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Rubbing elbows with Farr relatives

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  • Rubbing elbows with Farr relatives

    Hanging out at Cheri and Jerry's for the Tampa Bay and Panther's game...went down to Cheri's rental she is cleaning just because I like seeing her all messy. Anyway...her new tenant came by....big guy who's a cousin of D' Marco Farr. We talked a bit. Turns out he's a hip hop rapper with Iced Out and tours with Akon. Very nice guy. I swear, Cheri keeps meeting these people connected with various bay area football players (the other night was talking with Keyon Nash...who was with the Raiders during their Super Bowl run and loaned Jerry Rice his pads for the game).

    She's a regular jock magnet she is!!!!!

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    Re: Rubbing elbows with Farr relatives

    Well, Red ya know what they say...

    If you can't be an athletic participant, be an athletic supporter!

    GO RAMS!!


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      Re: Rubbing elbows with Farr relatives

      Yep, our new renters are brothers, and are cousins of D Farr. Once he mentioned that, I mentioned my neighbor who is also a cousin of D Farr, but he didn't remember her. We left to go see her, and I was just standing there listening to all the family talk in aww.

      How many cousins does D Farr have? I need to make a list.

      I tell you, if this guy was not a music artist and tour's with *Akon*, The Rams should pick him up.


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        For the two BIGGEST babies
        by CaliGirlRamsFan
        So BRM is here for Monday night Football,(Great Game), and as usual I leave baby girl a note before school telling her not to forget her Gym clothes and have a great day.

        After waking at 5:00 am I have to yell at Jerr and BRM to be quiet, (I know they have a thing for each other), but come on guy's, shower and get out.

        I then wake to see BRM's note reading...."What, no love for the big babies"?

        OK, here is your note BRM. You are grounded for loud voices and waking me up, but have a great day at work, and make sure your underoos are on the right side in.


        -09-30-2008, 09:19 AM
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        Three Stooges Road Trip
        by bigredman
        FRIDAY 9-5

        Well, it's 3 AM Friday morning and I can't sleep. I am so excited about the football season beginning and going on vacation. Even though my flight doesn't leave until 7 AM pacific time, after showering and loading up my bags I leave for Sacramento International Airport 45 minutes away by 3:45.

        After eating some breakfast at the airport, I decide to begin the festivities by consuming two double bloody maries at the airport bar. I board the plane, and find myself sitting next to a very attractive woman of about 30 in first class. I have a Jack Daniels on the rocks as the other passengers are boarding. Drinks in first class are free, and they serve you a shot already poured in a glass and give you another bottle with it, so they are doubles.

        After we eat breakfast, the woman next to me decides to hit the bathroom. I decide to stand in the aisle so I can use it next to relieve the pressure on my blader from all the drinks. She eventually comes out, and I go in. I am immediately knocked back by the aroma of what was obviously a mean growler having been birthed just moments before. I come out, my face red from holding my breath. As I go back to my seat, she gives me an apologetic smile.

        We talk for awhile. She is drinking screw drivers, and after a couple, she falls asleep. I am playing a game on my laptop when she begins ripping some loud stinkers. The guy across the aisle is laughing, as is the first class steward, who comes by with some air freshener and sprays it above us. This has the whole section cracking up. The woman awakes and we all turn back silently, pretending nothing happened.

        By the time I land on the east coast at 7 PM eastern in Allentown, I have had five double Jack Daniels, so I'm feeling good. Jack (AlphaRam) and Lynne (Pa_gal_in_OK) pick me up. We drop off my bags at the hotel and immediately head out to a private Sportsman Lodge to meet up with some childhood friends of Lynne's. We had a great time and closed the place at 2:30 AM.

