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  • Where are you from?

    Hi everyone, I have been on this forum for about 5 days now, and I am enjoying every moment of it. I can see a lot of fans come here to chat. I would like to learn more about Rams nation and where some of the most faithfull fans come from. I am from Bosnia, I came to the states in 96. I have been the Ram fan from 99. I never miss any games and I always hope for the best. Today, I live in St. Louis and consider myself lucky one to have Rams here next door. I hope to hear from more of you Rams fans...
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    Re: Where are you from?

    Welcome to the fourm. Lots of great info to be found and shared here. You can see where everyone is from on their posts in the top right corner. I'm from Newfoundland Canada myself. Which most people probably couldn't find on a map


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      Re: Where are you from?

      Originally posted by itsguud View Post
      Welcome to the fourm. Lots of great info to be found and shared here. You can see where everyone is from on their posts in the top right corner. I'm from Newfoundland Canada myself. Which most people probably couldn't find on a map
      and some don't know the difference between a Province and a State?

      As far East as one can go and still be in Canada and named after these guys?

      Click image for larger version

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      GO RAMS!!


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        Re: Where are you from?

        Your on the right board for some far apart rams fans, you will find them from all over the globe. Welcome to the clan. I live on the england/scotland border.
        The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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          Hello all,
          New member here and looking for Rams fans that are living in Ohio. Moved here (Beavercreek) last year and only found a few other fans. Would like to meet other fans and hang out and watch our team kick some butt this year.

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          New to the clan. Just wanted to say hey. I've looked around for awhile now and just wanted to say this is a great site! The draft is over, not much to do now than talk about every little roster change with die hards like you guys. A little personal info bout me- from southern illinois and yes i became a rams fan after the super bowl. Sure i was a band wagon fan, but thats just because i was a youngster back then and didn't have a team.
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          Hey, I thought I would just cut in real quick and say that it's great to find a forum like this one. I have been a die hard since I was six ( that would be the year before the dreaded Superbowl XIV), and have been loyal even when they were deemed "the worst team of the 90's". It has been lonely being a Rams fan living deep in Bucs territory, but its nice to find a group that you can share basking in the glory of a dynasty in the making. Maybe that's a little excessive, but so what. Don't all long time Rams fans deserve to soak in it a little?

          Anyway, I'm gald to be on board.
          Mike Cooley:ram:
          -02-02-2002, 10:28 AM
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          Finally I Found You!!
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          I've been looking around for a Rams fan club for soooo long now. I've been all over their "offical" Rams homepage and signed up for their newsletter and all that... but its garbage. I haven't heard anything back from their site. But now this!!

          So, I should definitly let you all know a little about ME. I am a University student in St. John's, Newfoundland. (Canada). Not only do we not have a CFL team here, but in this little province, we don't even have football. None! Nobody plays it here, except for the touch league I play in. However it is watched quite a bit. At least me and my friends watch it quite a bit.

          I started watching football when I was in Jr. High. I remember turning on the TV and seeing Faulk run over a guy juke another and run it in for a TD. since then I've been a fan on an increasing level, we'll say. The last two years being the biggest. I go to Don Cherry's sports bar every sunday to watch as much football as possible, ususally about 5 games at once. So every sunday, me and 3 of my friends head over one of which is a *****s fan,:sfosux: , one is an eagles fan, and the last is a Raiders fan... what a bunch hey?! But we all love the game!

          I have never seen a football game live before, but we are all hoping to get down (hopefully to St. Louis) to see a game next year. The only thing we have all agreed on so far is that we will definitly see the Rams play, no matter where we go! Because no other team gaurantees as exciting a game!! Am I wrong!

          So you now know my basic Rams story. I wish they'd fix their D, keep Curtis, and bring back Faulk. Other then that. Hello ALL!!
          -02-21-2007, 09:27 AM