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  • What gives?

    Why do you keep removing my posts?

    Football is a man's sport. I would think the message boards
    would have some of the same spirit as the game.

    You should ban every one that comes here with a different opinion or roots for another team. Perhaps you should root for another team. You will soon enough when you lose a team for the second time.

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    Re: What gives?

    You end your post with that, and then wonder why they remove your posts?

    (edit) Never mind. After reading your brief yet uneducated post in your other new thread, I'm guessing you know your brand of junk will be banned shortly.
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      Re: What gives?

      "We want the ball, and we're gonna score!"

      Seattle Seahawks - 10 playoff appearances, 0 Super Bowls, 0 NFL Championships, 1 NFC Title

      St. Louis Rams - 27 playoff appearances, 1 Super Bowl, 3 NFL Championships, 3 NFC Titles
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        Re: What gives?

        Seahawkfan, we welcome everyone. We certainly don't care that you're a Seahawks fan it's're being rude, and you know it. There's rules that everyone here abides by, what makes you any better, cursing off a moderator and expecting the thread to not be removed? Come on man.
        Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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          Re: What gives?

          "We want the ball, and we're gonna score!"


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            Re: What gives?

            I'm willing to cut him some slack.

            After all... there aren't many places a team with a 3 and 7 record can go to trash talk.


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              Re: What gives?

              football is indeed a mans sport...classless smacktalk is not.


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                Re: What gives?

                LOL at smacktalking when your team is 4-7.


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                  Re: What gives?

                  Hows arron curry working out for you? We happen to like laurenitus over here.


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                    Re: What gives?

                    Smack Talk is not allowed; it's part of our board rules. Sorry to be the party-pooper, but we expected everyone - Rams fans or fans of other teams - to abide by the rules whenever they post here.


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                    • RamWraith
                      Public Service Announcement
                      by RamWraith
                      Concerning the "What gives you the right thread".

                      The thread got a lot people upset and for that I apologize. It was not EVER meant to question any one individual, and many people took it way to personal. The madness was more meant to provoke responses. If there is anything that can get a forum going it is to question ones intentions on the forums main topic. I have the utmost respect for each and every person on this board, and most of you should know that by now. If not you haven't been here long enough. I think of every member as family, whether you post frequently or infrequently. You all are the reason we are here...and that I understand.

                      However, my feelings do not change. I want passion. I want that fan base that is stronger than any team in the NFL. I want every Ram fan to stand up and fight for their team and their fanhood. Not walk away when given a challenge, or back down when they don't like what they hear. That is what I was attempting to create. I want you to stand up for us...for our team...for our new coach...for the front office. For anyone that wears the horn or for that matter any that wants to wear the horns. We are the reason for the St. Louis Rams existence. We fans pay the bills. It is only right that we stand up for our Corporation and represent when ever possible. If we don't defend it who will??

                      For every member that responded to the "thread" you all have got or are getting positive rep points. I appreciate your passion, whether it was just to chew me out or defend my opinion or to defend the blue and gold. I know you all care...and just wanted to hear it. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when people stand up for their beliefs. Thanks!

                      Hope you all aren't too mad...and I really hope you understand.

                      Play-off bound in '09!! U-RAH!
                      -01-20-2009, 04:33 PM
                    • Nick
                      Since we're ranting...
                      by Nick
                      This isn't aimed at any one individual, but is based on multiple responses I've seen both recently and over the course of the season.

                      It's my absolute honest belief that Dez has put together one of the best St. Louis Rams discussion sites on the 'net. If I didn't think that, I wouldn't have stayed here for more than six years, nor would I have agreed to help moderate the site to try and help out where I can.

                      But it seems to me that lately, this season more than any in recent memory, some members have been making these snarky, disparaging, negative comments about other members, threads, or the board in general. It ranges from the borderline personal attacks of another poster to criticisms of a thread being pointless to comments about looking for a new board or questioning why they even come to this one. While these comments may not explicitly violate board rules, their negative effect to a thread or the board itself is obvious.

                      Well, the simple truth is this: NO ONE is being forced to read this or any thread, just like no one is being forced to read another member's posts or even come to this site.

                      If you don't like a topic or don't think it's a worthwhile discussion, don't read the thread. Click on the back button and find another one.

                      If you don't like a poster's opinions and don't want to read any more of their posts, then don't. Go into your UserCP and put that person on your Ignore List.

