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Video game review-Black for PS2

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  • Video game review-Black for PS2

    Just about anybody who knows anyhting about video games knows about Criterion's Burnout series with destruction and chaos as its primary objective. Criterion has taken that basis and thrown it into the world of first-person shooting. and get this-their first try was a fantastic one! Everything is destructible, around every corner theres a creative way to kill your enemies such as shooting a nearby pillar to make rocks fall and crush them. It is a flurry of nonstop insanely paced action with a splash of puzzle solving thrown into the mix. The game is surprisingly short but you will play it again and again just for the high destructibleness. the story is forgettable but interesting. All the weapons in the game fell like the heavy powerful death dealers they are. Overall, this game is GREAT! I give it a 9/10. Pick this game up. Great job Criterion! keep up the good work.

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    Re: Video game review-Black for PS2

    I'd pick that up if I had a PS2 or Xbox.


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