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  • Ringtones and Rams WAVS

    Recently, I've begun making ringtones for me & mama's phones. Sami has helped me make a few (mainly 80's metal), my other daughter helped me make some Futurama ringtones, and this morning Sami and I made a "Ramafana" ringtone from one of the songs Dez posted in the Gallery.
    What I'm trying to do is find some wavs that are 100% Rams. While I like my 'Electric Funeral' and 'Bite my shiny metal a**' ringtones, I want something Rams related.
    Anyone have suggestions on where to find wavs of the Rams?

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  • RamWraith
    Can you belive
    by RamWraith
    I have been band from "the other" forum. First they locked me out of the Premuim area (in which I paid for),and now they banned me from the board.

    What really burns me about the whole thing is that we acted very professionally in this whole thing and were careful not to digrace "the other boards" name. But I can not stomach being banned from something that I paid good money for when I did nothing to them or broke any rules.
    -06-01-2004, 07:52 AM
  • rampower
    The rams brewery
    by rampower

    posted whilst drinking a bottle!

    of interest?

    Rp :helmet:

    and theres more
    -01-20-2006, 12:00 PM
  • KentuckyHawk
    by KentuckyHawk
    Anyone inked? Personally, I've got 4. A Star on my right arm, A Grateful Dead icon on my right shoulder blade, a tribal turtke in the middle of my lower back and Notre Dame Leprrechaun on the inside of my right ankle.

    The only one that hurt was the lower back...OUCH!

    I am a new father of identical twin girls (Molly and Grace - 5 weeks old). I am thinking about getting their initials on my left shoulder, but haven't committed to anything.

    Anyone else have any tats? If so, any stories behind em?

    By the way,here's a pic of my little girls:

    I'm shameless when it comes to showing them off!...
    -06-27-2006, 05:10 PM
  • RamFan©
    Very Nice
    by RamFan©
    This is a very nice forum Dez. You have done an incredible job with the color scheme. It's easy on the eyes to say the least. BUT DEZ! Shouldn't you be working on our defense? hehehe.
    Seriously though on my next mail out I will be sure that this forum is pointed out and linked. There is going to be many Rams Fans liking this place.
    It Reminds me of when I first Walked into the new Pac Bell Park (Yea I am a SF Giants fan) last year my first thought was "This is what a ball park should look like." My first impressions of this forum reminded me of that. Absolutely incredibly well done.
    Colors are awsome DEZ
    -04-01-2001, 01:08 PM
  • CanadianRam!
    by CanadianRam!
    just curious...what/who are Ram-robot and Clan-Robot?
    -02-12-2006, 09:14 PM