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Let the console war rage on/begin.

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  • Let the console war rage on/begin.

    The xbox and gamecube have hit the USA. The Xbox release here in early march for 300 and the Nintendo gamecube in may for a mere 150. The Playstation 2 is already in many homes.

    Who will win the war?

    Which clanrammers have bought what?

    Does anyone own them all and can comment on which to buy?

    Does it not matter?

    Are games so similar with only a few graphical tweaks that we may as well just keep our ps2's and wait for some inspiration that may shake up a stagment market? Is the X box that inspiration?
    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?

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  • psycho9985
    What the heck is going on?
    by psycho9985
    Maybe it's all the TV we're watching, or maybe it's our sugar-loaded diets that do it, or perhaps there's something in the water (besides killer fluoride) that's turning us all into dimwits. Whatever the reason, though - all kidding aside, it's probably a combination of the boob tube and declining education standards - there's no better indication of just how dumb we are than the warning labels found on consumer goods.

    Here are a few of the more priceless examples, as gathered from a couple of different sources on the Internet. Some of these would be hilarious if they weren't so disturbing...
    • "For external use only." -- On a curling iron.
    • "Do not use in shower." -- On a hair dryer.
    • "Do not drive with sunshield in place." -- On a windshield-covering dashboard sunshield.
    • "Do not eat toner." -- On a toner cartridge for a laser printer.
    • "May irritate eyes." -- On a can of self-defense pepper spray.
    • "Eating rocks may lead to broken teeth." -- On a novelty rock garden set.
    • "Do not use orally." -- On a toilet bowl cleaning brush.
    • "Do not use for drying pets." -- In the manual for a microwave oven.
    • "Caution: Remove infant before folding for storage." -- On a portable stroller.
    • "Do not iron clothes on body." -- On packaging for an iron.
    • "Wearing this garment does not enable you to fly." -- On a kid-sized Superman costume.
    • "May be harmful if swallowed." -- On a hammer.
    • "Do not attempt to stop the blade with your hand." -- In the manual for a chainsaw.
    • "Do not use orally after using rectally." -- In the instructions for an electric thermometer.
    • "Not to be used as a personal flotation device." -- On a 6" x 10" inflatable picture frame.
    • "Do not put in mouth." -- On a box of bottle rockets.
    • "Do not use as an ice cream topping." - On a bottle of hair coloring agent.
    Funny, huh? But does this mean someone actually stuck a curling iron where the sun doesn't shine? Or tried to use hair coloring as ice cream topping? Or folded up their baby in the stroller? Or thought their superhero costume granted them the power of flight? Sadly, it probably does.

    These warnings paint the sad picture of two distressing trends in America: First, and already mentioned, is our steady migration toward a condition of intellectual vapidity. Second is our growing tendency to sue others for our own stupidity. That's the fundamental reason these labels exist - to keep people from being able to cash in on their lack of common sense.

    This underscores an even greater problem that's contributing to the deterioration of the America we know: The tendency of our court system to hold the individual blameless, no matter how asinine his or her conduct. Nowadays, it's the product's fault for not having a warning against every irrational or ridiculous...
    -09-10-2005, 05:08 PM
  • rNemesis
    Anyone still think we can win a game?
    by rNemesis
    ...I sure don't. I still maintain that, given what I have seen over the last month or so, we will not win a game this year. Yes, Cards and Seahawks are not very good, but as far as I'm concerned, last time I checked, they are better than us though, and we are not a very good football team right now, nor have we been for the last several years.

    Why is this the case? Well, like most of you, I am still searching for the answer. All of you should know by now that bad drafting/scouting has crippled this franchise up to this point. But my burning question is this though, not ignoring this fact: How did it get THIS bad? I mean honestly, it feels and looks like this team literally lacks solid depth ALL ACROSS THE BOARD!!! How can this be possible? I mean, you wouldn't mind it if its " Oh, we desperately need help at QB and SS, but we're pretty much secure everywhere else" FOR US, its like we need help at EVERY position!!! And, if this is so, then that means that, by logic, it will take this team years to be able to say that they have a steady, stable competitive product that they can put out there.

    I mean, seriously folks, the sky is literally falling in STL right now. Describing it as anything less would be a huge understatement. I just dont see how things could have turned so sour in just a few years, let alone from last year to this year. Its almost as if we did the league a huge injustice or disservice by being the GSOT, as ridiculous as it sounds. We are, by far, the worst team in the NFL right now. Anyone still think we will win a game this year? If you do, post on this thread LEGITIMATE reasons why you think we will win at least one game.

    I dont even know where to start. I just dont get it. Every other team in the league, including the winless Dolphins, have been competitive in most of their games. But us? We just look like we are lost out there and dont know what our individual assignments are. And its pathetic. My Cowboy fan friend asked me if I watched the game. He was very disappointed at my answer. I said " Why should I? The game was over from the Caddy fumble."

    I am trying SO hard to put together a scenario where the Rams will be competitive again. As of right now, I'll be VERY hard-pressed, and somewhat creative, if I do. Forget this season, this is as lost as the 101st dalmatian. But lets say in the offseason, that we sign a boatload of FA's and some good draft picks. I am still not convinced that that will bring W's. But we all want to see COMPETITIVE FOOTBALL, week in week out, not tired, I-give-up type of football. So far I have not yet seen it.

