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    RamDez: If it was not for RamDez i would not be posting this article or would of got to talk to many of you posters. He sets up the Clanbashes, if anyone has a problem with help he is the first to reply. It seems like people actually do not know who RamDez is.

    AvengerRam: Whenever I go into a room and I see a post avenger did, I always read what he writes. it seems like when avenger posts on a forum, that everyone agrees with him. well respected on the clan ram website.

    Txramfan: First thread i ever read, was txrams. Many Members on here know who he is and always use his famous quote "great sign, excellent depth".

    Nick: Who does not know nick? Best insight and news you will get from a ram member.

    HUbison: Do not really know him, but i see he has high rep points and i always see his argument in a thread.

    Bigredman: I do not know, but it seems like a lot of members on here know him.

    other.... I am only going off of my knowledge on here, so many members might say someone i do not have on here.
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    Re: Most Known Clan Ram Member

    Besides me, it'd have to be Nick.


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      Re: Most Known Clan Ram Member



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        Re: Most Known Clan Ram Member

        who gives a crap?


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          Re: Most Known Clan Ram Member

          Props to RamDez for creating this great site! Av and Nick def provide wonderful posts in their own way. General Counsel and EvilDiscoMan and BigRedMan and AlphaRam and Utterblitz etc, etc....too many great posters to even remember for me!


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            Re: Most Known Clan Ram Member

            Great posters, really don't know whom to choose from!
            Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos 2/7/2016 CBS 6:30PM EST Santa Clara CA!


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            • Tom_SF
              Which Coaches are Members?
              by Tom_SF
              Who's the Ram exec who's a member of Clan Ram? I think you should have a separate section just for them to post so we can get some behind-the-scenes insight.
              -04-25-2009, 08:18 PM
            • xkidflowx
              Clan Ram and Twitter
              by xkidflowx
              Who has a twitter on this fourm?! My favorite all time receiver may be yours too TORRY HOLT Just tweeted me back!! now i want to follow all my fellow clan ram members too!


              -02-27-2012, 08:56 PM
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              For Clan Ram members across the pond, how does beckham.....
              by Guest
              For those of you experts across the pond on the "other type of football," can someone explain to me whether beckham missing the penalty kick yesterday constitutes a monumental choke or simply a great play by the goalie. Does the collapse of the english squad against the french have any adverse impact on any of our clan ram brothers in Scotland, including but not limited to our Fearless Leader, Mr. Dez.

              This may make no sense, but it seems to an idiot like me that with that much on the line, if i was a fan of england, i would feel like wilkens missing an extra point or chip shot field goal to lose us a huge game. I dont believe a penalty kick equates to a 54 yarder!

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel
              -06-14-2004, 05:05 PM
            • coy bacon
              Challenge to the Clan Ram Moderators
              by coy bacon
              Av, GC, Nick, and Tx,
              How's about you guys teaming up and writing an indepth analysis of the Ram's team this year. Publish it before the start of the season.

              Determine the team's strength and weaknesses at each position. Use stats to support your arguments. Surf the web and find articles, new and old, and develop composites.

              Predict how the team will do wins/losses, and state why you think they will win or lose.

              Detail where the team needs help and make suggestions to solve a problem.

              There may be other mods or members that can contribute key intel on certain aspects: use them.

              This can't be a cheap 15 sec. sound bite, like garbage blown by a fan, posted by so many other guru wanna-bees. It's got to be a good, in-depth read.

              I know you guys won't agree on each point, and that's ok. Either develop a composite or present the differing sides.

              Go for the 2 point conversion and see if you can make contact with players, agents, etc., to get your own "inside" look at how the team is doing.

              I would much rather read you guys, than the paid hacks out there. I doubt if any of the hacks are as passionate and knowledgeable as you. Any chump can surf the web, listen to the boob tube, and then cut / paste, and repeat what a different hack stated.
              -04-27-2005, 09:18 AM
            • Guest's Avatar
              Clan Ram Meeting?
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              Any chance that the clan can show up at Rams games and meet? Or expand the Clan with fans at the game? Would be nice to creat a loyal Ram fan base and soemthing to look foward to at the games away and home
              -12-08-2009, 12:40 AM