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X box hits the uk.

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  • X box hits the uk.

    The x box is here, in the uk. So far the response in may area is lukewarm. Its sold bag loads in the USA and not as well in japan.

    Anybody got one? If so what do you think? Worth the cash?

    I know the graphics look great, but is the gameplay improved?

    is it that much better than ps2 or the cheaper nintendo gamecube? (released here may 3rd)
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    Hey rampower,
    I just bought an X-box about a month ago and i love it!!!!!! I've been buying game systems since the first Atari system: some 7 or 8 systems since including the short-lived Jaguar sys. and the never-catch-up money pit Sega systems. So i know what it's like trying to decide whether or not to take the dive!!
    The Xbox is THE ONE! Graphics and gameplay are awesome, many games are available, with many more in development, and it's made by Microsoft, backed by Bill Gates. One title, NFL Fever 2002, is incredible! Stunning graphics, yes, but the game is actually controllable! Lots of options. At first i thought the controller looked a bit too bulky and complicated to use but it's actually very comfotable and easy to use. Also, built-in vibrating effect pack.
    Saving games is easy too. You can buy memory packs if you need to but with the huge hard disk memory that it has, it will take a quite a while before you need one. It will also play DVD's, about $30.00 U.S. dollars extra for the "kit", basically a remote control. + other capabilities!
    Finally, the Dolby Surround is incredible, especially through Home- Theatre, which i use. Make sure you checkout THE BIG THREE: PS-2, Gamecube and Xbox. They're all cool but only one is RAMTOUGH KICKASS!


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    • MauiRam
      Rams to Implement Tracking Devices for Advanced Metrics This Season ..
      by MauiRam
      By 3k

      The NFL is installing a "real-time location system" for players and officials in 17 stadiums this season, including the Edward Jones Dome. So what does that really mean?

      First, let it be known that the original Transformers: The Movie takes place in 2005. It is 2014. Thus, ipso facto, we live in "the future."

      I am often reminded of this by certain artifacts of reality around me. Today is one of those days.

      The NFL will install a "real-time location system" in 17 stadiums for this season, including the Edward Jones Dome.

      Per the official press release:

      This innovative technology will track players and officials, providing location based data known as "Next Gen Stats" to fans.

      Zebra receivers installed throughout the stadium will communicate with radio-frequency identification (RFID) transmitters placed inside the shoulder pads of each player to capture precise location measurements, in real-time, during the game. Zebra’s technology will collect data such as position, speed, and distance that will be registered and compiled into a database. This data can then be outputted to generate new experiences built around this additional data.

      For the first time, this technology enables the NFL to accurately capture real-time player tracking statistics, such as acceleration and total distance run. The real-time nature of these statistics enables end-users to gain immediate insight into the action on the field.

      So yes, if you were assuming as much beforehand, this is pretty badass. There is a question of implementation and utility as it is used by three different groups: broadcasters, coaches and fans.

      How this could change the NFL on TV

      This piece from USA Today provides some cool photos that pretty easily exhibit how this could be used during a game broadcast. As the release notes, the sensors will be installed for every Thursday night game host stadium as well as for Detroit and New Orleans, so this isn't limited to a small number of games in which we could see the technology being used. And much like the computer-generated yellow line for first downs and SkyCam, it will probably take a couple of years to get it right.

      Still, the opportunity to mine a huge set of data in real-time is both inviting...and really perilous. Many broadcasters struggle to explain the action to an audience that's made up of both passionate, somewhat-educated football fans and those who know little about the intricacies of the sport. The risk in trying to make any kind of analytical statement relying on this data is one that I'm sure we can all identify. Football is a complicated mess of data points. Adding more doesn't simplify the broadcasters' job, but it does give them another tool in the box. Using it will require skill that only the best have.
      -07-31-2014, 11:40 AM
    • Nick
      Dr. Z's TV Commentator Awards
      by Nick
      TV Commentator Awards

      Dr. Z,

      I have streamlined my Seventh Annual TV Commentator Awards. No more pregame shows to be rated, no more postgame things, no talk shows, etc. Because -- and how can I say this without sounding like I'm about 90 years old -- the shows are basically top-of-the-head garbage.

