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For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

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  • For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

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    ESPN NFL 2k5 is only $20!? I wrote off the game a couple years ago but for that cheap I might just give it a shot.

    Meanwhile, the Madden Collector's Edition I probably won't. I doubt I even touch the special features they're giving you. 16-bit versions sound painful, not fun. I'll stick with the regular version, which i already pre-ordered. :king:

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    Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

    What are some of the new '05 Madden features?
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

      Lemme see, this is what I can remember and what EA has on their site in some interviews:

      -The Hit Stick, which according to EA "lets you lay the big hit to turn the momentum of the game in your favor." I think it just controls how hard or what type of tackle a player goes for. Riskier kind of tackle, but easier to force fumble or cause a drop with it.

      -Defensive back coverage was completely redone. Man to man coverage got an overhaul. Shut down corners are now more important and forces offenses to rely on mismatches instead of money plays. I think you can also prior to the game or during the game set it up so that a corner on your team matches up with a specific receiver at all times, but I"m not sure on that.

      -I know you can basically use the playmaker on defense to adjust individual defensive assignments. Like, say you call a play where the safeties are both blitzing and you'd rather one of them play a deep zone. You'd select the safety and playmaker the new route.

      -Also, Madden has a new Storyline in Owner/Franchise mode where radio host Tony Bruno gives you news around the league. I know they've got Kiper on board for better draft presentation. You have newspaper articles during your Owner mode (local and national) and I think players have morale ratings now. The example EA's site gives is that if a rookie RB is pushing a vet for playing time but not getting it, his morale drops and it affects performance. You also get e-mails from staff and players about what's going on. If a player wants more playing time, you'll get an e-mail about it.

      -Restricted free agents are included. Preseason position battles and player personalities ("Players react to everything that happens to them and if things get really bad for them, they demand a trade. If you're not throwing the ball to your star receiver, you'll hear about it."). EA has finally included franchise tags, and apparently free agency is improved. Money isn't the only factor; players now care about the team itself, the personnel you have, and your team prestige (also a new feature). There's also something called NFL Icons, where the most reknowned of stars have an extra effect on free agents and morale.

      -I don't know how this will work, but coordinators provide you with a weekly gameplan leading up to Sunday's game with keys to stopping your opponent. You can practice with your team during the franchise.

      -Better CPU team management. Teams cut dead weight and sign regular season free agents now. I hear the CPU will also trade personnel and draft picks more often. Speaking of the draft, there's now a ticker to monitor time, an announcer, and trading during the draft. Seems more involved.

      -You can name team captains, change a player's position (for instance, if you want your DE to be an OLB), and players progress during the season now instead of one big progression after the season.

      -EA also mentions Rivalries as a new feature, but I don't know how they'll implement that or what effects it will have.

      -Finally, EA has added Create-A-Fan, where a player can create a fan to their liking and have him show up in games. You customize everything about them, and they have a number of fan cutscenes to show the fans off.


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        Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

        Wow, sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the info.
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

          I was at Best Buy the other day letting my boy get something and saw Madden 2003 with Marshall on the cover for $10 dollars. Had to buy it... Still can't play it to save my life, but it is relieving a little of the "dog days of summer" stress...
          This space for rent...


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            Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

            There are a number of people who will argue (and who probably have some good points) that Madden 2003 is actually a better overall game than Madden 2004. Judging by the videos I've seen in 2005, the gameplay looks like it'll be much better in some areas (QBs no longer able to throw accurately off their back foot) but the presentation still blows goats compared to ESPN.


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              Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

              It amazes me that there are a whole host of people willing to part with hard-earned money for the latest version of software. I still have a 5.2 version of WordPerfect. Can't type any faster and the computer still can't anticipate what I what to do next. Same for the sports games. Just because they have a new roster isn't enough for me to drop $50. And well as to new features, my brain still hasn't absorbed all the features and L2, SQ, Circle, etc that came with the 1st game I bought. Sure wish there were more time in the day however ...


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                Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

                Originally posted by adarian_too
                Just because they have a new roster isn't enough for me to drop $50.
                It's a good thing when I spend $50 on Madden, I won't just be buying a new roster then.


