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    I was just curious how many of you were on Facebook. I know of 3 other Rams fans on there and at least one is a member here although I have yet to see her post here.

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Facebook

    I know a few people from the clan are on facebook. It is kinda strange knowing people's online personality and then seeing them on facebook.


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      Re: Facebook

      I'm there and many others are as well. (I just love playing those quizzes to find out what breed of dog I am, etc.)


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        Re: Facebook

        I'm on there, but I don't like the Rams forum there. I am amazed as to how many of my class mates are on there! Who are you, and I will add you, and you are right....Red doesn't post.

        SHHH, I think Red is secretly playing farmsville.


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          Re: Facebook

          I'm on there, but I have yet to reach out to other Clan members. I've just got this thing about not adding people I haven't met in person. Maybe if I ever make it out to one of the Bashes...


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            Re: Facebook

            That was to funny. We are already friends on there! You are a doll on there!
            Originally posted by UtterBlitz
            I know a few people from the clan are on facebook. It is kinda strange knowing people's online personality and then seeing them on facebook.


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              Re: Facebook

              Originally posted by CaliGirlRamsFan
              That was to funny. We are already friends on there! You are a doll on there!
              shhhhhh.....don't give me away. I have a reputation to keep up.


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                Re: Facebook

                I won't tell, I promise! OK, we have each others cells. I sent mine to Sam, and already have a few others. How do you feel about the "Official Ram's site "on there? I'm not real thrilled with some of the bone heads on there.
                Originally posted by UtterBlitz
                shhhhhh.....don't give me away. I have a reputation to keep up.


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                  Re: Facebook

                  Originally posted by bigredman
                  I'm there and many others are as well. (I just love playing those quizzes to find out what breed of dog I am, etc.)
                  I am honoring you and going Red!


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                    Re: Facebook

                    I am on both Facebook and Myspace.
                    As well as Youtube!
                    Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos 2/7/2016 CBS 6:30PM EST Santa Clara CA!


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                      Re: Facebook

                      I'm on there! Let me know if you wanna add me.

                      *Disclaimer* you will be adding a college student. haha. I'm not a big boy like everyone else.


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                        Re: Facebook

                        Sent you both my name through pm. Let me know your screen name when you send add.


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                          Re: Facebook

                          Originally posted by CaliGirlRamsFan
                          I won't tell, I promise! OK, we have each others cells. I sent mine to Sam, and already have a few others. How do you feel about the "Official Ram's site "on there? I'm not real thrilled with some of the bone heads on there.
                          I get Ram updates from somewhere and I look at them sometimes, and I read the comments sometimes. I come here when I am thinking Rams, I don't usually think of FB as the place to read things.


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                            Re: Facebook

                            I am on facebook. look for Oscar F Lopez. Let's have fun either here or there. Rams Rule.


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                              Re: Facebook

                              I'm on facebook as well. I have friended a handfull from the clan so far.
                              sigpic :ram::helmet:


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                                Although proper spelling is certainly not a "requisite" and it may not necessarily improve the QUALITY of the CLAN, the opposite, bad orthography [i.e., spelling as a subject or science], may contribute a negative effect.

                                Clan Moderators do not look for this, of course. And that is fair and good -- even though we do have a spelling checker. It is an open forum. But I believe that a post is not only its content, but its image, an image that may enhance or deteriorate the overall QUALITY of our CLAN. I'm not talking about typographical errors; those are mainly accidental.

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                                Do all NFL players spell correctly? Yeah, right!
                                But as everyone else ought to, they should get their spelling checked when they write a Resume! It is common courtesy and respect for the reader.

                                Please feel free to add correct / incorrect terminolgy. Thanks.
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                                How Well Do You Know Your Fellow Clan Members? (The Tidbits Quiz)
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                Okay, let's see how well you know your fellow Clan members. Answer the following questions:

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                                14. Which Clan member was born in Kaduna, Nigeria? RamDez

                                15. Which Clan member is really just a figment of AvengerRam's imagination? BernieM

                                16. Which Clan member got into a huge argument with Dez before becoming a Mod? TxRamsFan

                                17. Which Clan member collects DVDs and has more than 200 movies and TV shows in his collection? NickSeiler

                                18. Which Clan member has lived in Korea and Germany? SFCRamFan

                                19. Which Clan member has owned 8 Camaros ('67, 2 68's, '69, 71, '74, '78, and '80). RamsFamily

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                                If anyone is looking for a 360 community, hit me up at "UKB Ace", whenever you want. Just send a message, and I'll hit you back up. As per the clan, the following is the "Code of Honor"; if these rules are things you care to abide by, let me know, and it's cool. It is an 18 (changing to 17) and older clan, with a family brother clan attached for the younger crowd (BFG - Brotherhood of Family Gamers.) The BFG has much stricter rules, as it is open to the younger gaming community, and the people who would prefer to not deal with vulgarity. Posted below the following code is the BFG honor code. Something to note: We do not require Gamertag changes. It isn't asked of you, or suggested. It is an optional thing, and you can remain without a gamertag change if you so choose.
                                UKB members have the right to use their “Freedom of Speech,” with the only exception being “racist” comments, slurs, or remarks. We have a Zero Tolerance policy on racism.

                                UKB is a community made up of gamers 17 and older. As a member of UKB, you have the ability to play with and recruit gamers so long as the meet the age requirements.

                                All UKB members are strongly encouraged to register and utilize our website. New recruits must read and understand the Honor Code and Rank Structure.

