of DBs than the Saints, and if they can keep him in the pocket, I think he’ll make mistakes. I also doubt the Rams will have such a poor run/pass ratio as the Saints had last week (10 rushing attempts, 52 passes).

    Niners 23
    Lions 20 ...
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  • The "MUSTACHE" Report

    The "MUSTACHE" Report

    Well as we all know our RAMS lost Sunday at Detroit. For me, I was impressed with how Fisher had our team prepared for the game. I for one thought we were going to get blown out. Not only did we avoid the blow-out we actually could have or being a RAMS die-hard fan, should have won! That brings me to Fisher's Monday afternoon Press Conference. I was very interested to see and hear how Fisher reacted to the loss. First let me start out by saying I'm one the members here that was over the top with the Jeff Fisher hiring. I will try and keep my Mustache reports as ...
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  • Game 1 Review :FIVE UP & FIVE DOWN

    Game 1 Review :FIVE UP & FIVE DOWN

    I would like to try to keep it simple and do a quick review for each game. Since this is this first game it will be more of a broad look and it will get more detailed in week. FIVE UP #1 We have a young defensive unit that will be tough for years (esp with Brockers back) #2 Greg "the leg" Zuerlein will be our kicker for 7+ years #3 Richardson/Pead should be enough to fill as #2 running back #4 We won time of possession and turnover battle #5 Went on the road against top offensive unit and did not get intimidated (even w our youth) FIVE DOWN #1 Bradford still doesn't buy time well and can't seem to look off defender for more attempts of 15+ ya...
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  • RamView, 9/9/2012: Lions 27, Rams 23 (Long)

    RamView, 9/9/2012: Lions 27, Rams 23 (Long)

    RamView, September 9, 2012
    From the Couch
    (Report and opinions on the game.)
    Game #1: Lions 27, Rams 23

    Losing sucks. Losing a game you had won sucks even more. But the St. Louis Rams, on the road, fighting a playoff team from last year to within an inch of their lives? That beats last year's sad sacks by a country mile. It didn't take this team long to create something to build on this season. The wins will follow.

    Position by position:
    * QB: Sam Bradford (17-25-198, passer rating 105.1) made about as many clutch plays as you could ask for out of a conservative offense. He drove the Rams to an opening score with a couple of 3rd-down completions to Danny Amendola, including a 16-yarder...
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  • Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    Av's "Looking West" - Week 1

    Can the Rams win the West in 2012?

    Ultimately, this is the question that my “Looking West” feature will address each week. As the season progresses, the picture will become clearer.

    But what about now, before opening day… can the Rams challenge?

    Part of the difficulty in answering this question stems from the uncertainty surrounding the new Rams, who have a new coaching staff, and new starters at half the positions on the field.

    But what about the other teams?

    Seattle and Arizona are certainly flawed. Both have big question marks at the QB position and on the offensive line. The Seahawks are also thin at WR, while the Cardinals are...
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  • Rams Jerseys Remembered. Part I / IV: Numbers 0 - 25.

    Rams Jerseys Remembered. Part I / IV: Numbers 0 - 25.

    Dear Rams aficionados / ClanRam faithful,

    Alright! February 2012.

    Fan extra activity to play with (consider it a mild therapy to help ease the pain of the offseason).

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Not every player that is accepted by a team, ANY TEAM, turns out to be a reason to be proud, unfortunately. I'm referring to us as fans or for that matter, the team itself. But the fact is, these players below donned our Rams jersey and even if for a fleeting moment, they were warriors in battle, professionals in the NFL; maybe their 15 seconds of fame.

