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  • something bad happend

    I lost My superbowl 34 dvd.. I lost it.. does anybody know where i can get another one.

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    Re: something bad happend

    oh man...i`d be doing a "Charles Whitman" if i ever lost my copy!

    i only have it on european tape so cant send you sorry..


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      Re: something bad happend

      Noooooo.. I looked on ebay, but nothing...I got to find it..


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        Re: something bad happend

        thoey posted this a few weeks ago, it's a DVD collection with the complete broadcasts of the playoff games against Minnesota and Tampa as well as SB 34 - NFL Shop - St. Louis Rams: DVD's: Warner Brothers St. Louis Rams 1999 Greatest Games Series


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          Re: something bad happend

          thanks lots.... i bought it..


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            Re: something bad happend

            Yeah The 1999 Set from Warner Bros is great, good clarity, almost as good as my Sunday ticket recordings...Never Miss a Rams game.

            If you don't own the set you can pop a copy from Ebay cheap...

            Cheerzzzzzz Terry :r


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              Re: something bad happend

              Anyone know where i can get a region 2 dvd of the game?


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                Re: something bad happend

                I do have to say that the DVD I bought and posted about has missing time periods. Not supposed to, but does. I have contacted the NFL Shop, but have yet to receive a response.
                This space for rent...


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                  Re: something bad happend

                  good look trying to get one too.. they always seem to not answer my emails and calls.. it's a conspiracy


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                    Re: something bad happend

                    I got that DVD set for Christmas

                    The Vikings game is the best.. I mean look at that offense! Minnesota's offense was pretty good too, but it was just the Rams time.


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                      Re: something bad happend

                      my fav was the nfc championship game against the bucs. we showed we had a big time defense. ricky proehl was the savior that game. i will never forget that


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