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  • superbowl ads

    OK, who has the link for this years superbowl ads ?


    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: superbowl ads

    Here you go Dez. - 2008 Superbowl Commercials from Super Bowl XLII: Vote for Favorite Ad Videos
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      Re: superbowl ads

      cheers mate

      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Re: superbowl ads

        The ads were fairly mediocre this year, only a few that I liked.

        AUDI: I enjoyed this more because the R8 looks amazing, but the Godfather reference was creative.

        DIET PEPSI MAX: This one was okay, nothing special. Kind of felt like all of the tired segments were dragging on. Chris Kattan being at the end of it was good.

        BRIDGESTONE: I thought the Bridgestone commercial with the squirrel in the road and all the animals screaming when the car was about to hit it was funny, mostly because of the insect whose scream you could barely hear.

        TIDE: The Tide commercial where the guy is being interviewed but the stain on his shirt just kept talking over him was amusing. Just because the stain was so nonsensical and loud.

        DORITOS: Pretty funny I thought, just seeing the guy in a giant mouse suit break through the wall and start beating the **** out of the guy.

        COCA-COLA: The balloon race/fight for the Coke balloon was amusing at parts, mostly when the Stewie balloon headbutted the Underdog balloon in the gut. Nice appearance by Charlie Brown later on.

        MOVIE TRAILERS: Enjoyed what we saw of Iron Man and I think Leatherheads has some potential behind it. The nerd/teacher in me also liked the new Chronicles of Narnia spot.

        SALES GENIE: Neither of them were memorable; I didn't even realize they were special Super Bowl ads. Huh? I'm not going to visit your site to see Danica Patrick unzip her jacket, sorry.

        UNDER ARMOR: Okay, we get it. A lot of athletes wear your ****. They've basically run the same commercial for the last five years now.

        CAREER BUILDER: When I saw the woman's heart burst out of her chest, I thought her boob exploded. Made sense in the end, but the more memorable part of the ad was confusion about an exploding boob.

        PLANTERS: The unibrow didn't do it for me. Understood the concept, but when it was all said and done, I was watching an ugly chick rub nuts all over herself. I'll pass.

        GATORADE: Specifically the dog drinking the Gatorade. Watching and listening to the dog just lap that stuff up was not appealing.


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          Re: superbowl ads

          I didn't watch one commercial. Made it a point not too. Just wanted to make sure that at least one sportsfan didn't watch one commercial so that the money could at least be wasted on me.


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            Re: superbowl ads

            The Bud fire ad was funny
            Bridgestone, funny as well.
            the doretos mouse made me wet myself
            Bud light semi pro was funny "cut"

            the rest were bland

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              Re: superbowl ads

              I actually thought the funniest promotion was the recurring one for the new Terminator TV show. That terminator sure beat the snot out of that annoying football player robot!


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                Re: superbowl ads

                I was kind of partial to the Victoria's Secret spot.


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                  Re: superbowl ads

                  I liked the baby making stock trades. He then made enough money to hire the clown of whom he underestimated the creepiness of...

                  Warden liked the Budweiser "Rocky" commercial...

                  GO RAMS!!


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                    SuperBowl commercials
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                    Did you see the Doritos commercial? There were two of them. One with the guy crashing his car, and the other with a checkout girl. Both were funny. I heard that at least one of them was made by non-marketing people, perhaps students for a grand total of $13 using a camcorder, a car, and rollerblades. They must have had a computer also to edit the video and audio.

                    This is very third hand....did anyone else hear this?

                    The Budlight wedding was funny, and the dirty dalmation was cute. The Snickers kiss was frightening and the Sierra Mist beard comb-over dude was freaky.

                    Did you guys watch the commercials? Any favorites?
                    -02-05-2007, 05:02 PM
                  • LA Rammer
                    Superbowl XLI
                    by LA Rammer
                    How would you rate it?

                    1.) Good

                    2.) Fair

                    3.) Poor

                    I just simply wasn't interested in this one. Even when I did watch it it was pretty pathetic. For obvious reasons (1) the teams (2) location (3) coverage.

                    Wish Supebowl Sunday would go back to being a game and not a festival.
                    -02-05-2007, 10:37 PM
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                    Superbowl XXXVI Mirrors the WWF.
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                    1st draft of this page is ready for viewing and critiquing. It will make you sick but it needs to be brought out for everyone to see. If anyone has clearer video of superbowl XXXVI I would really love a copy. My copy was a tivo experiment however it shows enough blatant favortism to reconsider supporting the NFL.

                    Bin Laden Bowl
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                    Grrrr....Poor Translation Rant!
                    by RamsFanSam
                    OK, here's the story:

                    In January, one of our hospital's two vacuum pumps decided to destroy itself. Being an ITT Pneumotive product made in Louisiana, I figured obtaining a replacement would be fairly easy.

                    Wrong. ITT sold the plant to another company. This new owner did the same, and so on. So, my quest for a vacuum pump became more difficult. Almost a week after the pump flew apart, I finally heard back from an air compressor distributor who said he could get me a similar unit.

                    Wrong again. The vacuum pump he wanted to sell me was radically different. So, I again went on a search for another distributor. About another week passed, and he showed up with some information about a Dekker pump, made in Michigan. It was larger than we needed, and had features that weren't really necessary. It was also $18K (shipping not included), but it was the only one we could find that matched our needs close enough, and it would be delivered in just two weeks.

                    Wrong. It was delivered last week. All 1850 pounds of it. Fun to unload from a semi when you don't have a forklift or loading dock, but with the driver's help and some engineering know-how, we got it unloaded. After devising a method to move the pump from ground level to our boiler room, which is five feet lower, we got it next to it's final location: The vacuum tank. Last Thursday, three of us came up with a solution to raise it the six feet up to the mounting plate using a hydraulic jack, a chain hoist, a come along, and a welder. After it was bolted into place, it sat until today.

                    The pump I ordered has a simple 3 phase, 230/460 volt motor...made in Spain by a German company headquartered in Italy that is a subsidiary of a British company. Of course, the corporate offices are in Sweden, but the wiring diagram was printed in Mexico by a Swiss company owned by a Chezch firm.

                    I know t1, t2, t3, and L1, L2, and L3. This label didn't have that. Now, I understand the need for multi-national sales, but come on, the only wording on the entire documenation was a very lousy Spanish translation, a poorly spelled Italian translation that was only half complete, and something I think was Cryllic. (It was Russian)

                    I called the company I bought it from. Poor old Don came out, looked at it, scratched his head and said "I ain't never seen something like this", so I called the Dekker company up north. They said the wiring diagram was located on the inside of the contral panel - which I didn't need, since I already had a functional panel. Mr. Tech Assistance then said the diagram was not available online, nor did he have a copy since the actual assembly of the product occured in Tiawan.

                    OK, I'm not a bad electrician. I looked at the sensors, sending units, switches, etc., and began disassembling the unit to see how it was wired. Not too bad, and I figured out all but a couple of things within...
                    -04-18-2007, 06:42 PM
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                    How many bikers on board?
                    by VegasRam
                    How long have you been riding and on what?

                    Me - 35 years. '69 Yamaha 360 Enduro, '68 Triumph Bonneville, '75 Yamaha 750 triple, '84 Harley Low Rider, '98 Harley Road King and am currently on a '05 Road Glide.

                    In my head I know Honda and BMW make better touring bikes, but my heart just won't let me pull the trigger.
                    -05-26-2006, 08:25 AM