      Well, not every bit of them, of course. I'll catch ESPN's Chris Mortensen for information. And the same network's Andrea Kremer is the only one who presented, out of the great expanse of Reggie White memorials, a coherent and three-dimensional picture of the man. But in the meantime ... oh my God, the trash.

      ESPN's NFL Countdown, for instance, is an exercise in noise, where facts flee like frightened forest things and a thought expressed at anything but full volume will be mercilessly ground underfoot. Fox's NFL Sunday used to hold my attention, but now they've tricked it up, first with some horrible cartoon, fan fantasy football creation that got you into the show, and which, thankfully they did away with, and then with that Ten Yards With Terry Bradshaw thing.

      You know, the quick Q&As. What does Jake Delhomme like better, hunting or fishing? What do all of them like better, Play Station II or Xbox? My God, they're asking about toys. Toys! Why not just get my 4-year old grand-daughter on there. Natasha, what's better, jacks or Slinky?

      The best one was when Bradshaw gave Jerry Jones the Q&A routine. "NFL before Fox or NFL since Fox?" Gosh, that's a tough one. Deep thought. "NFL since Fox." Wow? Sound the cannon. Release the pigeons.

      And this is what we must listen to, pretending it has been created by adults, for adult consumption. Insults such as that horribly dull, wooden "You've Been Sacked" that masqueraded as halftime entertainment on the Monday night show -- before it got sacked itself. ESPN's Stuart Scott on the Monday Night Countdown, previewing St. Louis-Green Bay: "A game so silly good it'll make you want to sop it up with a biscuit."

      Enough already. They'll just have to get by without my help. But I will mention one thing about a trend I've noticed in the regular game telecasts, something that was just raising its head last season but now seems to be spawning: Talking through live action. Failing to describe or even notice it. Talking through a referee's announcement of a penalty, even though it might be important to the game. They just turn down the ref's volume, so that, if I hold my ear next to the speaker, I might get a faint murmur, without really catching the words.

      All at the expense of ... what? Story lines. Themes. Informal essays. Anything but honest reporting and a real interest in the panorama that unfolds on the field. The broadcast teams the network consider top of the line are most guilty of this. The guys lower down in the lineup usually...
      -01-12-2005, 08:40 PM
    • AvengerRam_old
      5 Innovations I Just Don't Get
      by AvengerRam_old
      As I approach the end of my fourth decade on this planet, I marvel at the many innovations that make daily life easier, more productive, more informative and more entertaining. That said, there are a few things that the youngsters spend their time and money on that I simply do not get:

      1. Ringtones
      I know, I know. Its uber-cool to have your phone play the theme from Aqua Teen Hunger Force when it rings, but is that really worth the $10 you spent to download it? Come on, its just a noise to let you know someone is calling you.

      2. Text Messaging
      What is the fascination of typing little messages on a 2 x 2 cm keyboard? Wouldn't it be easier just to call? Or, dare I say, just to wait until you see your friend the next day?

      3. The MP3 Player as an exclusive music listening device
      The whole music downloading trend, planned or not, has played out like a drug dealer's strategy. First, everything was free. Then, people got hooked. Finally, the price was jacked up (as an aside, I still don't get how that Napster guy's not in jail). MP3 players are great. I have one myself. But I don't see how it replaces actually buying albums. Sure, you can download an entire album, but most don't. Most download song by song. In doing so, you miss out on the great non-single tracks. I just hope that the MP3 age doesn't kill the great B-sides.

      4. The In-Car/Van/SUV DVD Player
      Though my kids would love one, my wife and I have resisted the temptation to buy a car with a DVD player. Kids should look out the window every once in a while. They might actually see something interesting. What's worse is the number of times I've seen someone driving alone with the DVD player on. What are they doing? Listening to a movie? Watching at red lights? Not watching the road at all?