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                  Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

                  ESPN NFL 2k5 is only $20!?
                  Only $20?! I can't see spending that much on a coaster. Can you?


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                    Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

                    (QBs no longer able to throw accurately off their back foot)
                    That is so true. I just finished playing week 3 vs the *******. Final score was 28-21 good guys. I kept wondering why Bulger couldn't complete a pass to an open reciver, and realized that I was throwing off his back foot due to the ***** blitzing just about every play. I think some of the defenses like the **** are a little over rated, but over all I like the game.
                    JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                    "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                      Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

                      I bought ESPN instead of Madden this year as Madden has made very few changes the last couple years. I figured why not try something new and save a couple of bucks.

                      I don't think ESPN is bad at all. It has a lot of nice features and the Rams ROCK!! and the Seahags suck! All in all for the money and the lack of updating for Madden, I am happy with the purshase and saving $20.00. And if Madden doesn't do something next season to upgrade, I will do the same.


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                        Re: For all you PS2/Xbox/PC Madden players...

                        :bored: ALRITE its time to get things straight....
                        first 2k5 is prolly the best football game ever created....
                        the graphics are supurb and the game play is sooooo smooth....
                        while madden as always is nearly exactly the same every year,
                        with their choppy gameplay and ok graphics....
                        the low price of 2k5 is just a bonus!!!!!
                        these so-called new features u speak of are just ways of selling madden when they cant come up with original ways to beat espn...
                        so when they knew they couldnt win they bought out the nfl gamers rites soo they wouldnt have ne compition.....
                        but i guess its ur opinion just givin u a different view... :king:


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                        • RamsFan4ever
                          Madden NFL 2007
                          by RamsFan4ever
                          Heres a picture I found, its from Madden 2007.

                          Heres some other features in this new cool game.

                          Lead Blocker Control:
                          Throw the perfect block and create a running lane with all-new lead blocking control, and then take command of the tailback and rip off a big gain.

                          NFL Superstar: Hall of Fame Mode:
                          Play your way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame by taking complete control of any position on the field. Your actions on and off the field determine your impact on the game.

                          Run Like the Players Run with the All-New Highlight Stick:
                          Bust out player-specific running styles matching those of real NFL players (e.g., smaller backs slash to break tackles, while bigger runners bowl over defenders in the open field). All-new jukes, cutbacks, and power moves.

                          Additions to Franchise Mode:
                          Scout collegiate prospects with the all-new NFL Draft Scouting System and the College All-Star Game, or watch players around the NFL impact their teams with the new Franchise Player Roles feature.

                          Team-Specific Defensive Playbooks:
                          For the first time, use actual plays from your favorite team's defensive playbook to shut down the running game, pressure the quarterback, or force key turnovers.

                          Online Play:
                          Climb the leaderboard as you take on your biggest rivals from coast-to-coast in Play Now or Session Match games.
                          In addition to features above, here's more for Madden NFL 07 on Xbox 360...

                          The Season Begins in Mini-Camp (XBOX 360 only):
                          Create a player then build up his attributes by running him through skill-based, combine-type mini-games. In the off-season use Mini-Camps to condition players or rehab injuries to get back on the field faster.

                          Madden Gamer Level (XBOX 360 only):
                          Track your career accomplishments in Franchise Mode to earn Madden Gamer Points, and then wager your rewards against the computer or against live online opponents to reach the ultimate reward—the NFL Hall of Fame.

                          Replay Challenge (XBOX 360 only):
                          Throw the red flag and challenge any play. Overturned calls or plays "that stand" have a huge effect on the outcome of every game.

                          MADDEN NFL 07 for PC-CD
                          - Same Run To Daylight features as the current-gen console version
                          - Customizable stats summaries
                          - New intuitive mouse and keyboard controls
                          - Also play using the new Xbox 360 USB controller

                          Im gonna buy this game next month when it comes out. It comes out August 22 i Think....
                          -07-17-2006, 12:09 PM
                        • mikhal5569
                          Madden 11 Players I Need Your Help
                          by mikhal5569
                          Being the bargain buyer that I am, I recently purchased a copy of Madden 11 after waiting for the price to drop down to $25.00, lol. I really enjoy the game, but I have noticed a few things that concern me and wanted to know if anyone else experienced the same problems.