        As usual, Jack gets lost trying to find our hotel after leaving the lodge. We end up at the airport. I swear, Jack always ends up at the airport whenever we get lost, no matter what city we are in. We get back to the hotel at 3:15 AM and I am thrilled. More to come. We have 10 whole days of adventure, not to mention the game against the Eagles and Giants, plus the BASH. Stay tuned.
        -09-06-2008, 03:00 PM
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        Bash by the Bay pictures
        by bigredman
        First, I want to give major profs to Rams_Fan_til_I_Die (Josh) for buying tickets to the game at 11 PM the night before and driving 5 and a half hours to be there for the Bash by the Bay (actually he was craving a whole bunch of bigredman). He was there waiting for us when we arrived. What a stud.

        Josh was there ahead of us because a certain someone delayed us getting to the park on time. It took her 30 minutes just to pick which shoes she was going to wear...look at her....who me?

        Many of you have asked what happened between CaliGirlRamsFan (Cheri) and I recently and the fact the Bash by the Bay almost was washed away by our "misunderstanding"...well...let's just say I showed her who was boss......

        We start unloading all the goodies. We had marinated tri tip that was just out of this world made by Cheri, hamburgers, hot dogs, italian and hot sausages, all kinds of side dishes, beer, and Big Mack Attack brough fixin' for bloody mary's and other assorted mixed drinks. We took up four parking spaces with no hassles (we had to give them up just before the game for late arrivals)

        As everyone started showing up, like the dog I am, I felt it time to mark my least those that held still long enough...I'm too old to chase the younger ones....weenies....

        Poor Cheri...her first experience with porta-potties; "EEEEEEEWWWWWWW, there's no place to wash your hands. Yuckies"

        I wasn't going to say anything, and I love meeting new ram fans...but ya got to wear the colors when you come to the Bash by the Bay folks. Now, who want's their spanking first? "Me, me." "No me first"

        and there was Big Mack Attack's she wasn't wearing colors either, but she made up for it by challenging Jerry to a sake (japanese rice wine) chugging competition.

        Go go go go go go go......Jerry got beat by a giiiiiiiiiirl...Jerry got beat by a giiiiiiiiiiirl. Even with Cheri trying to help her husband out by pulling her hair, she came out the champion. I have named her Sake Sake Five dolla. Look for her on the Clan soon.

        The Bash by the Bay was in full swing and we were feeling no pain...

        So into the game we go...and that's when the pain began. Our beloved Rams were getting their tails handed to them. Yet, Jerry, my son Philip, and I try to keep the positive vibes going in the stands. Where's Cheri?, she wasn't there more than five minutes and got into a fight with the niner fans and got escorted out.

        To be fair, Jerry did finally go looking for Cheri...although he did get a little side tracked by a cute little whiner fan....OOPS...I don't think I was supposed to post this one. Sorry Jer....

        with the score 35 to 3 at halftime...the...
        -11-17-2008, 07:15 PM
      • bigredman
        Share your Super Bowl Experience
        by bigredman
        Did you have a party? Did you go to one? If you have pictures, share them here.
        If you don't have pictures, but something interesting to share about Super Bowl day, let us know.

        I went to Cheri and Jerry's house. Of course Cheri has activities planned,
        so we headed up to the school for a game of football.

        Of course, I led the cheer leading squad. (I'm the sexy one in the middle)

        Ispired, Jerry catches a touchdown. What form. Notice how he keeps his heels inside the sideline!

        It was then time to head back to the house and start eating all the food Cheri and Jerry prepared.
        We had tri tip sandwiches, buffalo wings, hot links, homemade chili, pot stickers, deviled eggs, pickles,
        shrimp, and olives (green and black).

        Everyone was having a great time. Great game, great food, great drinks, and great people...

        Staking out the high ground, my wife and son (on right) are making new friends

        Of course, it wouldn't be a football party without the ClanRam represented.
        -02-02-2009, 11:45 AM
      • RamWraith
        My fingers are bleeding!?
        by RamWraith
        My daughter got Guitar Hero from Santa Claus and we spent the WHOLE day jamming on the Fenders. Now I know why these kids are addicted to video games. What fun!! I will say... my fingers and arms are a little sore though. Looks like I am out of game shape. That only means MORE PRACTICE!!
        -12-26-2008, 04:49 AM