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  • bigredman progress report

    Saw the doc today. My cancer markers are down again. When I started it was 1300. It is down to 400 today. Chemo appears to be working. As far as the pain, that is something that's part of the beast of this disease. They increased my pain meds some more. As far as the rib fracture, they don't believe it is a result of the chemo or cancer, although they will do a bone scan the next time they do my CAT scan on the tumors to be sure. The rash is gone so they were unable to identify what caused that. They thought it unusual that it only appeared on my knees and elbows. As far as being tired and the coldness, that too is a product of fighting the disease. My body is worn down and being less active due to the pain and not feeling good only adds to the symptom. I just have to keep as active as possible and exercise as much as I can tolerate. So I guess this is a good report.

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    Re: bigredman progress report

    Great to hear the encouraging news, Randy. Keep fighting. We're thinking of you.


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      Re: bigredman progress report

      Keep fighting friend. Praying for you...
      This space for rent...


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        Re: bigredman progress report

        I had some excitement during my chemo today. Everything was going fine and then the machine switched over to a different bag of chemo med. Suddenly, I had a splitting headache and severe pain shot down my neck, through my back, and down my left leg. I thought I was having an heart attack. I press the panic button and the nurse shut down the machine. After a couple of minutes the pain subsided finally. What we determined was that I was being fed the new chemo drug to fast, so they slowed the drip rate and it was fine after that. Phew!


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          Re: bigredman progress report

          Keep battling BigRedman! Good Luck!
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            Re: bigredman progress report

            That's good news, Red. Keep fighting. And tell the doctor to stop running that chemo through a garden hose. ha
            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              Re: bigredman progress report

              That's great news, Big Red. Please know that even though many of us have never met you, that you are in our prayers. You are part of the family here and we are in your corner big time. Continue your daily fight. It is all you can do. God willing, you will prevail in the end. From the sound of it, you are on your way to doing just that. Keep it up!


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                Re: bigredman progress report

                Glad to hear things are going in the right direction. Keep fighting the fight Randy!


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                  Re: bigredman progress report

                  Hello BigRedMan: I may not have been part of this Ram family very long but I admire your candidness and transparency online with the rest of us to not only draw strength from but also to encourage you and I'm sure so many of us who have had family or friends who have been afflicted with cancer. If I can although I'm not Irish please email me @ [email protected] that I may send you an Irish blessing that someone sent me once. Keep up the good fight with all your courage!!


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                    Re: bigredman progress report

                    Keep fighting big man that's great news


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                      Re: bigredman progress report

                      Now, that's a man of courage! I'll be praying for your recovery.


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