    This list pretends to remember both hero as well as helper of past and present Rams teams, from HOF Super Stars to the obscure, forgotten names. See if you notice a jersey name / number missing but please don't get carried away -- let others participate, yes? Would appreciate your help in updating this to last year. Just post ...
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  • Nick's Post-Senior Bowl 2016 NFL First Round Mock Draft (v2.0)
    Now that the Senior Bowl is firmly in the rear view mirrior, here's an updated look at how things could shake out in the first round of the NFL Draft this year. As always, feedback and constructive criticism is welcome! ROUND ONE 1. Tennessee Titans: Laremy Tunsil, OT, Mississippi -Tennessee is second in the league in sacks allowed, and no quarterback when pressured has been sacked at as large of a percentage as Marcus Mariota has been. Tunsil gives the Titans a legitimate left tackle to pair with Taylor Lewan on the offensive line. 2. Cleveland Browns: Jared Goff, QB, California -The hype train for Carson Wentz is in full steam, but I'm not ready to put him in the Top 5 as some other people are. I still view Goff as the top QB in the class, meaning he makes a lot of sense for a Cleveland team that is tired of Johnny Manziel's screw ups. 3. San Diego Chargers: Jalen Ramsey, CB, Florida State -Brandon Flowers was graded out as one of the worst corners in the league by Pro Football Focus, and Eric Weddle won't be coming back. The Chargers could use help in both areas, and Ramsey is capable of excelling at either at the next level. 4. Dallas Cowboys: Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State -Will the Cowboys flirt with taking a QB here? Maybe, but I also think Jerr...
    -01-31-2016, 04:12 PM
  • RamView, 1/3/2016: ***** 19, Rams 16 (OT) (Long)
    RamView, January 3, 2016 Game #16: ***** 19, Rams 16 (OT) The ever-inconsistent Rams regress back to the mean and end another losing season with another disappointing loss to a team they had no business losing to. The hallmark of Jeff Fisher Rams football isn't the running game or aggressive defense, it's miserable losses like this one. Good riddance to 2015. Position by position: * QB: Case Keenum (23-37-231, PR 77.6) does a lot right for the Rams at QB. He runs the offense with good tempo and gets the ball out quickly on quick-timing plays. He’s smart and tough in the pocket, uses his mobility well and rarely gets sacked. The best example of that was a play he made in the 3rd. He rolled right, deked a free-running Aaron Lynch into pul...
    -01-05-2016, 10:50 PM
  • Rams lose 19-16 in OT to whiners; The Good, Bad and Ugly
    general counsel
    The Todd Gurley-less Rams finished their season 7-9 with a disappointing OT loss to the whiners by the score of 19-16 on the strength of terrible third down play on both sides of the ball, untimely penalties, terrible field goal kicking and some highly suspect play calling with the team poised to win the game in overtime. The Rams shortcomings against a 5-11 couldnt have been more obvious today. At the end of the day, Case Keenum is not an NFL starting qb, albeit a reasonable backup. Way too many missed opportunities, and without todd gurley, and with all of our injuries on defense, we arent close to good enough to simply have a qb who is going to avoid mistakes at all costs, afraid to make throws. Toss in some untimely drops by our receivers and at least one terrible call by the refs that obviously cost us 3 points at the minimum, and you find a way to lose a game that we all know we should have won. No points...
    -01-04-2016, 02:51 AM
  • Rams beat seachickens 23-17; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    general counsel
    In what should be considered their most impressive win in the Fisher era, the Rams won their third game in a row by beating and beating up the seachickens in a tremendous 23-17 win. The Rams capitalized on 3 seachicken turnovers (one of which resulted in a defensive touchdown), didn't turn the ball over themselves, kept the penalties to a minimum, and scrounged out just enough offense to earn their first season sweep of the chickens since 2004. The Rams played their best half of the year jumping out to a 16-3 lead at the break and hung in there to avoid a collapse at the scene of so many painful prior year debacles. Frankly, i am riddled with mixed and incredibly extreme and passionate emotions at this point. On the one hand, i am so thrilled with a tremendous win over a playoff caliber team on the road in which the Rams proved once and for all that they have the talent and capability to win big games, notwithstanding...
    -12-28-2015, 02:40 AM
  • Rams beat seachickens 23-17; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    Good write up.

    I think it was ugly that we accepted the penalty with the Seagulla on 4 and 10. Giving them a new (long) third down. I am pretty sure they would not have gone for it on 4 and 10.

    Else great game.
    -12-28-2015, 02:39 AM
  • RamView, 12/17/2015: Rams 31, Bucs 23 (Long)
    RamView, December 17, 2015 Game #14: Rams 31, Bucs 23 If this was the Rams' last week in St. Louis, at least they made it a heck of a week. They won for the second time in five days Thursday night and made the Bucs look like the team that could not cut the mustard. Position by position: * QB: Case Keenum (14-17-234, 2 TD, PR 158.0) managed the heck out of this game. He led the Rams to an opening drive TD throwing little but screens and swing passes. But Case did not live on small ball alone, also throwing a perfect 60-yard TD bomb to Kenny Britt later in the 1st. The Ram passing game was in good rhythm much of the game, and Keenum distributed the ball well. On the Rams' TD drive in the 2nd, he hit Tavon Austin for 13, Lance K...
    -12-20-2015, 04:01 AM