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    I have very little knowledge of computer games and was wondering if someone could suggest some cool games to try.The only games we have on our computer are Frogger and Elf Bowling.I tried to download Madden 2001 but didnt have the proper video card to support it.Any suggestions?I would love to try some football games during the off-season.

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    Frogger not enough for you?
    If you can afford to shell out for a Playstation 2, then grab yourself a copy of Madden 2002.
    It's very addictive, though, so be prepared to suffer breakdowns in your relationships with all members of the real world.
    I don't know about PC games, I'm afraid.

    You can never grow tired of frogger though!


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    • Ahmedrams81
      Madden 10 for Xbox 360
      by Ahmedrams81
      Hopefully I am posting this in the right place. If anyone has madden 10 for xbox 360 and wants to play a couple games sometime, please add me. My GT is Ahmed81. My record online is 69-17 and I have played almost all the games with the Rams. It woul db enice to play some one from the "rams community" lol so hit me up.
      -09-18-2009, 09:10 AM
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      HILARIOUS! John Madden impression!
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      I downloaded it. Here is a link. Its a mp3 not a video. Please check it out!LOL
      -04-19-2006, 08:34 PM
    • Bing69
      Madden 25
      by Bing69
      As some of you gamers may know, Madden 25 demo was released yesterday. has anyone tried it?

      I skipped last years madden but found myself eagerly awaiting this years. I gave the demo a bash last night and it seems pretty good, although i would need to be able to change the control settings to something im more familar with in order to fully appreciate the game.

      How do you think the Rams will fare in ratings? Seahawks and ***** are both 90 or over if i remember correctly!!
      -08-14-2013, 08:02 AM
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      Madden related
      by RamWraith
      Now that Madden has signed on for 7 more years, is this a good or bad thing. You can't argue with his passion for the game, but honestly he has lost his touch and also has a serious case of HALF-zheimer's. I am getting pretty tired of listening to "that was a nice route by Isaac Holt". Or "The Los Angeles Rams are for real". :tut
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    • Stone Cold Tavon Austin
      madden 08
      by Stone Cold Tavon Austin
      if you havent played this game yet, go buy it. I got mine for XBOX 360 last night. I must say its sick. The rams have 12 players with those icons. Its a great game with great game play. The graffics are sick and the rams own marshall faulk is in it to make prediciton before each game. I said that the rams have 12 icon player and they are: Marc Bulger who has 3 icons by himself, Torry Holt who also has 3 icons, Jeff wilkins with 1, Little with 1, Jonathan wade with 1, Tye hill with 1, steven jackson has 2, orlando pace has 1, drew bennett has 1, along with daunte hall, BRUCE has 1, and our back up safety i cant think of the name has one. Go out and get the game it is worth it.
      -08-14-2007, 07:19 AM