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  • St. Louis

    Me and the soon to be wife were thinking about moving up to St. Louis possibly in the next few years..

    We've visited several times, been to a few Cards gams and a few Ram games..

    anyways.. It seems like a great city, I've heard the crime is high but didn't really see much when we were there..

    Can anyone tell me a little about it ? I used to have a friend that moved to Nashville from the Poplar Bluff area and he proceeds to tell me that there are alot of rednecks down there, are there alot in St. Louis ?

    Any information would be great.

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    Re: St. Louis

    I hear that East St. Louis is a pretty good place to live unless you drive a green Truckster.


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      Re: St. Louis

      I've heard about the high crime as well, but on my trips to STL I haven't seen it. I think they are lumping East St. Louis in with the down town area. I wouldn't want to go to the east side at night though.

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        Re: St. Louis

        I lived in St Louis(actually a suburb named Crestwood) for a brief time (only 4 months) and experienced nothing but good memories. This was about 10 years ago though and people would leave their cars and house doors unlocked, so I don't know how bad it could be.

        My wife and I went for a week last year and used public transportation or walked to get everywhere and also had no problems.

        A conceirge at a hotel we stopped into to ask for directions was practically shaking though when he warned us not to walk thru a particular neighborhood after dark. I figured he was just a sissy mary and we went anyway and I have no clue what he was so scared about.

        We have contemplated moving to STL ourselves, but we'll have to see what happens.

        East STL is a different world though. High crime with serious gang issues. Trying to get around over there I felt like a rat in a maze with so many streets being blocked off with huge cement pillars in an effort to cut down on the drive by shootings. No joke.

        If you do move there I'd suggest one of the suburbs like Crestwood, Rock Hill, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, etc.

        But for better advice, hopefully a St Louis native will post. I too, would be interested in what they'd have to say.
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          Re: St. Louis

          For what is is worth, many of the Rams players live in St. Peters and St. Charles.


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            Re: St. Louis

            Well like I had said earlier, we visit often, our next trip is in April ( going to the Cards/Pirates series )

            I once worked with a guy here in Nashville that was from East St. Louis and was in a gang. He ended up moving back 2-3 years ago.

            We were also told about bad neighborhoods and went anyways and it didn't seem too bad at all although we heard a shotgun go off around our hotel over by the airport.

            We're thinking about leaving Middle Tennessee and St. Louis is one of our top choices, Atlanta, Tampa, Houston, and New Orleans ( the fiance is from there ) are the others.

            Anyone that post here live in St. Louis ? I would think there would have to atleast be one...

            We're looking at Florissant and Brentwood/Maplewood area..


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              Re: St. Louis

              I live in a suburb a little west of St. Louis. It's called Springfield. Wonderful place, and I never hear the gun shots from East St. Louis.
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                Re: St. Louis

                I actually like the area around Rolla. Unfortunately, I doubt I could find gainful employment in that area.


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                  Re: St. Louis

                  If I wasn't in the Oasis of Texas called Austin, I would be right back in my 2nd home of STL. LOVE THE PLACE. Stay away from North County, West County is great and parts of Illinois like Glen Carbon, Belleville, and Edwardsville are nice also.

                  They just opened up the bridge that goes across the Missouri at Page so going to St. Charles is much easier now.


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                    Stay home in St. Louis. That town isn't too bad.
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                    Safe arrival in St. Louis. A treat to see the Eagles fly. Got to rent a Caddy for the trip.

                    Off we went to our destination out yonder. Towards the rising sun our chariot charged. As we cleared the city grumbling arose from deep within and we searched for a place to dine.

                    My choice, "The Hen House" looked promising. Sigh, I pick restuarants like I pick winners.

                    As soon as we walked in we were greeted by waffs of cigarette smoke. How delightful. We chose to move away from where we were first sat because of the smoke. Strange thing about smoke, it doesn't seem to understand the rules of the no smoking section. Physics be damned!

                    The coffee served was seasoned with bug killer, or was that turpentine? But, the food was good. But we shoulda gone across the street to the other place to eat.

                    Had a pleasant, non-eventful trip to business world.

                    On the return got to drive thru St. Louis just a bit and have a look see. The Arches, yes they are nice. Saw the stadium. Saw a lot of run down areas, saw several idiots driving pick up trucks... very strange... I've not seen so many people charging up to slow traffic. Is it a game St. Louisians play to see how close they can get to someone's bumper?

                    Ahh, the Hotel. Bad luck again. They put me in the maid's hang out room.

                    But, went to eat at Bandana's Barbeque. Good food, better than expected, and nice portions to boot. Their beans and coleslaw were much better than average. Cordon Bleu beware! Service was very good as well.

                    I think I like St. Louis. I'll be back soon. Business beckons.
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                    Does the City of St. Louis deserve the Rams?

                    I note that, despite what you might have expected in opening this thread, this is not a leading question. I honestly don't know the answer. Certainly, the thought crossed my mind tonight, as the crowd noise sounded like an away game (this also happened when the Chiefs played at the EJD, by the way) that something isn't right. But one game (or a few games) should not dictate the answer.

                    So does St. Louis deserve the Rams? Do they support the team with enough enthusiasm to be the home of a franchise with a long and rich history like the Rams have?

                    I feeling drained by tonight's game and the season as a whole, so I'm not even going to try to answer the question.

                    I leave it to you all.

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