                                All UKB members are encouraged to share any issues or ideas through the chain of command and with The Founders anytime! The Founders of the Unknown Brotherhood believe in the open door policy and encourage members to use it.

                                New members will be allowed to change their gamer tag pending approval from The Founders.

                                UKB members cannot be apart of any other gaming communities and or clans! Any and all UKB gamer tags must be either in UKB clans or in none at all. UKB does NOT have ANY alliances with other gaming communities! UKB will remain friendly and professional with fellow UKB gamers at all times! When playing with members of BFG, UKB members must watch what they say around the younger gamers we have! We are an underground gaming clan! In other words show no f*****g mercy!!

                                We do NOT allow cheating! Cheating is defined as any manipulation of online play; this includes, but not limited to bridging, stand-bying, forcing host, action replay, and circle boosting.

                                BOTTOM LINE!!! Have fun, play games, and spread The Unknown Brotherhood!
                                BrotherHood of Family Gamers
                                HONOR CODE


                                BFG members will always display a professional gaming demeanor. Any match a BFG member participates in...
                                -05-03-2009, 08:21 AM
                              • OldRamsfan
                                How Real Is It ?
                                by OldRamsfan
                                How real is our love for the game and the RAMS :

                                I have been here short time but have been a RAMS fan for over 46 yrs ... Since I've been here I have come to know alot of wonderfull people as RAM family fans , For yrs their was nothing like what we have here ... Out of respect for others feelings and thoughts I don't criticize others no matter what they may say , I've always felt and know that no matter what anyone says it does not make it so , its not going to change me , Iam in controll of me and how I react to whats been said will be out of respect for myself and others ... ( With that being said)

                                Since I been here I have read alot of threads and posts about Who's to blame for the Rams season , and how to fix it , All that is great and thats part of what we do here , We share our feeling with each other right or wrong Its your opinion of what needes to be done ... It should not be taken in a way that leds people to leave this forum or any other forum , Does it matter that much to get upset and get mad ? is it going to change anything by getting upset , Is it going to make the F.O. change , The players change , The NFL change NO !! Lets be honest ! Their is nothing we can do but voice our opinion and hope that things get better...
                                Their was a post I read yesterday just a part of it said (r8rh8rmike) "I worry much more about the personal negativity as opposed to the opinion based negativity" That is a very true statment.
                                I guess what I'am saying is no matter how the RAMS started and how they finish we are all still Rams fans , And no matter what another fans opinion or behavior is it should not affect other RAMs fans in such a way that they want to go or not be involved .... Yes I must admit that some of the RAM fans of recent yrs are not used to to seeing the RAMS play like this and they are hurting that does not make them any less of a fan than those of us who has been around for years , Granted some are bandwagon types but they dont stick around for too long ... For me I'am hurting over this season but just like the others yrs that were bad I will always be a RAMS fan till the day I die ... No matter what ones negative opinion is Its not going to change how I think or what I belong too , I hope you feel the same way and stay strong and true to your own feelings and opinions but dont let someone esle's negative opinion make you lose control of you or how think or what forum your in ! ! I want to thank most all of you for making me feel welcome here and Dez and the mods for running this site ... I'am really looking foreward to seeing whats going to happen in the offseason ... I hope that those of you who read this thread understand the intent of this thread and why I felt this needed to be said ... I know alot of RAMS fans are hurting right now and they want to take that hurt out on something or someone ... For those of you who have been RAMS fan for just a few years or during time we started
                                -12-18-2005, 01:12 AM
                              • bigredman
                                What is Ram Talk?
                                by bigredman
                                What is Ram Talk? Should it be held to any kind of standard? I read with interest some of the banter that goes on in the threads. As many of you have probably already deduced, I don’t take a lot of things very seriously and there’s practically nothing I won’t make a joke out of. Part of that comes from my service in Viet Nam during the evacuation, surviving cancer, and actually being part of a NFL team (a non-entitled and non-rich member). You see, being alive is really all that matters, and professional athletes are just people with a talent in playing a game. Someone once called me an instigator on here and he was right. I post things for the most part to get a reaction and to amuse myself and others. All of this statistical analysis on here sometimes makes me shake my head (if stats were all that mattered there would be no cinderella teams), especially when one clannie will tell another to be serious and come to the table with credible argument, facts, or opinion. What? Do you know what the term fan is derived from? The word fanaticism, that’s where. What is logical, important, and oh so serious about fanaticism? We are Ram fans because of either current or prior community affiliation, like the uniform, liked certain players, inherited from family, or were influenced by friends. Telling someone on here that their opinion is stupid, nonsense, unintelligent, or crap is as worthless as that person’s sense of self importance and the other’s sense of outrage. The ones that really crack me up are when someone avers sportscasters and writers are full of crap, but the word coming from athletes, coaches, and team officials is gospel. And your opinion fits where in this picture, because last time I checked you were neither of those, so who are you to preach to the rest of us about “being serious”? Besides, who wants to be “serious” about talking about the Rams or football in general? There’s enough really serious stuff going on in the world right now. ClanRam is an escape for us to enter the quasi-world of Ram fandom, pretend we are part of something, and voice our opinion into the vast void in our lives that so often makes us seem so insignificant and draws us here in the first place. So let’s lighten up in here and be a bit more tolerant and a lot less sensitive. Peace, out!

                                (Disclaimer: The opinion expressed above is not necessarily that of ClanRam, its sponsors, or affiliates,
                                but are of a drunk Irishman, who looks mighty sexy in a kilt, but we never take seriously.)
                                -12-20-2008, 10:35 AM