                      If you're considering leaving or questioning why you come here, then to be blunt, either **** or get off the pot. Don't post multiple responses about leaving, crying out for attention.

                      No one is forcing you to come here, post here, read topics here, or "suffer" through someone else's opinion here. Those are YOUR CHOICES. You control your presence here and what you're exposed to.

                      I think one of the main reasons I like the Clan is because I find there are many very intelligent, very knowledgeable football fans here that are ready and able to discuss all aspects of this game. Maybe it's a very positive, upbeat discussion, or maybe it's a critical discussion about problem areas on the team. But I find meaningful discussions every day on this board, not only about the Rams but about the NFL as a whole and specifically the draft and college prospects. I love engaging in these topics. Occasionally though, I find some discussions that, for whatever reason, I'd rather not be a part of because I don't see the point. When that happens, I simply move on to the next discussion. Trust me, it's not difficult.

                      When people make negative responses that denigrate other posters or blame the board because of what's being said or what they've been exposed to, I simply have to shake my head. Yes, there are occasions when someone has stepped over the line, and when rules have been violated, we moderators are more than willing to do...
                      -12-22-2010, 06:50 PM
                    • OldRamsfan
                      SeaHags start trouble at Rams website
                      by OldRamsfan
                      Thought I would post this just for fun

                      John Howard Top Commenter Riverside Community College
                      WOW I come to see what's up on my Teams site and see an invader from the seahags lol Most teams are built to complete within their Div. and The Rams have done very well within the Div. Many things can be looked at who has a better record or a better % in this or that, But never forget bone head That on any Sunday anything can happen.

                      You guys up their are flying around thinking your the pride of the NFL lol yes you guys are playing well good for you. But if I were you I would close your mouth about our Rams team or GSOT you guys have never in your teams history had a team like that ever or RICH history like we do.

                      Oh by the way how many championships or SB have you won? Oh That's right 0... Lets look at your teams history compared to the RAMS Hummm lol Don't think you want too lol, So go a long now Little seahag and go fin...See More
                      Reply 2 Like Unfollow Post Tuesday at 8:40pm
                      Les Anderson Top Commenter Delivery Driver at FedEx Freight
                      I'm a bit confused.... Your taking stabs at the Seahawk fans and you making comments about the rich history of your team, but that's kinda like Oklahoma City saying that their basketball team has a rich history, which it doesn't. You do have one more Superbowl win than we do, but I seriously doubt you have a rich history, since your team has only been ther since 95.

                      As for Seattle fans, much like yourself there are obnoxious fans on all teams. So we get a bit excited, wouldn't you if your team were playing the same as ours? In fact I would venture a guess that you would be worse. Do I think your team has no chance? NO..... everyteam can win on any given day, but do I think the Rams will win, probably not. Not because they are a bad team, but because the Seahawks are playing so well and unless you've been in this stadium, you don't have a clue how difficult it is to be yourself. It's possible it will be wet, it will be cold, and it will be louder than anywhere else you have played, and that is fact. Not including the team, the fans here will force teams to do things they wouldn't normally do, it's just reality.

                      I grew up not far from the Coliseum, so your not the only Ram fan out there. Oh and I would think someone of your age would be a little more grown up. I mean I used to call teams names as a child, but I out grew it a good 30 years ago.

                      Anyhow, I look forward to another game of football. "GO SEAHAWKS"
                      Reply 1 Like 17 hours ago
                      John Howard Top Commenter Riverside Community College
                      I'm sorry to inform you but the RAMS are one of the oldest teams in the NFL ) they moved to STL in 95 lol if I'm not mistaken we have been in The NFL since 1936 or 38 that's the rich history...
                      -12-27-2012, 11:05 AM
                    • Guest's Avatar
                      Subscribed Threads?
                      by Guest
                      I was just wondering what does subscibed threads mean? how do I get it to not subscibe when I post?
                      -03-11-2009, 10:04 PM
                    • Guest's Avatar
                      You all have my permission to leave
                      by Guest
                      I can see whats going on here. THere are a few of you who are still hanging around and posting because you dont want people to know your just bandwaggon fans. Most of you have left. Heck even Dezram went away and its his forum! LOL

                      FOr those of you who feel guilty and are hanging around for apperences, its okay. Im giving you permission to leave. Go join a Colts board or something. GO play Halo. American Idol will be back soon so youll have a reason to get up in the morning.

                      Until then, you are excused and may leave!
                      -12-07-2005, 08:27 AM