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  • Make up your own saying

    Ok I'll start out. All you do is just make up your own saying...

    Mine: if someone is irritating you, you say "Your like a bugar in my nose" - They irratate me. your turn

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    Re: Make up your own saying

    When I was a kid, and my brother or sister would say something that I thought was dumb, I'd tell them they were "talking dog vomit." Not exactly subtle, but descriptive.


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      Re: Make up your own saying

      Here is one that my brother always said when someone did something retarded.

      "Smooth move exlax"
      It is stupid funny.


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        Re: Make up your own saying

        This thread will last as long as a fart in a whirlwind.

        Sorry, I know my sense of humor is as dry as a popcorn fart. Once I am awake, we'll be *****ing in tall cotton, though.


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          Re: Make up your own saying

          *LOL* funny you bring this up. I am known for my stupid made up lines/names.

          When people do something out of the ordinary they are "putz's"

          My daughter and I us the term "burk" for our swear word.

          Favorite saying:
          -That will go over like a fart in church


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            Re: Make up your own saying

            When someone would do something stupid at work, I would get on the soapbox and preach to them as to how their actions could be detrimental to their well-being, one of my supervisors would yell, "Welcome to the Church of Tawn!" and start laughing hysterically. So now I use it.

            If I had to come up with one on the fly, it might be something like..............oh, I dunno............

            "Major Idiot-o Mr. Robot-o!"
            sigpicThis is for Randy! GO BRM!


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              Re: Make up your own saying

              My office is filled with an abundance of high-octane male egos. Sometimes, these egos can back up their testosterone filled boasts, but other times they can't. It's these "can't" times that will provoke someone to say...."His battleship mouth outran his rowboat a**"
              The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                Re: Make up your own saying

                A serious one, which I like, and believe is original:

                "Those who command respect, need never demand respect."


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                  Re: Make up your own saying

                  I once worked in a fine group of engineers who treated each other as a team of friends, even when times were stressful. We picked up a new guy from another department where a lot of backstabbing went on. One month in, he thought he was in heaven, and really appreciated the comradary and humor we all brought to the table.

                  During a group meeting he went out of his way to express his thanks for being in our group. I interruped his heart felt oration by saying, "Greg, nothing says thank you like a box of donuts!"

                  He looked at me a but stunned and perplexed, then everyone errupted in laughter. Next week he brought in 2 boxes of donuts.


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                    Re: Make up your own saying

                    I don't know if this qualifies as a saying, but here goes:

                    About twelve years ago, I was attending an HP training seminar. Finally lunch arrived. It was your typical business box sandwich lunch, and bottled and canned beverages, Coca-Cola, Diet Pepsi, Bottled Water and several varieties of Snapple, which at that time was kind of "in." Snapple, of course is known for a wide range of flavors. I think they started the whole Kiwi-Strawberry thing. A couple of the guys ahead of me were grabbing their share, and one asked the other, do you want one of these? And the fellow replied, "No, I don't want a cheese Snapple!" This struck me as very funny, as comcomitant with the Snapple craze has been the tendencies to make "cheese" versions of EVERYTHING. A cheese flaored Snapple was gross, but not beyond imagination.

                    So, when I want to state that something is too ornamental or overdone, I ask for it, whatever it is ... "with cheese."

                    When we moved from Connecticut to Rockford, the first sign we saw after crossing the border was the Steak & Shake sign. On the marquee (all mid-western stores have marquees) it stated

                    WITH CHEESE

                    I knew we were in the right place.


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                      Re: Make up your own saying

                      "All work and no play makes Jack a very rich boy."


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                        Re: Make up your own saying

                        One thing that a friend of mine says to mean or ugly girls is "anyone ever told u that u have kind hair?" she will usually thank him and then he says "the kind that grows on a horses behind"
                        Stupid but funny to get the angry reaction it always warrants.


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                          Re: Make up your own saying

                          Originally posted by Bruce=GOAT
                          One thing that a friend of mine says to mean or ugly girls is "anyone ever told u that u have kind hair?" she will usually thank him and then he says "the kind that grows on a horses behind"
                          Stupid but funny to get the angry reaction it always warrants.
                          haha thats treat... And at our school the new saying is "Yoru mom" Like ... "What did you eat last night?" "Your mom!"

                          Its dumb.!


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                            Re: Make up your own saying

                            Playing baseball: You couldn't hit water if you fell out of a boat.

                            I like to say that when I'm drinking Cousins Charlie's chunky chili cheese beer.
                            Last edited by ; -03-16-2006, 07:10 PM.


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                              Re: Make up your own saying

                              Originally posted by psycho9985
                              Playing base ball: You couldn't hit water if you fell out of a boat.

                              I like to say that when I'm drinking Cousins Charlie's chunky chili cheese beer.
                              What the heck is Cousin Charlie's Chunky Chilli Cheese beer? It doesn't even sound healthy. I'd hate to be the stool after that. Dang!


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