      5. In-Dash GPS Devices/On-Star
      Whatever happened to looking at a map? Or, dare I say, just knowing where you are going? The worst of these are the ones that talk. And what about On-Star? Isn't the notion of a faceless company having the ability to monitor every move you make, unlock your door remotely and dispatch the police, fire department or EMTs to your vehicle sound just a little too Big Brother-ish?

      And so, before I drive off on a route that I, and only I know, while listening to a CD player, with my phone that rings with the tone it came with, let me leave you with this thought...

      When invention becomes the mother of your necessity, you need a hobby.
      -02-18-2007, 12:43 PM
    • RamsFanSam
      My Rant on ... Homeless Shelters!
      by RamsFanSam
      First - I am NOT against helping the homeless or providing a warm, dry, safe place for the less fortunate to stay, food to eat, or medical care. What I am against is what is going on less than a block from Sami's school!

      Springfield has announced plans to 'revitalize' a once thriving area of town that is now the home of several missions and shelters. Many families have been helped to find jobs, health care, and homes through the efforts of these agencies. One of these agencies, the Victory Mission, is for men only. The facility is licensed to house no more than 50 men at any one time, but the operators have admittedly broken the law many times to allow more men into the shelter. Food, clothing, and medical care are distributed. The shelter has become well-known throughout the nation as being a great place for the homeless to go. Less than 5% of the residents are from the SW Missouri area. Known sex offenders are living there. The only rules are no drugs, no alcohol, and you have to sit through a sermon. Drunks and drug users are turned away. One person - ONLY ONE person - is present to screen and supervise fifty or more men.
      Now the city sees a cash cow because a developer has submitted plans to renovate the building into retail space and upscale condominiums. The potential tax revenue from this plan is quite large; the loss of services to the indigent is extreme.
      Plans to move the shelter into a defunct nursing home have been made. The new shelter will house about 150 men - three times the number currently housed at the existing facility. The new shelter will be less than 500 feet from a Head Start school (for 4 year olds) and less than 750 feet from an elementary school.
      The operators have promised that only men who pass background checks and are clean and sober will be allowed to stay there. Two or three video cameras will be set up outside for surveillance, as well as additional lighting added.
      That's not good enough. Those who are turned away will remain in the area. Crime will skyrocket. Children will be put at risk in violation of state law, and the shelter operators are the ones who are breaking said law, as well as the city council members who vote to allow this. Drug use will go up. Property rates will go down by 30% or more.
      The residents of this neighborhood have worked long and hard to clean it up. Crime is still high, but is much lower than ten years ago. Houses are being restored to their Victorian charm. Gangs have almost disappeared. Yet, these 'geniuses' are willing to throw all this away just for tax profit...

      BTW, we have ONE police officer assigned to this neighborhood of 1800 homes, a small little lady named Officer Angela Burgess. She has admitted that she can ask for more help in the area, but it will not be assigned.

      I have great outside lighting, video cameras outside, a church next door with great lighting, two good watchdogs....I still...
      -03-17-2006, 04:58 PM
    • ramsNhawks
      First time poster need some first time Rams game advice!
      by ramsNhawks
      Hi guys longtime Rams fan here. Ive been watching and rooting for the Rams for very long time through all the ups and downs and I finally got the opportunity to go see my very first game at the dome. I was able to grab a ticket for the Dec 16th game vs the Vikes in sec 112 right behind the bench on the first row so needless to say Im VERY excited. I live in Iowa and plan on driving down Saturday and leaving Monday and I was wondering if anyone had tips or advice to make my trip unforgettable! Where is the best place to park, I found a couple places online selling parking passes are they any good? Are there events that happen pre and post game I should be aware of? The stadium opens at 10:30 correct? When it comes to pregame warm ups how often do players come over and talk to the fans? Are any pictures allowed with the players? Any other help or even St Louis city advice would be great(ive only ever been there once)! Thanks alot and GO RAMS!:helmet:
      -12-09-2012, 04:57 AM