                          After trading my draft picks and a few players who are no longer on the team, to acquire the new FA acqusitions, Mike Sims Walker, C Williams, etc. I noticed that players will disappear off my roster. (Namely Amendola.) *Actually I just noticed that I now have Orlando Pace for some strange reason on my franchise roster and a few other players, not that I'm complianing, but it's just strange weird. lol.

                          Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, is there an easy quick fix for it? Also, if you could give me a heads up on any other known problems please let me know, I still have time to take the game back. It's too bad because I kind of like this one.
                          -08-08-2011, 08:19 AM
                        • JM7
                          For those of you looking forward to Madden 13
                          by JM7
                          EA has been releasing a lot of info for the upcoming madden on their website as of late. check it all out here.

                          They have created an all new game engine they call "infinity" and it is supposed to create an unlimited number of in game animations based on players size, speed, and agility.

                          This year EA refreshed the game with an all new concept- "Connected Careers". This new mode is said to seamlessly integrate both franchise mode and superstar mode into one. CC gives the the option of playing in an online league or playing offline. Once you get that squared away you can pick to play as an existing coach or player, as well as a selection of NFL legends. You can also create your own player or coach. I have a very limited understanding of how the new mode will work exactly, but for more details check out this article by the game developer, Josh Looman-

                          One more interesting tid bit of information I found is that the capability of trading future draft picks made its way into the game, and for the first time future picks that teams have already acquire IRL have already been added. This will make the offseasons with the Rams really fun!

                          I can't wait for the game to hit stores and to be repping our rams Online.
                          -06-04-2012, 11:43 PM
                        • Guest's Avatar
                          Rams Are Good In Madden NFL 10
                          by Guest
                          I got the new Madden NFL 2010 for XBOX 360. I am doing something I've rarely been able to do, and that's win consistently with the Rams, online. 13-3

                          I am doing a really good job on defense where I am running the 3-4. Laurinaitis is awesome at MLB for a rookie. I like the 3-4 cuzz it gives me more flexibility. Also, Witherspoon is fast as hell. Little keeps driving people crazy and the secondary is fast. People expect so little (no pun intended) from them.

                          I've beaten the top teams surprisingly but that may just be cuzz most people still suck. I mean, play poor. Who else is on xbox live with Madden 10?
                          -08-18-2009, 11:46 PM
                        • sjacksonrules
                          Madden, I hate you with a passion
                          by sjacksonrules
                          I see the update listing on pastapadre and I look at it hoping to see at least 7 updates theres 3......

                          First off I see Jason Smith OL STL Increase, from 85 to 86OVR
                          With him being our RT thats a good update because he is in I believe top 7 ranked RT's in the NFL on madden (not offical just a estimate) but wheres the update for saffold he played great and is only a 74 which makes mad because alex barron is 72 what is up with that? Just another reason to hate you madden.

                          Then I see Sam Bradford QB STL Increase, from 84 to 85OVR
                          I was thinkin cool that puts him up pretty high on the list for being a rookie. Freeman, ryan, and flacco are the only recent draft picks that are rated higher I would of liked to see a little higher maybe 86 but I am greedy lol.

                          Then I see Steven Jackson HB STL Decrease, from 95 to 94OVR
                          I am I thinkin to myself you have got to be kidding me.....

                          Steven was a 95 at the start of madden 11 and the season. Season goes on and he goes up to a 96. Then he goes down to 95. And finally now 94???? Are you kidding me madden.

                          They gave marc bulger a 2 point increase and he did literally absolutey nothing the entire year.

                          So seriously steven gets over 1200 rush yards , goes for 330 carries with 1 fumble the entire year (2 last year), scores a td in the pro bowl and goes down 2 point levels. Not to mention steven fumbles alot on the game for me at least and that shouldnt happen he doesnt fumble, EVER!

                          Madden YOU ARE A JOKE!!! I can not wait for the day that ESPN rishes from the ashes and strikes down madden and causes them to disappear entirely.

                          I am going to my local pawnshop tomarrow to buy 2k5. It honestly is still better than madden 11. I'll just custom make Sammy B and add a julio jones or something like that.
                          -02-17-2011, 09:11 PM