    What really ticks me off is these guys who we draft come to our team and literally do nothing to help. Chris Long and Robert Quinn are two good examples of guys who have done little to prove to me that they were worthy of being picked so high. Jason Smith is a colossal bust,...
    -10-24-2011, 02:13 PM
  • RamsFanSam
    Where do we go from here?
    by RamsFanSam
    Hello, fellow Rams fans and others. I've got a few minutes between drinking the first pot of coffee and taking out my two dogs, so I thought I'd post a few thoughts on here to ask "what next?".

    In my home, the Rams aren't just a football team. They are a way of life. When an eight year old girl would rather watch the Rams play a game they will probably lose instead of Hannah Montana, then a father knows he is raising a child right.

    So, we have gone from 8-8, to 3-13, to 2-14. We have changed coaching staff more often than some people change their oil. We can't seem to find the answers. But still, on any given Sunday, the Rams can look like the meanest team in the league for 50 or 55 minutes...then somehow, they blow it in the last few minutes of play. When I look back on the Rams teams from the last few years, I remember noticing a slow, steady decline. Sure, there were some bright spots - SJ and Bulger both looked fantastic just two seasons ago, Bartell looked like the miracle man this year, OJ has shined, but overall, the intensity of the entire team has faded. Much of this had to do with injuries - it's hard to keep your runningback in the game and your quarterback upright if your O line isn't blocking anyone. Those rare moments when the O line did mesh provided a chance for a big play, but something seemed to always go wrong. Our WR's had WD-40 on their hands, or a route was run in the wrong direction, or the QB was so gun shy that he just wanted to get rid of the ball before getting hit.

    This year, it was different. We had all the pieces of the puzzle, but the guy who was trying to put it together didn't know how they fit together. Four games into the season, he was let go. The entire team seemed to change overnight. The swagger was back. The players no longer looked afraid of contact. We won a game against a better Washington team and stunned the league. One week later, we made Dallas a laughingstock. (Kind of like the Eagles did last night...hahahahahahahaha!!!!) People actually began to notice us!

    Of course, we all hoped this was the real Rams, but most of us were careful. We'd been burned before, but those guys in Blue and Gold sure looked like winners!

    Reality set in way too soon. We couldn't get a "W" the rest of the season. It sounds strange, but until week 9, we actually had a chance to make the playoffs with a 2-6 record. Of course, we all know how that story ends.

    But are the Rams really as bad as Detroit? No. Not even close. Think about it. Most of the last 12 games, we were within reach of a win for at least half of the game. More than once, we were within minutes of a win - then disaster struck. Each game had ONE pivotal moment that I wish we could take back and do over. Yesterday, it was the onside kick being called back - OK, two moments: the lack of coverage on that long run. Yet, the Rams did not give up - not until...
    -12-29-2008, 07:28 AM
  • RamsFanSam
    My Rant on ... Homeless Shelters!
    by RamsFanSam
    First - I am NOT against helping the homeless or providing a warm, dry, safe place for the less fortunate to stay, food to eat, or medical care. What I am against is what is going on less than a block from Sami's school!

    Springfield has announced plans to 'revitalize' a once thriving area of town that is now the home of several missions and shelters. Many families have been helped to find jobs, health care, and homes through the efforts of these agencies. One of these agencies, the Victory Mission, is for men only. The facility is licensed to house no more than 50 men at any one time, but the operators have admittedly broken the law many times to allow more men into the shelter. Food, clothing, and medical care are distributed. The shelter has become well-known throughout the nation as being a great place for the homeless to go. Less than 5% of the residents are from the SW Missouri area. Known sex offenders are living there. The only rules are no drugs, no alcohol, and you have to sit through a sermon. Drunks and drug users are turned away. One person - ONLY ONE person - is present to screen and supervise fifty or more men.
    Now the city sees a cash cow because a developer has submitted plans to renovate the building into retail space and upscale condominiums. The potential tax revenue from this plan is quite large; the loss of services to the indigent is extreme.
    Plans to move the shelter into a defunct nursing home have been made. The new shelter will house about 150 men - three times the number currently housed at the existing facility. The new shelter will be less than 500 feet from a Head Start school (for 4 year olds) and less than 750 feet from an elementary school.
    The operators have promised that only men who pass background checks and are clean and sober will be allowed to stay there. Two or three video cameras will be set up outside for surveillance, as well as additional lighting added.
    That's not good enough. Those who are turned away will remain in the area. Crime will skyrocket. Children will be put at risk in violation of state law, and the shelter operators are the ones who are breaking said law, as well as the city council members who vote to allow this. Drug use will go up. Property rates will go down by 30% or more.
    The residents of this neighborhood have worked long and hard to clean it up. Crime is still high, but is much lower than ten years ago. Houses are being restored to their Victorian charm. Gangs have almost disappeared. Yet, these 'geniuses' are willing to throw all this away just for tax profit...

    BTW, we have ONE police officer assigned to this neighborhood of 1800 homes, a small little lady named Officer Angela Burgess. She has admitted that she can ask for more help in the area, but it will not be assigned.

    I have great outside lighting, video cameras outside, a church next door with great lighting, two good watchdogs....I still...
    -03-17-2006, 04:58 PM
  • AvengerRam_old
    Anyone want to buy some oceanfront property in Orlando?
    by AvengerRam_old
    What, you say there is no such thing...

    Wait a day or two.

    Here we go again!...
    -07-07-2005, 09:06 PM