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    With the draft been and gone, I'm thinking about getting myself a book for those long days laying in the sun.
    The last football book I read was Madden's "one knee equals two feet" which I really enjoyed. Just wondering if any of you would recommend any other good one's - is the Kurt Warner "Last shall be first" book worth getting?



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    Re: Good Books?

    "And Last Shall Be First" is a compilation of insights by people about Kurt warner. Quite honestly, I think it was a way of riding on his success at the time.

    Kurt Warner did write a book called "All Things Possible"

    If you want some suggestions of Rams books to read, here's a list:

    "Headslap" by Deacon Jones
    "Life In The Pit" (The Life and Times of Deacon Jones) by Bill Libby
    "Rosey" by Rosey Grier
    "Blood" by Jack Youngblood
    "On The Run" by Eric Dickerson
    "My Rookie Season With The LA Rams" by Pat Haden
    "RAMS: Five Decades of Football" by Joesph Hession
    "Los Angeles Rams" by Steve Bisheff

    There are other books written about the Rams that I have, but the aforementioned are ones that I recommend reading.

    "Eleven Men Believed" is all right, but it is the Post-Dispatch riding the 99 Super Bowl wave, as well. I did find that my copy was signed by Tony Horne.

    I have found a ton of sports biographies at Dollar Tree (as well as other biographies). I am a cheapskate and do not like to pay a bunch for books. I rarely go to Barnes & Noble, etc. and instead look for stuff on ebay.


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      Re: Good Books?

      I'm presently reading "NEXT MAN UP" it's a book about the 2005 Baltimore Ravens season and the trials and tribulations of NFL players. It's been great so far.

      Another would be "PATRIOT REIGN" which was an awesome book. It's about the behind the scenes of the New England Patriots and there preparation for Superbowl XXXVI.

      If your into MMA (UFC) at all? The book "ICEMAN" was one of the best sports books I've ever read.
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        Re: Good Books?

        Thanks guys, appreciate the information. Have either of you read the book about Michael Oher?


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          Re: Good Books?

          The Blind Side was a great book, I really enjoyed it. So far that is the only football book I have read, but if you want some fiction I have read and recommend any of the following.
          World War Z
          The Stand
          The Hunger Games
          And I am currently reading "A Canticle for Leibowitz" which is good so far.


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            Re: Good Books?

            Headslap and Blood are must have books for every Rams fan really..

            Genius-a Bill Walsh biography is well worth reading..even by someone who has hated the Niners for the last 27 years, as i have...
            did you know that Bill Walsh was very close to becoming our HC before he became the Niners things might have been so different...:|

            i`ve got a good book about the `85 Bears..can`t recall the name of it off the top of my head..

            Under the Helmet- Micheal Strahan Autobiography..came out the year before the G-men beat the Pats tho..but may have been updated since, with that as an extra chapter.

            more to follow when i get more time to go through them all..


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              Re: Good Books?

              Originally posted by laram0 View Post
              I'm presently reading "NEXT MAN UP" it's a book about the 2005 Baltimore Ravens season and the trials and tribulations of NFL players. It's been great so far.
              I've read that and thought it was a great book, I learnt a lot from it. If you like that try reading "The GM" by Tom Callahan about former Browns and Giants GM Ernie Accorsi, written primarily in 2006 - Accorsi's last season with the Giants before retiring.

              Rich Eisen's "Total Access" is a really fun book to read too.


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                Re: Good Books?

                I have bought a number of books off of eBay last week that should start trickling in this week:

                TIKI by Tiki Barber

                NFL The Super Bowl: An Official Retrospective

                LA Rams and Two Other Vintage Kid's Football Books NFL - I even collect the kid's books about the Rams.


                Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights by Jim Cirillo - OK, not football related

                Invincible: My Journey from Fan to NFL Team Captain, Vince Papale


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                • AlphaRam
                  What Book(s) About The Rams Have You Read?
                  by AlphaRam
                  I just finished reading "Blood" by Jack Youngblood. I collect books about the Rams and have a number of them in my collection. This thread has two purposes. One, to see who reads books about the Rams in our glorious Clan. The second is to glean titles that I may not be aware of from my fellow Rams fans.
                  -01-02-2007, 03:52 PM
                • kurtwarnerfan90
                  warner books
                  by kurtwarnerfan90
                  I was in my local library today and was helping a student of mine find a book. We find the biography he was loking for and lo and behold i spy something out of the corner of my eye. It is Kurt. A children's level biography written by himself. Well i grabbed the book up and checked it out. It was a wonderful read. Like a scaled down verson of the adult bio that came out last summer. My students were thrilled to see pics of kurt, other than the ones I have showed or displayed in my classroom
                  ( and that is a lot of pics too!). I loved the referances to our high school and remembered alot of faces in the book too. But for anyone out there with children who love Warner, this is a great book! And now for the life of me i can't remember the title!!!! I will have to post that later.
                  -06-27-2001, 09:41 PM
                • Varg6
                  My experience with Kurt Warner...
                  by Varg6
                  Hey guys, so I told you guys about a week ago that I'd give you more details on what I meant by saying that I hung out with Kurt Warner...

                  I was invited to a flag football tournament out in Arizona. A bunch of NFL guys come out for the event (it's sponsored by Kurt Warner at the Arizona Cardinals' training facility; they had guys like Michael Irvin, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Steve Young, Brock Osweiler, and more) and, essentially, play QB for the teams. There were about six or eight teams, I'm not exactly sure how many, but all of them were basically sports supplement companies. I was lucky enough to be a part of one of my good friend's team. We wound up getting Andy Dalton for our QB. He's a very nice guy, laid back, down to Earth. I, of course, asked him about Sam Bradford. He said, like most people say, that he thinks he's pretty good and they just need to get him some weapons. Fair enough.

                  I briefly met with Kurt Warner, and I told him what a huge fan I am of him and the Rams. He said something to the effect of "oh that's pretty cool man." He wasn't necessarily thrilled or anything, but I also know he was trying to run an event and was pretty overwhelmed.

                  And let me tell you something about Kurt. Really nice guy off the field. But on the field, (or with any competitive thing he does, for that matter) he's always trying to win. No matter what it is, he'll get mad if he's not winning! But that's not really a bad thing. He's fiery and passionate. It's a good thing.

                  I'd say out of all the guys there, Irvin was probably the most outgoing and friendly. Everyone there was pretty cool though and it was a great experience. Caught a few TDs from Andy (wished it was from Kurt or, maybe next year, Sammy) so I felt good about that!

                  Here's a pic of me and Kurt.

                  ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
                  -03-17-2013, 09:08 AM
                • RamDez
                  Kurt Warner – A Fond Farewell To A Great Man
                  by RamDez
                  Kurt Warner – A Fond Farewell To A Great Man
                  By Barry Waller
                  June 3rd, 2004

                  There are times when covering an NFL team that even the biggest fan
                  might find to be more work than enjoyment. Dealing with professional athletes
                  is a real pain at times, and trying to give fans the true story when so many rumors have sent them into so many directions is even worse. While there are times that the words fly out of a writer’s mind onto the pages he is composing, there are others when sitting down and rehashing the facts to tell a tale is almost excruciating. If I am doing a column twenty years from now, I probably won’t have had to labor over a story as much as this one.

                  Oh, sure, nobody died, no beloved sports figure met his maker far too young on the day after Memorial Day, which is the toughest stuff to cover from a personal side; but in a lot of ways, it seems like something truly died for Ramsnation when the team released Kurt Warner. When the long predicted move was made official this past Wednesday however, there was no outcry from Rams fans, no wail of sorrow at a tragic event. Not surprisingly, Warner himself left town with the same class and good feelings that are his trademark.

