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  • Three Stooges Road Trip

    FRIDAY 9-5

    Well, it's 3 AM Friday morning and I can't sleep. I am so excited about the football season beginning and going on vacation. Even though my flight doesn't leave until 7 AM pacific time, after showering and loading up my bags I leave for Sacramento International Airport 45 minutes away by 3:45.

    After eating some breakfast at the airport, I decide to begin the festivities by consuming two double bloody maries at the airport bar. I board the plane, and find myself sitting next to a very attractive woman of about 30 in first class. I have a Jack Daniels on the rocks as the other passengers are boarding. Drinks in first class are free, and they serve you a shot already poured in a glass and give you another bottle with it, so they are doubles.

    After we eat breakfast, the woman next to me decides to hit the bathroom. I decide to stand in the aisle so I can use it next to relieve the pressure on my blader from all the drinks. She eventually comes out, and I go in. I am immediately knocked back by the aroma of what was obviously a mean growler having been birthed just moments before. I come out, my face red from holding my breath. As I go back to my seat, she gives me an apologetic smile.

    We talk for awhile. She is drinking screw drivers, and after a couple, she falls asleep. I am playing a game on my laptop when she begins ripping some loud stinkers. The guy across the aisle is laughing, as is the first class steward, who comes by with some air freshener and sprays it above us. This has the whole section cracking up. The woman awakes and we all turn back silently, pretending nothing happened.

    By the time I land on the east coast at 7 PM eastern in Allentown, I have had five double Jack Daniels, so I'm feeling good. Jack (AlphaRam) and Lynne (Pa_gal_in_OK) pick me up. We drop off my bags at the hotel and immediately head out to a private Sportsman Lodge to meet up with some childhood friends of Lynne's. We had a great time and closed the place at 2:30 AM.

    As usual, Jack gets lost trying to find our hotel after leaving the lodge. We end up at the airport. I swear, Jack always ends up at the airport whenever we get lost, no matter what city we are in. We get back to the hotel at 3:15 AM and I am thrilled. More to come. We have 10 whole days of adventure, not to mention the game against the Eagles and Giants, plus the BASH. Stay tuned.
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    Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

    I guess she wasn't so attractive after all! Laughing is not helping my cold here. Why didn't you tell me all this when we were on the phone,lol.

    Next time, get a gps system for goodness sakes Jack!


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      Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

      All I can say is that Jack always keeps things interesting doesnt he??? LOL!!!!


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        Re: Three Stooges Road Trip


        Well, we are waking up to hard rain today, kinda of putting a damper on our plans. We were going to go to stock car racing and some other outdoor activities. But to tell you the truth, we were still a little tired from our long trips here and staying up late last today was a rest day.

        We fortified ourselves with the breakfast of champions...chili/mustard/onion hot dogs from Yocco's. Jack and I call it Yucco's. My goodness, we crack ourselves up (we are easily amused). Frankly though, our description was appropriate as far as the hot dogs go, but their pierogies were very good (potato and cheese wrapped in a pastry shell that is deep fried).

        We did a little shopping. I bought a GPS navigator (thanks for the suggestion Cheri) so we won't get lost again, plus we can find places to see on our way to St. Louis. We also went and visited Lynne's folk's at their house in Lehighton...

        Tomorrow we head for Philadelphia for the game with the Eagles. I will have lots of pictures. We are tailgating with about 40 fans Lynne knows from an Eagles fan website.
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          Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

          Lost is a strong word....I choose misdirected. I only do that with airports that Randy arrives.

          GO RAMS!!!!


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            Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

            There has to be something in those drinks Red! Now, get your new GPS system down to the field, like RIGHT NOW!


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              Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

              UPDATE on Red and Jack and his wife.

              They are pooped, at the hotel, disgusted with the game, (Not Jacks wife), and said He and Jack and one other guy were the only Rams fans that he saw.

              Happy sleeping guy's, just enjoy your trip together now that you won't get lost.


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                Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

                You know what is sad? Even though my team kicked some butt today, I feel bad for BRM and Alpha. What is wrong with me?????? I do hope that the Rams get their ish together to beat the Gints next week.


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                  Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

                  Originally posted by PA_gal_in_OK View Post
                  You know what is sad? Even though my team kicked some butt today, I feel bad for BRM and Alpha. What is wrong with me?????? I do hope that the Rams get their ish together to beat the Gints next week.
                  Nothing wrong with you, Happy for your team and feel bad for your hubby and Red, especially after such a long trip.


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                    Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

                    SUNDAY SEPT 7

                    Well it's game day. We are up at 5AM. Need to pick up Lynne's parents and then head south to Philadelphia. The skies are clear and no rain in sight.

                    Lynne is mad at Jack and I because we are teasing her mercilessly about the impending beating the Rams are going to give the Eagles.

                    We arrive at the stadium around 8:30 AM. Very nice facility. It is next to the basketball, hockey, and baseball facilities. They are all clustered together and share parking.

