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  • Lord of the Rings

    Well, I have watched the film 4 times now and love every minute of it.

    Sure, they have missed a couple of things out and have mnade some very silly mistakes in the continuity but hey, I still love the film.

    I am a great fan of these books and canny wait till the next film

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    ;) Hey woulndt happen to like them because of the sound of the title...BOSS...Lord of the Rings...BOSS Just teasing you BOSS .....Head of the ClanRam community...;) :p


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      hey, sucking up will get you everywhere here ;)

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        I am with you Dez. I have read the books so many times that the print is written on the back of my eyes.

        I love the movie. I think they did a wonderful job in staying with the story line...although I missed Tom :-(

        I have also seen the movie 3 times and plan on buying the day it is released on DVD in August.

        P.S.- only like it because of all the claymores in it :-)


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          I remember buying a game for my Amega computer years ago, a role playing game on the Lord of the Rings.

          It was the most painful this I ever played.

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            Originally posted by J-Ram

            P.S.- only like it because of all the claymores in it :-)
            and for all the Celtic references as well.

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              any members here involved in role playing games on line????

              Wheres a good spot??


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                now THAT would be cool Jason

                Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                  :p Sucking up that what its called...well then I should be first on the list for a shirt....right dez..;) ;)

                  As for role playing ...this is enough entertainment for me...;)


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                    no freebees

                    Only to the winner of the referals

                    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                      I gotcha BOSS ..wouldnt want you to be unfair to the kiddies..LOL


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                        Watched it today, thought it a tad long, excellent film can`t wait for the next one! it`s not a patch on Star Wars though.


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                          I have seen the trailer (teaser) for the next one .......................


                          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                            Yeah, they played it after the film yesterday. Almost made me want to read the book!


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                              I must admit that when I saw it I was amazed at the scenery and effects, but a little disappointed that they didn't stick to the story better. I decided I should read the Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy again (it had only been 15 years...), and discovered that my memory of the books wasn't as good as I thought! The parts that I thought had been "tampered with" were dead on. Now I have to go again so I can pay closer attention to the details. I still can't believe how beautiful New Zealand is. Tolkien RULES!!!


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