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Ncaa 2005!!

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  • Ncaa 2005!!

    Goin' to get my copy now. You guys'll be lucky to hear from me at all in the next week (I'd better not hear applause). :king:

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    Re: Ncaa 2005!!

    So what do you think of the game Seiler? I don't think I'd be off base by calling it the best game I've ever purchased.


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      Re: Ncaa 2005!!

      It's amazing. It's taken me a while to get used to the passing and not have a number of dropped balls, but that said, it's easily the best football game I've ever played on a platform. I love the home field advantage stuff and player composure combined with the match-up stick is a really cool feature to get a feel on where to go with the ball. I can only hope Madden is as well produced.

      I've already started a dynasty after having created myself as a tight end (so I can draft myself as the Rams in Madden and solve our TE problems of course) and it's bad ass. Defense is great, offense is great, the feel of the game rocks. I think running the ball has become a bit more realistic, and it seems like it's harder to cheese and use a speed QB and rush all the time, at least it has been in the games I've played with Rasheed Marshall.

      Also, recruiting is a lot more realistic now. You've got Athletes that you can recruit and put at whatever position you want (better at some than others of course) and it's generally harder to get a great recruiting class. I think the most five stars I've got this time around in simmed dynasties has been 3-4. In 2004, I could easily get 8+.


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        Re: Ncaa 2005!!

        This is my first year buying the franchise, I've bought Madden every year since 2000 and decided to go ahead and buy NCAA 2005 so I could upload draft classes into Madden. Little did I know that this would be the finest game I've ever purchased.

        Right now I'm running a dynasty with the UL-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns sitting at 1-1. I've got a SS that I wouldn't mind seeing in the Blue and Gold.


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        • ZigZagRam
          Ncaa 2005
          by ZigZagRam
          Anybody 'round these parts play NCAA 2005? I've bought it for the first time and should get it around Monday. I've been playing Madden for years so what difference should I be expecting with regard to NCAA 2005 and college football in general.
          -07-10-2004, 01:10 AM
        • Bing69
          NCAA football 11
          by Bing69
          I decided this year to get myself a copy of ncaa football 11 and see what the all fuss was about. I also want to be able to import a proper draft class into madden 11! Im struggling to settle on a college team , right now im on the colorado state rams (just because they called the rams).

          Who do you follow and why?

          Who should i stick with??....
          -07-18-2010, 02:36 PM
        • Bing69
          Madden 25
          by Bing69
          As some of you gamers may know, Madden 25 demo was released yesterday. has anyone tried it?

          I skipped last years madden but found myself eagerly awaiting this years. I gave the demo a bash last night and it seems pretty good, although i would need to be able to change the control settings to something im more familar with in order to fully appreciate the game.

          How do you think the Rams will fare in ratings? Seahawks and ***** are both 90 or over if i remember correctly!!:eek:
          -08-14-2013, 08:02 AM
        • Guest's Avatar
          Rams Are Good In Madden NFL 10
          by Guest
          I got the new Madden NFL 2010 for XBOX 360. I am doing something I've rarely been able to do, and that's win consistently with the Rams, online. 13-3

          I am doing a really good job on defense where I am running the 3-4. Laurinaitis is awesome at MLB for a rookie. I like the 3-4 cuzz it gives me more flexibility. Also, Witherspoon is fast as hell. Little keeps driving people crazy and the secondary is fast. People expect so little (no pun intended) from them.

          I've beaten the top teams surprisingly but that may just be cuzz most people still suck. I mean, play poor. Who else is on xbox live with Madden 10?
          -08-18-2009, 11:46 PM
        • sjacksonrules
          Madden, I hate you with a passion
          by sjacksonrules
          I see the update listing on pastapadre and I look at it hoping to see at least 7 updates theres 3......

          First off I see Jason Smith OL STL Increase, from 85 to 86OVR
          With him being our RT thats a good update because he is in I believe top 7 ranked RT's in the NFL on madden (not offical just a estimate) but wheres the update for saffold he played great and is only a 74 which makes mad because alex barron is 72 what is up with that? Just another reason to hate you madden.

          Then I see Sam Bradford QB STL Increase, from 84 to 85OVR
          I was thinkin cool that puts him up pretty high on the list for being a rookie. Freeman, ryan, and flacco are the only recent draft picks that are rated higher I would of liked to see a little higher maybe 86 but I am greedy lol.

          Then I see Steven Jackson HB STL Decrease, from 95 to 94OVR
          I am I thinkin to myself you have got to be kidding me.....

          Steven was a 95 at the start of madden 11 and the season. Season goes on and he goes up to a 96. Then he goes down to 95. And finally now 94???? Are you kidding me madden.

          They gave marc bulger a 2 point increase and he did literally absolutey nothing the entire year.

          So seriously steven gets over 1200 rush yards , goes for 330 carries with 1 fumble the entire year (2 last year), scores a td in the pro bowl and goes down 2 point levels. Not to mention steven fumbles alot on the game for me at least and that shouldnt happen he doesnt fumble, EVER!

          Madden YOU ARE A JOKE!!! I can not wait for the day that ESPN rishes from the ashes and strikes down madden and causes them to disappear entirely.

          I am going to my local pawnshop tomarrow to buy 2k5. It honestly is still better than madden 11. I'll just custom make Sammy B and add a julio jones or something like that.
          -02-17-2011, 09:11 PM