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5,000 posts, an overview!

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  • 5,000 posts, an overview!

    This post right here is taking me from 4,999 posts, to 5,000! Quite a accomplishment on this wonderful site! Thanks for being such good friends and such a good family!

    As I was just looking through the Under 18 forum, looking at all my older posts and things like that. My goodness, I can understand why some still don't care to much for me. Reading through my old posts, I had no logic on arguing, and no credibility whatsoever. One thread ( Best Coaches in Big 10 ), all I did was come back with But this, but that..., blah, blah, blah.. I was annoyed reading it.

    I'd like to thank this ClanRam family for dealing with me from the time I joined, until now, and into the future. Thanks for putting up with my immaturity, ignorance and arrogance.

    *Cheers* to 5,000 more and a great future for Rams Football and for this family and all families!

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    Re: 5,000 posts, an overview!

    You've come a long way RF16. Keep it up and congratulations on 5,000 posts!


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      Re: 5,000 posts, an overview!

      Congrats! Considering your hot start here, I'm surprised it took you so long. ;)

      Rock on & Ram on, my brother from a different mother.


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        Re: 5,000 posts, an overview!

        It's been a wild ride. I remember one of your earlier posts telling people here all about your report card and it was full of bad grades. I remember you telling everyone way too much personal information and I remember giving you lectures about the internet. I know you drove a lot of the members nuts with all your posts.

        You have come a long way in 5000 posts and a few years 16.


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          Re: 5,000 posts, an overview!

          Man, you talk too much!


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            Re: 5,000 posts, an overview!

            Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has grown as much as you have over the past 3 years. And that relates as much to where you are as it does where you started. You went from highly annoying little twerp to highly valued member in that time span.

            If your learning curve continues, you will rule the world 3 years from now. Congrats, mijo.
            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              Re: 5,000 posts, an overview!

              From brash young rookie to respected veteran. Nice progression!


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                Re: 5,000 posts, an overview!

                Thanks for the kind words folks, it really means a lot! I still can't believe I've been here since August of 2005... My goodness time does fly! I'm already 20! One more year and I can play with the big boys!


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                  Re: 5,000 posts, an overview!

                  Originally posted by Joshua
                  I'm proud to call this place my home, but more importantly, I am proud to call you my friend. I too, started off here kinda on the bad side, but I would like to think people are starting to change the way they think of me. 5,000 is big time. congrats man
                  Absolutely buddy! Plenty of us have been through those phases. It just takes time!


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                    Re: 5,000 posts, an overview!

                    Awesome brotha, just awesome! Congrats man!
                    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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                      Kind of like when O.J. Simpson broke 2,000 yards.
                      A dubious distinction.
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                      Congrats to HUbison......who has proven that he can run his mouth and even fool a few people. I am not going to forget his piece in the April Fool's joke any time soon.

                      Congrats on making it over the 5000 mark man. :up: :bow:
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                      An explanation regarding my recent posts.
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                      Those of you who have been around here for a while may have noticed a difference in the way I've been posting lately.

                      You've probably noticed that I have not posted as frequently, have stayed away from controversial issues, and have not engaged in spirited debates with other posters. While you may be used to a different flavor of posting from me, often with sprinkles of sarcasm, fudging numbers to make a point, and a constant effort at topping others to show that I'm the cream of the site, lately I've been much more plain... nondescript... conventional... mild... dare I say, vanilla.

                      Of course, there's a reason for this. Its only the preseason. At this point in the year, I really have nothing to prove. My place on the ClanRam team, so to speak, is secure.

                      Come September, of course, I'll be going full throttle. While some might be concerned about my ability to flip the switch, I'm not really that concerned.

                      So why should you read my posts now? Well, truth be told, if you don't want to follow my preseason posts, I'd be okay with that. Its a long season, and there's really no need to worry about posts that don't really count.

                      From my persepective, its just not worth the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome posting on practice threads.

                      Trust me though, I'll be ready when the regular season hits and you'll get my full effort.
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                      viper hits 1000!
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                      Well, it took a while, but I finally made it to 1000 posts! I know many of you have way more posts than that. But, to me, it is a milestone to be proud of.

                      When I think back about all of the history, the conversations, the debates, the ups and downs, the wins and loses, the free agencys and drafts and the hope that we all have shared together, I treasure them all with fond memories. You have all become my extended family and today I wouldn't know what to do without you. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such a great group of people and passionate Rams fans. I just wanted to pause for a moment of reflection about where we all have been together before turning my sights forward to the next 1000 posts and pondering what the future holds.

                      This truly is the best Rams site out there and I consider you all my friends. Thanks for being there!

                      GO RAMS!!!

                      -02-25-2007, 10:17 AM