                    We find the group of Eagle fans that Lynne knows as they are setting up the beer pong tables (you throw ping pong balls at the half filled cups of beer, which you must drink if your opponent gets the ball into the cup).

                    Here Jack is showing his skills at beer pong (you can see the ball in mid flight) I don't know why he insists on saluting while tossing the ball at the cups.

                    Here I am psyching out the two Eagle fans Jack and I are playing against in beer pong....

                    Things are in full swing at the tail gate party. We had philly cheese steak sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, chicken fajita floutas, potato salad, chips, and a keg of beer. They also had a disco quality sound system and high definition satellite TV. Great set up. However, Eagle fan does have something to learn about bathroom facilities. Those bed pans in the middle of the parking lot just didn't cut it!

                    One of the beer pong tables has a montage of photos depicting their antics from previous tailgate parties laminated on it, which I thought was pretty cool.

                    We head into the stadium. We are seated at the 50 yard line, one row from the top. The inside of the stadium is very impressive.

                    Then the game started. Oh boy. Here's our gang (back of head of Lynne's Dad, a friend of Jack's, Jack, then Lynne) As you can tell by the look on Jack's face, thing are not going well for the Rams.

                    The score is 38 to 3 Philly over the Rams. Lynne gives me the "who's talking trash now" look. Looks so satisfied doesn't she? Well, she had reason to. Actually, Lynne was kind to Jack and I after the game, which showed a lot of sportsmanship considering the garbage we had been giving her the past few days and that morning. Like all the other Eagle fans as we left the stadium, they all felt sorry for us and the way our team performed.

                    Except for the butt kicking the Rams got, I had a really great time. The Eagle fans were actually kind of lame with their smack talk to us, but were cool. No problems whatsoever. Jack and I only saw one other Rams fan with a jersey on at the game.

                    We will spend a couple more days here in Allentown and Lehighton, Pa. We leave for St. Louis Wednesday morning.
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                      Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

                      MONDAY SEPT 8

                      Up at 8 AM, and Jack and I discuss the game the day before over breakfast. After an hour, we decide to put the game behind us and look forward to the home opener with renewed hope and expectation that the team took that butt whooping as motive to come out swinging from now on.

                      We decide to take a trip to a town called Jim Thorpe, named after the famous native American Indian athlete. On the way, I spot an interesting name on a gas station...

                      We stop at an old make out spot Lynne used to frequent when she was younger above the town of Jim Thorpe. Jack is just thrilled to go down this memory lane!

                      As we are touring the town of Jim Thorpe, I come across a horror. My Irish brethren in the past had met their untimely demise in this quaint little town...

                      I did spot this car parked in an alleyway. Check out the paint job on this thing. It is soooooo cool.

                      We then visited the grave of Jim Thorpe. Jack says that Jim Thorpe's remains were removed from his original burial site in Oklahoma to be brought here.

                      On our way back through Lehighton, we spot a carnival in a park there. Lynne says it is the festival held there every year and they had held it over through Monday since it had rained Saturday. We decide to go have some fun. A good way to end the day.....

                      I kissed a girl, and I liked i i i it......(thanks to the station Lynne had on in her car, it played at least five times through out the day, I can't get this stupid song out of my head)
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                        Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

                        Umm, does Lynn need intervention? On my end, I am now on a Mommy Wife strike. Took all toilet paper out of 3 bathrooms, and I hear if you add Chicken to Ramen, it's a great dish. (Who would spend money on chicken to add to a package that say's,: Ramom, chicken muchroom flavor?)

                        Ya, ok, so it's powdered chicken, but that is what they get tomorrow.

                        My Nana and Poppop are burried in the same cemetary as Hillaries Dad. It is so un-kept So now yow know all of my family is from Scranton on one side, and Pittsburgh. on the other.

                        Keep that GPS System going, and have a blast in St. Louis.

                        Yell Hello to my inlaws while there Red.


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                          Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

                          I like your work bigman.


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                            Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

                            I can't wait to see the story tonight. I decided to stay at the hotel today to do my homework for college. Alpha and BRM decided to go visit Allentown and Bethlehem. I received a phone call about 45 minutes ago from BRM stating that they got a flat tire and were going to go get it fixed. I guess I better buy into that excuse on why they aren't back yet because I'm afraid to know what REALLY is going on.


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                              Re: Three Stooges Road Trip

                              Great STUFF! The pictures of what appears to be a P.T. Cruiser painted in an "Alice in Wonderland" scheme are awesome! Did you notice the Rams helmet on the hood? ...It's in the background. It's behind the "White Rabbit" and the hookah-smoking "Caterpillar". Just above "Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee" (bigredman and AlphaRam).

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	21.4 KB
ID:	778321

                              T R IPPY !!!!!!

                              O.K. Back to the "hookah" for me.

                              Have fun and keep 'em comin'........

                              RAM ON!


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                                To be fair, Jerry did finally go looking for Cheri...although he did get a little side tracked by a cute little whiner fan....OOPS...I don't think I was supposed to post this one. Sorry Jer....

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