                  Like a parent, spouse, or child who has seen a loved one slowly slip away due to illness, those of us who will never forget what #13 meant to a team and a city have little emotion left to give as the irreversible end finally came. They have gone through the same predictable emotions of anger, denial, bargaining, and depression, then a numb acceptance of our fate, as cancer victims, ever since Kurt Warner began showing he was human after all. Ironically, the most incredible and improbable feel good story in NFL history involved a man who embodies everything decent about the human animal, despite his immortal like play when at his best.

                  As the negative stories and feelings about Warner as the Rams quarterback appeared, they acted upon his legacy like tumors on bodily organs, some spreading and mutating to other areas. We may never know how the negative vibes played a part in what so quickly turned a two time MVP passer into a backup. If Warner shines with the Giants, another team needing the kind of miracle that Warner gave Rams fans and the world in 1999, maybe it will provide a bit of a clue.

                  I was at Warner’s last start, in the Meadowlands against those same Giants, and as painful as it was having to suffer with him on that day, and suffer the slings and arrows of Giants fans during and following the game, I feel blessed that I got to see as much as I could of Kurt Warner in person. It was that personal contact over the past six seasons that makes his inexplicable fall from grace so distressing.

                  In the NFL, everyone knows the salary cap, and other factors makes it nearly impossible to keep players for entire careers, something Rams fans have had to...
                  -06-06-2004, 03:38 AM
                • RamDez
                  Warner's Rise Inspirational, Warner's Fall Perplexing
                  by RamDez
                  By ClanRam's Don Ackerman

                  I've watched the Kurt Warner story since day 1. I still remember the disappointment I felt when the Rams lost their recently signed quarterback Trent Green to injury in the preseason against San Diego. I also remember Kurt Warner holding up the Lombardi trophy as he lead his team in Super Bowl XXXIV. Now Kurt's all but gone.

                  Before Trent Green went down, it was supposed to be redemption for Rams fans. After years of struggling, The Rams went out and signed a highly regarded quarterback from the Washington Redskins. Green, our new quarterback, was starting a new era in Saint Louis Rams football. Scratch that, the Rams were starting a new era with a new quarterback. But that quarterback was not Trent Green. It was Kurt Warner. With the Kurt Warner era ending today or tomorrow, I can't help but wonder.

                  Kurt Warner's rise was a phoenix's birth. From the fire of devastation in Trent Green's injury, Kurt Warner rose from the ashes, entered the NFL, and found his place in history. His rise to glory, Super Bowls, and Most Valuable Player trophies seem very unlikely. Kurt's Cinderella story is the stuff of Hollywood. It's an inspirational tale that everyone wants to tell their grandchildren. It's that never-give-up mantra that we all need to remember when we are down. It's dare I say Biblical in how faith was rewarded. And as near impossible as that story starts, the come-from-nowhere story actually seems probable when compared to Kurt Warner's fall.

                  As suddenly as it began, the Kurt Warner story fizzled out. But the most perplexing part of Kurt's quick fade from the Ram's starting quarterback job is not as shocking as how it happened.

                  The rise was improbable. After all, Kurt's rise to fame did not occur as a 24-year old just out of college. Kurt was older, more experienced, and had played Arena Football and NFL Europe football. He was the player trying to break through. A man of strong spiritual belief, Kurt did the Lord's will and tried, tried, tried. So really, it's no surprise that his faith was rewarded.

                  But how he's handled the fall is really the story that boggles the mind. It's confusing to hear Kurt talk about his faith becoming a reason for his departure from the starting job in Saint Louis (happened in February, 2004). When that news became public, coach Mike Martz was angry and Kurt retracted his story. How does this happen? Kurt's reaction seems inconsistent with his publicly-shared religious faith. What's going on, Kurt?

                  Honestly, the Kurt Warner story has become a bad reality television show. And like most TV, we only hear part of the story.

                  Because of that, I'm not sure what to think. The most surprising thing for me is Kurt's attitude. With his strong religious beliefs, I'd expect Kurt to hand off what happens to God. Personally, that may be how he rose to such great heights. He just followed his...
                  -06-03-2004, 12:00 AM